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‘Shook! A Black Horror Anthology’ GN (review)

Written by Various
Art by Various
Published by Dark Horse Comics


Shook! A Black Horror Anthology, masterminded by Bradley Golden and Marcus Roberts, among other talents, emerges as a monumental contribution to the realm of horror comics, not just as a collection of terrifying tales but as a resonant cultural artifact.

This anthology transcends the boundaries of conventional horror to offer a unique lens on fear, identity, and resilience, making it a must-read for both aficionados of the genre and those seeking stories with profound thematic depth.

Shook! reminded me why I loved this genre as a kid.

Visually, Shook! is a stunning achievement. Each artist enlisted in this anthology brings their A-game, contributing to a rich visual tapestry that captures the essence of horror from a Black perspective.

The artwork varies from story to story, showcasing a diverse range of styles from the starkly realistic to the beautifully surreal. This variance not only keeps the reader visually engaged but also serves to highlight the anthology’s thematic diversity. The art does more than tell a story; it evokes emotion, builds tension, and often communicates layers of meaning about race, culture, and history that words alone cannot convey.

The narratives woven throughout Shook! are as varied as they are vibrant. From supernatural horrors that chill the bone to psychological terrors that unsettle the mind, each story is rooted in aspects of the Black experience. This thematic throughline lends the anthology a powerful sense of unity and purpose. The tales explore not only the fears that haunt us but also the societal horrors that plague communities: racism, violence, and inequality, to name but a few. Yet, Shook! does not merely dwell in despair; many of its stories offer hope, resilience, and empowerment, showcasing the strength of community and identity.

One of the anthology’s most striking features is its deep, nuanced character development. The characters in Shook! are not mere victims or stereotypes; they are fully realized individuals, each with their fears, desires, and battles. This depth ensures that the horrors they face feel all the more accurate and the stakes all the higher. As readers, we’re invited to see parts of ourselves in these characters, to empathize with their struggles, and to cheer for their triumphs. The creators behind Shook! understand that the heart of horror lies not in the monsters we face but in the people who face them.

Shook! A Black Horror Anthology stands out not only for its chilling content but also for its cultural significance. It fills a vital space in the horror genre, offering stories by Black creators that center on Black experiences. In doing so, it challenges the industry to be more inclusive and to recognize the importance of diverse voices and stories. Shook! pays homage to the rich tradition of horror storytelling within Black culture, drawing on folklore, history, and contemporary issues to create something unique. It doesn’t just fit within the broader comic book landscape; it expands it, pushing the genre towards more inclusive and varied narratives.

My only complaint with the book there are several stories that end abruptly with no resolution but I’m sure these will be continued in the next edition. In conclusion, Shook! A Black Horror Anthology is a triumph of storytelling, art, and cultural commentary. It’s a rare find in the comic book world—a collection that scares us moves us and makes us think, all while entertaining us with masterfully crafted tales. Whether you’re a long-time horror fan or someone interested in the intersections of culture and storytelling, Shook! offers a compelling, eye-opening experience. It’s a reminder of the power of comics to tell great stories and illuminate truths about our world and ourselves. So, step into the shadows with Shook! and be prepared to be moved, challenged, and, of course, thoroughly scared.


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