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Welcome to the 2023 Forces of Geek Holiday Gift Guide! Part One: Home / Office / Life

Welcome to the Forces of Geek 2023 Holiday Gift Guide!

Whether you’re a first time reader or regular friend of FOG!, I hope that you enjoy our recommendations of some fantastic and hopefully, a bit unique gift selections that belong under the Christmas Tree, Menorah, Festivus Pole or Kwanzaa Bush of any pop culture loving aficionado.

DISCLAIMER: In many cases free copies of media and merchandise were requested and provided in exchange for their inclusion in the Gift Guide.

Wishing you a happy and healthy holiday season!  Here’s to Happy and Healthy 2024.


Stefan Blitz
Forces of Geek


Wacom One 13 Touch

I’ve never used a tablet for drawing on any kind of regular basis. With the Wacom One, that’s likely going to change.

The Wacom One 13 Touch pen display provides a seamless and delightful creative experience with this compact 13″ display, perfectly balancing functionality and convenience.

Designed with sustainability in mind, this product caters to environmentally conscious users who already possess a compatible EMR pen and USB-C connection cables. By choosing this option, you not only contribute to reducing electronic waste but also receive the Wacom One 13 Touch display on its own. Connect and control the display effortlessly using your existing pens and cables, unlocking a seamless and sustainable creative creativity with the exceptional Wacom One 13 Touch pen display, specifically crafted for aspiring artists. Immerse yourself in a seamless and delightful creative experience with this compact 13″ display, perfectly balancing functionality and convenience.

Designed with sustainability in mind, this product caters to environmentally conscious users who already possess a compatible EMR pen and USB-C connection cables. By choosing this option, you not only contribute to reducing electronic waste but also receive the Wacom One 13 Touch display on its own. Connect and control the display effortlessly using your existing pens and cables, unlocking a seamless and sustainable creative journey.

Wacom One is a high definition creative pen display designed for creative hobbyists and visual thinkers. Whether you need an intuitive and precise digital tool, a second screen or a bigger digital canvas to connect to your smartphone, you can add Wacom One easily to whatever ecosystem you’ve got going on with your devices. When creativity hits, you don’t want anything to get in your way.

See your imagination come to life in full color on a 13.3” HD screen. Feels like pen and paper- works like magic. You can draw, edit photos and videos, sign documents digitally, or take notes in a way that’s so familiar, you’ll forget you’re doing it digitally.

In addition, Wacom One’s button on pen can be customized for your favorite shortcuts like undo or copy/paste, helping you stay immersed in your art with efficiency and ease. With a number of accessories available, the Wacom One allows you to customize your tablet to suit wherever your needs are. Highly recommended and a must have for creative people everywhere.

Justice League Metal Miniature 2023 San Diego Comic-Con Exclusive Bundle

Crafted in heavy-weight solid metal alloy and hand painted, this limited set includes the seven heroes that served as the Justice League during the launch of the New 52. The set contains Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, The Flash, Aquaman and Cyborg, who is exclusive to this bundle. Each miniature stands 2.5 inches tall (63.5mm), features a thematic base, and an obligation to fight injustice, to right that which is wrong, and to serve all mankind!

Raiders of the Lost Ark– The Golden Idol Bank

As Raiders of the Lost Ark begins, we’re introduced to archaeologist/adventurer who’s searching for a hidden temple in Peru, deep in the Chachapoyas region.

Aided by two guides, Barranca and Satipo, Jones finds himself at the center of a number of death traps before acquiring the golden Chachapoyan fertiity statue. Once again he had to dodge additional traps, then a number of Havito Indians armed with poison darts and throwing spears, and a good sized snake before escaping back to his job as an university professor.

Now, imagine that golden Chachapoyan fertiity statue in your home or on an office shelf No need for passports, flights, or chartering a plane. Just an order away online and you can acquire what Indiana Jones never could. The statue is 7-inch tall fertility idol is made from the polyresin, and gold plated with an impeccable shine. The prefect accessory to throw right back in Dr. René Belloq’s face.

Joan Rivers Action Figure

Stand Up! Records and The Nacelle Company team up to bring you a highly limited variant repaint edition of the Joan Rivers figure from the Legends of Laughter series, fully approved by the estate of Joan Rivers. This 6-inch scale figure, like the original issue is highly detailed and fully articulated. Each figure also features on-stage accessories.

