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SDCC – ‘iZombie’ Cast Talks About Upcoming Season

It is hard to keep a secret at Comic-Con. There is something about sitting down with a group of bloggers and social media experts in Doctor Who t-shirts that makes folks want to open up.

And the gang of the hit CW show iZombie was no different.

Despite possible warnings from stuffed shirt network execs, the cast and crew behind the zombie dramedy were super excited about the upcoming season.

Like, really excited.


Diane Ruggiero

“I’m going to tell you everything,” said show exec producer/writer Diane Ruggiero. “We have a nice Clive centric episode coming up that will have flashbacks and we’ll get to see a bit of Clive before we met him.”

“And David (Anders) will be singing! We are very excited about that.”

Ruggiero also opened up about the season finale revelation of the network of zombies that work secretly, plotting to take over the world.

Or at least Seattle.

“There’s more zombies than we thought, and their are organized and secretly kind of getting together and have a plan,” she continued. “I can’t pretend that was always the plan. We had different plans up in the air, and this is one that was settled on.”

“It will definitely changed things. You know, Clive just found out about zombies, and now there is a little zombie army and a lot of things happening. It’s a lot to contend with. This season is percolating. It’s all coming to a head.”

“There are more zombies that we will find out about. Clive knows about zombies, all the main characters know about zombies, but it’s still not a common knowledge thing. It’s still a case of the week, but now when Liv starts acting like a dominatrix, Clive isn’t going to be thinking, “Well, is that your jam?’”

IMG_1513Malcolm Goodwin who plays Clive also shared some insight on the big revelation for his character.

“Even with Liv stabbing herself in the heart and all that, I don’t think he even processed that to being a zombie. It’s something he doesn’t really understand. It’s something supernatural and he doesn’t know quite what to call it,” said Goodwin. “At the Max Rager party, when those guards got attacked, I think that’s when it really, really hit him. It’s more of a shock.”

“I read the first episode and it literally starts a few minutes after the whole Max Rager blow up, zombie psuedo-apocalypse. So it’s him still trying to process exactly what happened and I’m trying to deal with it in an honest way. And it changes the dynamics of him and Liv because it is the first time they are really that their friendship has no secrets.”

iZombie star Rose McIver also had a few thoughts on the upcoming change in the Clive-Liv relationship.


“It’s one of the things I’m most curious about this season now that the dynamic has shifted,” said McIvers. “A lot of the humor was derived from him coming into the morgue and us trying to hide this other storyline. But with his own logical, rational self, he’ll have his own ideas on how a brain will work. It might actually be even stronger.”

As for upcoming episodes, Liv was a little wary about what the writers have in store for her.

“I’ve run out of skills, All that’s left is ice skating,” joked McIver. “I did just find out today that I’ll be eating the brain of a dominatrix, which is so Rob (Thomas) and Diane to throw that at me at Comic-Con. I’m just thinking of the costumes. It will be hilarious.”

And as for her relationship with Major?

“I think it’s a little risky to push it too many times to hastily. They have a friendship, and ultimately there is so much more at play right now that needs to focused on…they just found a delicate balance. I’m the cautious one in this relationship.”

anderDavid Anders who play Blaine on the show also shared a few insights on possible future plotlines, especially when it comes to his amnesia.

“I want it to all be a game, because I miss the snarky, swarmy charm of Blaine and his juicy dialogue. It feels like he’s been castrated, but it’s a fun soap opera trope to play with.”

And like Clive, there is a possibility to digging deeper into Blaine’s past and exploring the rocky relationship with his father Angus, played by Robert Knepper.

“There is the possibility of more work with Knepper because he is frozen. Blaine had him tortured and he’s still in the freezer. I don’t know if I can reveal, but it’s a strong possibility. Now I’ve said too much”

Even iZombie fearless leader Rob Thomas was in on the spoiling game, despite his own rules and warnings he laid down for the cast.


“I sent everyone a text of me frowning saying, ‘Don’t spoil things!’”

But that didn’t seem to stop the showrunner from sharing.

“The title of episode 301 in the wake of the massacre is ‘Heaven Just Got A Little More Smoother,’ as people lament the death of the other Rob Thomas,” joked Thomas.

As for other future episodes, Thomas was happy to share the menu of upcoming brains. I n addition to a dominatrix brain and a yogi brain, Thomas was stoked about one particular upcoming episode.

“It’s one of the things we don’t mind talking about,” he said. “I think episode 302 is one we are so looking forward to. Part of it is knowing how good Robert Buckley will be on this brain. In 302, there is a murdered Phil Dunphy-like father and his sarcastic daughter. And because Liv and Clive assume the murder is related to the father, Liv eats the dad brain and Major, because no one thinks it will matter, eats the teenage girl brain. So Liv and Major are father-daughter. Robert Buckley was born to play a 15-year-old girl.”

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