Joan Rivers is more than just a comedian, she is a force of nature and an unparalleled legend in the entertainment industry. For over 50 years, Joan pioneered her own brand of irreverent, unconventional comedy, leading her to become an internationally recognized celebrity, Emmy-award-winning talk-show host, Grammy-award-winning performer, Tony-award-nominated actress, bestselling author, playwright, screenwriter, film director, columnist, lecturer, radio host, jewelry designer, entrepreneur, and the renowned creator of the modern-day “red carpet,” Joan is also the first woman to break the glass ceiling of male-hosted late-night television.

The packaging of this variant has been redesigned to represent several aspects of the above, from a new box featuring Joan on the red carpet, to having her in front of a late night show curtain backdrop to a custom repaint to match the colors of her outfit to cover of her 1969 release, The Next to Last Joan Rivers Album. This edition strictly limited to 500 units.

Jonathan Adler Tiger Emerald Rug

Wild cat chicness. Ruggable’s Jonathan Adler Tiger Emerald Rug features an orange, cream, and black tiger sprawled across a rich emerald green background with a needlepoint texture across the design. Water-resistant, stain-resistant, and machine-washable.

This flat woven rug features a low-profile, chenille texture for under doorways, rolling furniture, and dining room tables which sits atop the standard carpet pad, which is versatile and can be used either indoors or outdoors and is best for high traffic areas and under doorways.

This is my first experience with a Ruggable product and without a doubt, one of the best engineered, designed and produced rugs I have ever owned. My highest recommendation.

JAWS No Swimming Replica Wood Sign

This solid wood sign measures 18″ x 12″ and is produced by Trick or Treat Studios and designed by Friend of FOG! Sam Furst. This is a replica of the sign that was found all over Amity island during the summer of 1975, which was ordered by Police Chief Martin Brody following the shark attack that killed Chrissie Watkins. As ordered by Brody to Deputy Hendricks, to have his assistant, Polly, letter the signs, stating clearly, “Beaches Closed. No Swimming. By order of the Amity P.D.”

So whether you’re a Boy Scout swimming to earn a Merit Badge, or a local trying to win the bounty on the shark by using a roast for bait, it’s best to remember the shark, as described by Matt Hooper of the Oceanographic Institute as, “a perfect engine, an eating machine. It’s really a miracle of evolution. All this machine does is swim and eat and make little sharks, and that’s all.”

Central Perk Coffeehouse Mug Boston

Central Perk is the beloved location of thousands of cups of coffee on the NBC sitcom Friends. Now, in celebration of the opening of the first store on Boston’s historic Newbury Street comes the official coffee mug, featuring the Central Perk logo on one side and a lobster doodled on the other, This 20 oz. porcelain coffee mug is a must have for fans of this long running comedy series.

Tyrannosaurus Rex – 1/35th Scale Action Figure

Our friends at Creative Beast continue to put out superior reproductions of some of the most majestic creatures that have ever walked the earth.

According to National Geographic, “Tyrannosaurus rex was one of the most ferocious predators to ever walk the Earth. With a massive body, sharp teeth, and jaws so powerful they could crush a car, this famous carnivore dominated the forested river valleys in western North America during the late Cretaceous period, 68 million years ago.

Although T. rex is a household name, what we know about this tyrannosaur is constantly evolving. Improved technologies, such as biomechanical modeling and x-ray imaging, have allowed scientists to gain a deeper understanding of how this apex predator lived.”

Creative Beast has created a model of a T. rex that not only ships complete, but doesn’t require any biomechanical modeling and x-ray imaging on your part. Weighing a pound and a half, the figure measures 14 inches (35.6cm) long and features 20 points of articulation, interchangeable lower legs, three sets of interchangeable feet, bendable tail end and display base. Featuring package art by RJ Palmer. One of the few cases where a manufacturer was so preoccupied with whether they could release this figure, they also conclusively decided that they should.

Monster-rama Plush Throw Blanket

From the genius’ at Retro-a-go-go, comes this amazing throw blanket. Measuring a generous 50″ width by 77″ length, the blanket is made from ultra-soft, lightweight polyester microfiber. The front of the blanket is printed edge-to-edge with vibrant and fade-resistant colors. The back is lined with fuzzy, warm, white fleece. Machine washable, this style features a bright fluorescent green top loaded with several monsters including Dracula, Frankenstein, His Bride, A Skull, The Mummy, The Gill-man, The Devil and more. The perfect addition to your couch and ideal for snuggling under while watching your favorite horror movie!

The Thing Animated Style Statue

It’s clobberin’ time! The rocky curmudgeon of the Fantastic Four is now a super-adorable animated-style statue! Based on the variant cover artwork of Skottie Young, this action-packed piece shows Thing running into the fray, and stands approximately 4 inches tall. Limited to only 3,000 pieces, it features detailed sculpting and paint applications, and comes packed in a full-color box with a numbered certificate of authenticity. Sculpted by Paul Harding, it’s the Yancy Street Gang’s favorite son and Aunt Petunia’s favorite nephew in one must-have desk accessory.

The Immortal Hulk Deluxe Gallery Diorama

Doc Bruce Banner
Belted by gamma rays
Turned into the Hulk
Ain’t he unglamo-rays!
Wreckin’ the town
With the power of a bull
Ain’t no monster clown
Who is as lovable
As ever-lovin’ Hulk! HULK! HULK!

A Diamond Select Toys release! He cannot be stopped! The Immortal Hulk is now a Gallery Diorama from Diamond Select Toys! Depicting the horrifically powerful hero in full charge, based on one of the character’s most beloved runs. The Green Goliath stands approximately as a 111.5-inch PVC diorama and comes packaged in a full-color window box. Designed by Caesar, sculpted by Alterton, and mean and green from Gamma Rays!

Disney The Rocketeer Bulldog Bungalow Enamel Pin

Based on the beloved comic book created by the late Dave Stevens, The Rocketeer, this pin combines the iconic Rocketeer helmet with the facade of the Bulldog Cafe, the main hangout of The Rocketeer (in his secret identity of stunt-pilot Cliff Secord).

Featuring a Tiki-inspired design, this pin features a quality base metal design with detailed enamel inlay. This enamel pin comes packaged in a uniquely branded matchbook-style box which matches both the Tropical and Retro inspired design. Officially licensed from Disney, this collector’s pin will have everyone asking, “The Rocke-who?”

DC Comics One:12 Collective Superman: Man of Steel Edition

“There is a superhero in all of us, we just need the courage to put on the cape.”

Faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive… The Man of Steel soars into the One:12 Collective!

The One:12 Collective Superman: Man of Steel Edition is outfitted in his iconic suit which proudly displays the ‘House of El’ family crest and features a cape with an integrated posing wire. He comes with seven head portraits including a light-up heat vision portrait.

Superman is prepared to exact swift justice on enemies like Starro – the mind-controlling, intergalactic starfish which attaches to most One:12 Collective heads, and also Black Mercy – a parasitic alien plant with posable tentacles.

The Last Son of Krypton comes complete with a Phantom Zone Projector – used to send the most dangerous criminals in the galaxy into the Phantom Zone, two punch FX that attach to his hands, three magnetic bullet ricochet FX that attach to his chest, and a Kryptonite display trophy.

Having developed powers far beyond those of mortal men and imbued with a strong moral compass, Clark Kent takes up the fight for truth and justice as Superman.

This epic figure features Superman in his iconic red and blue with a rippling cape that is ready for flight! 32 points of articulation mean you have countless poses… and a collection of five heads (including a light-up heat ray option), ten interchangeable hands, and over a dozen accessories allow you to create any scene you like.

2023 Geektastic X-Mas Card & Ornament Collection

I’ve been a fan of PJ McQuade’s work for several years as he’s designed some amazing pop-culture-centric Holiday Cards, ornaments, magnets, prints, and other ephemera. This year, I received a note from the underground shopping and design compound Castle McQuade informing me that PJ has seven new cards that he designed for this year’s Holiday Season. They include Pedro Pascal, three faces of the great Alan Rickman, The Dark Crystal‘s Skeksi, Khan Noonian Singh, The Wilson family from Us, Darkness from Legend, and Arnold Schwarzenegger dressed as Alan “Dutch” Schaefer decked out with holiday gear. You can almost hear him screaming, “GET TO THE SHOPPA!

If those new designs aren’t your cup of tea, there are plenty of other pop culture centric choices including JAWS, Jurassic Park, Curb Your Enthusiasm, The X-Files, Labyrinth, Godzilla, Dune, The Big Lebowski, Twin Peaks, Die Hard, Karate Kid, and many, many more.

EC Comics “Weird Science Fantasy No. 29” Large Format Print

Officially licensed EC Comics prints measure a whopping 19” W x 27” H and printed on a smooth, heavy weight (80#), high quality uncoated matte finish paper for better resolution. Acid-free for archival quality, each print has a reproduction on its backside of EC in-house advertisements.

This print of the cover of Weird Science Fantasy No. 29 which is considered by many comic art fans to be the finest comic book cover of all time, illustrated by Frank Frazetta. Retro-a-Go-Go has a large variety of prints, and some of the artists available include Jack Davis, Harvey Kurtzman, Will Elder, Wally Wood, and Graham Ingels.

And thanks to our friends at Retro-a-Go-Go, who have graciously provided an exclusive Coupon code for Forces of Geek readers. Simply enter the code GEEK50 which will activate a Buy One Print, Get One Free promotion which expires on 12/31/23 at Midnight PST.

Original Buddha Board

Buddha Board is inspired by the Zen idea of living in the moment.

Simply ‘paint’ on the surface with water and your creation will come to life in bold design. Then, as the water slowly evaporates, your art will magically disappear leaving you with a clean slate and a clear mind, ready to create a whole new masterpiece. Buddha Board is environmentally friendly as it only uses water – no ink, no paint, no chemicals – and it will last for years with proper care.

Master the art of letting go, live for the moment and enjoy!

Paint on the surface with water and watch your creation come to life. As the water slowly evaporates your art will magically disappear… leaving you with a clean slate and a clear mind. The Buddha Board “canvas” is 12″ high x 9″ wide x 1/4″ thick and includes a sturdy waterproof stand, complete with a roomy reservoir for water & separate grooves for holding both the board & brush (a premium bamboo paintbrush with thick, ultra-soft bristles).

Also available is a Mini Buddha Board (5-inch square portable Buddha Board that folds into its own small easel stand) and Mini Buddha Board – Special Mindfulness Edition which features a quote from Buddha on the cover.

Marvel: The Amazing Spider-Man Light-Up Radioactive Spider

Celebrate Spider-Man’s iconic origin with this one-of-a-kind, officially licensed radioactive spider collectible! The Radioactive Spider features a 3 3/4″ crystal cube containing a 3D laser-engraved replica of the radioactive spider that transformed Peter Parker into Spider-Man and LED base which provides two modes, featuring a green and yellow radioactive effect and Spider-Man’s classic red color. Also includes a full-color, illustrated, 48-page book packed with information about how science plays a critical role in Spider-Man’s history and storylines.

Three AAA batteries and spider-powers not included.

DC Comics 5 Points Superman The Mechanical Monsters (1941) Deluxe Boxed Set

Based on the classic Fleischer animated shorts, and voiced by Clayton “Bud” Collyer and Joan Alexander who reprised their famed The Adventures of Superman radio show roles as Superman/Clark Kent and Lois Lane).

Faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, able to leap tall buildings in a single bound – this Superman deluxe boxed set contains 3 figures, a giant fire shooting robot, a quick-change phone booth, and multi-level, triple environment diorama! Other accessories include a notebook, steno pad, 2 pairs of interchangeable Superman arms, 2 pairs of interchangeable Mechanical Monster arms, propeller attachment for Mechanical Monster, 2 flame FX for Mechanical Monster, and four display bases.

How’s this for a story, Miss Lane? Clark Kent goes into the phone booth and Superman comes out thanks to the quick-change feature!

Once assembled, the retro play set diorama creates the well-guarded House of Jewels storefront on one side, and a two-story diorama of The Mad Scientist’s lab on the reverse side. The lab comes complete with a drawbridge door that opens and rows of Mechanical Monsters with a secret volcanic cavern below where the monsters are forged. Designed by the inimitable Des Taylor and produced by Mezco, this set is a must have collectible for fans of the Man of Steel.

Vintage Novelty Ads Wallet

As comic books have changed over the years, so has the advertising. No longer can you find ads for your own backyard nuclear submarine or a teacup monkey. Now, you’re usually stuck with an ad promoting a movie or video game. Can you even compare the two? Made from high quality, textured vegan leather the wallet is durable & stitched throughout. Measuring 4″H x 4.25″W and 8.5″W when fully open, the wallet features two pockets for cash cards, i.d. & documents and a button pocket to keep small items safe. It’s the perfect vessel to start saving Fake vomit, 6-foot-tall monsters, rubber spiders, and X-ray specs.

Mirai Speaker

Sound Fun has released the must have audio component of the modern era. In recent years I find myself playing both movies and television with the subtitles/closed captioning on. Even utilizing a standard sound bar, I find more often than not that the audio mix is engineered in such a way that it is either inconsistent, or worse, dialogue is muffled in such a way that it’s very hard to decipher what is being said.

The Mirai Speaker changes all of that. Created in Japan with the goal of helping individuals hear dialog more clearly over the background sounds and music found in everyday TV and movies, the soundbar sharpens the quality of speech while reducing background noise for a vastly improved entertainment experience.

Utilizing patented “AudibleWave Technology” the Mirai Speaker changes the way sounds reach your ear.

Mirai Speakers use a curve shaped speaker design in contrast to ordinary speakers, which are flat, to help produce sound waves that allow for clearer hearing at a distance. Paired with a minimalistic design approach, it is both easy to use and blends in naturally with the TV environment.

Using two curved units, the core technology behind the Mirai Speaker’s AudibleWave Technology to allow for great stereo sound. Not only can you hear voices clearly, but also the “curved sound” creates a more equal sound distribution, as compared to conventional speakers which directs sound towards the front.

Equipped with an AUX cable and an Optical Cable (recommended). With the Optical Cable connection, not only will you hear enhanced dialog quality from your Mirai Speaker, but also a blended audio experience from both speaker and TV audio combined. The Mirai Speaker is a game changer.

Marvel Classic Black Light Notecard Set

Fans will light up with the Marvel Classic Black Light Notecard Set, a deluxe collection featuring 24 black light images of celebrated Marvel Comics characters, including Spider-Man, Captain Marvel, Thor, and the Hulk, illustrated by legendary artists Jack Kirby, John Romita Sr., Gene Colan, and others.

First published in 1971 by Marvel Comics and famed novelty publisher the Third Eye, Inc., the original Marvel black light notecard series have never been reproduced in full, until now. Printed in fluorescent inks on high-quality paper, this deluxe collector’s set features 24 full-scale reproductions of the original notecards in all their dayglow glory.

Also included is a brief commentary about Third Eye and their Marvel Comics black light publishing by comic book writer, editor, and historian Roy Thomas, along with images of the original comic book art featured on the notecards.

This vibrant, far-out collection is sure to brighten lives and the walls of your home or office.

Features include: 24 6″ wide x 9.25″ high high-quality reproduction notecards + envelopes and packaged in a fully designed archival box for safe storing and  printed in fluorescent inks for viewing in black light and includes a brief history of the notecards and the original comic book art by historian and former Marvel editor in chief Roy Thomas.

The All-in-One Portable Ping Pong Set

The All-in-One Portable Ping Pong Set lets you turn any table into your next ping pong tournament. Never be without an instant – and fun – activity again!

Instantly transform any table into a ping pong table with our ultra-convenient portable ping pong set. Hassle-free setup: adjust the net to match any table’s width; engage the blue lever to open the clamps; and securely attach it to the side of any table. Have a blast playing ping pong anywhere with this quick and easy setup, creating unforgettable games on the go.

Don’t have a ping pong table, but still want to play? No problem! The All-in-One Portable Ping Pong Sets come with a ping pong net you can attach to almost any table. The retractable net fits any table up to 72″ (182cm) wide and 2″ (5cm) thick and features superfast one-click setup that won’t leave any marks allowing you to turn any table into a ping pong game in seconds and comes in a premium carrying case for easy storage and travel.

The James Brand Accessories

The James Brand was created in Portland, Oregon in 2012 by a group of designers and adventurers who were looking for something better. Based on the adage that if you can’t find what you want, you might have to make it yourself, we decided to put pen to paper and design something new: products made with premium materials, a minimalist design aesthetic, and clear attention to the details. We make knives and tools that are a better reflection of our values and lives. Modern, minimal everyday carry is what the James brand is all about.

The James Brand takes pride in making quality tools that are far superior to anything other than I’ve previously used.

The Carter EDC Pocket Knife Medium

I’ve had pocket knives over the years and without a doubt this is the best one that I’ve ever owned. Featuring a slide-lock mechanism, a corrosion-resistant VG-10 stainless steel straight blade, fully-profiled G10 or Micarta scales and a deep-carry, reversible pocket clip, the Carter is slim and lightweight, but fully capable in any environment. It’s also fully ambidextrous, and the pocket clip can easily be removed and replaced with a lanyard insert. The thumb disc design means that the Carter is easy to use with one hand, so it’s at the ready in all situations. The Carter is going to immediately earn it’s spot as your everyday pocket knife.

The Burwell Stainless Steel Click Pen

Featuring a stainless steel barrel in an EDC-friendly diameter, the Burwell slips easily into your pocket for daily carry, but won’t bend or break, keeping your pockets ink free. It will quickly become the pen you reach for again and again, day in and day out. The Burwell writes smooth as it effortlessly glides across the page. Again, it’s a must have and provides a truly amazing writing experience.

The Gatecliff Notebook Sleeve & Case

I take notes throughout the day and although it can be convenient to jot down a note on my iPhone, there’s an unmistakable organic quality of putting pen to paper that can’t be replicated. The Gatecliff keeps my necessities on hand and ready to go. Made from Cordura fabric for serious wear resistance, the sleeve measures 6.3″ x 48″, is water resistant and large enough to carry a notebook and pen, as well as some odds and ends (Ear Pods?) that are necessary to have with you. The Gatecliff keeps things organized and looks damn sharp doing it.

James & Blackwing: The Pencil Set

I was familiar with the stellar reputation of the Blackwing pencil and thanks to this collaboration, I can pleasantly say the pencils more than live up to the hype.

Blackwing pencils built a cult following among famed 20th-century artists, especially authors, animators, and musicians. They combined their iconic design with California Incense-Cedar and smooth Japanese graphite to create a truly exceptional experience.

The James Brand and Blackwing have partnered to create a limited-edition box set, showcasing their shared belief that the difference is in the details, and that analog experiences matter.

The pencils feature a pearl graphite, giving it a balanced feel and deliver on the Blackwing promise of half the pressure, twice the speed. I never want to use another kind of pencil ever again.

Batman Begins Poster Giclee Art Print A2

“People need dramatic examples to shake them out of apathy and I can’t do that as Bruce Wayne. As a man, I’m flesh and blood, I can be ignored, I can be destroyed; but as a symbol… as a symbol I can be incorruptible, I can be everlasting.”

In 2005, director Christopher Nolan’s film Batman Begins was released, jump starting what would eventually become the Dark Knight Trilogy. Nolan worked with a number of collaborators including writer David S. Goyer, producer Emma Thomas, actors Christian Bale, Michael Caine, Liam Neeson, Cillian Murphy, Morgan Freeman and Gary Oldman and hundreds of others.

One particular collaborator who worked on the marketing materials, was comic book artist Mark Simpson aka Jock who contributed concept paintings and key art, including this stunning poster. Measuring 16.5in x 23.4in, the poster almost serves as a triptych with Batman standing in front of a map of Gotham City.

This Giclee print is printed on bright white cotton fine art 300gsm paper and belongs hanging on your wall of either your ManCave or preferably your BatDave.

The Amazing Spider-Man Light-Up Spider-Signal

Spider-Man is on patrol with this one-of-a-kind, officially licensed mini Spider Signal collectible! Featuring a 3″ diameter replica of Spider-Man’s signal belt, made of die-cast metal and fastened to a display stand that projects his emblem onto nearby walls and surfaces up to five feet. Also includes a full-color, illustrated, 48-page mini book packed with information about Spider-Man’s signature gadgets and how he uses them to fight supervillains, along with classic comic book art. Perfect for use with thugs, crooks, and super-powered criminals.

Aquaman 7″ McFarlane Aquaman 2 Movie Action Figure

Half-human and half-Atlantean, Arthur Curry is Aquaman, the King of Atlantis and defender of Earth’s vast oceans. As a founding member of the Justice League, he also protects the surface world from the forces of evil! Aquaman’s Atlantean physiology allows him to breathe under water, swim at incredible speeds, and super-strength to withstand the depths of the ocean. His royal lineage sets him apart from other Atlanteans, but also gives him the unique ability to telepathically communicate with marine life.

Incredibly detailed 7” scale figure based on Jason Momoa as depicted in the Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom movie, designed with Ultra Articulation with up to 22 moving parts for full range of posing and play. Figure includes trident, extra hands, and base.

Godzilla ’74 (Glow-in-The-Dark) ReAction Figure

Glow-ups are all the rage these days, so why shouldn’t The King of All Monsters get treated to a makeover that will really let it shine?! Super7 was excited to celebrate Godzilla Day, November 3rd, with a glow variant of the Toho ReAction Figure of Godzilla ‘74! This articulated, 3.75” scale figure is composed of glow-in-the dark material and features black and metallic silver paint detail. What it lacks in height to the genuine Gojira, it makes up for it with pure nostalgic coolness!

Show everyone that you’re crazy for Kaiju, day or night, with the glow-in-the-dark Godzilla ‘74 ReAction Figure!


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