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Giant Size Graphic Breakdown: ‘Aquaman’ Soars; ‘The Flintstones’ Continues To Be a “Yabba Dabba Don’t”

Welcome back to Graphic Breakdown!

DC Comics enters September with a bunch of new titles starting with a surprising one. Here we go!

aqm_cv6_dsAquaman #6

Written by Dan Abnett
Illustrated by Brad Walker
Published by DC Comics

So this is a genuine surprise. The first five issues were pretty much a complete bore. Yet somehow, this issue was great, truly great entertainment.

Abnett has never been my favorite writer. But here he hits all the right notes. He writes a really great comic  that is some of the best characterization Aquaman has had in recent years. I also like his Superman.

Needless to say, a fight ensues between the two of them and it’s actually well handled. Especially the end. If Abnett continue to write like this, I will continue to like it. The rest of this tale (called the “Drowning”) was pretty dull and poor, but he ends on a super high note.

Of course, Brad Walker does an excellent job on art. His first panel is gorgeous and kept my eyes open throughout. I honestly feel maybe DC should stop publishing the book so frequently and let Abnett and Walker work together on every issue. Quality over quantity.

It also boasts one hell of an ending. Superman’s last line is the best. I hope this book continues in this direction. Give me this quality and keep it consistent please. Nice work here.



bm_cv6_dsBatman #6

Written by Tom King
Illustrated by Ivan Reis
Published by DC Comics

Tom King is a talented writer. Which makes his Batman run so disappointing. I sort of threw up my arms on this one.

He created these two new characters Gotham and Gotham Girl. Ugh. They seem almost too silly. This story focuses on Gotham Girl and it’s a big “who cares?” I tried to. I can’t.

The story is rather lame (Colonial Blimp makes an appearance…ugh) and it has a “Oho!” ending that falls extra flat, especially if you saw Suicide Squad the movie.

The worst thing of all is the characterization of Batman here.

There are a few false notes. The biggest one was the scene on a rooftop with Batman and Gotham Girl that is so forced, I laughed. Boo.

Ivan Reis does a nice job on art but altogether it adds up to a whole lot of nothing.



bmb_cv16_dsBatman Beyond #16

Written by Dan Jurgens
Illustrated by Stephen Thompson
Published by DC Comics

So this is the end of the “Wired for Death” story and setting the title up for a relaunch. I hadn’t read the story but I figured it out.

This isn’t half bad.

I may go back and check it out the earlier issues. Jurgens writes a decent tale and I always have liked Terry McGuinness.

The art is damn good though.

I have never heard of Thompson before this but I may seek out his previous work. He’s damn good.

I’ll pick up more when the relaunch happens. This could be the sleeper of the line.



everafter_cv1Ever After #1

Written by Dave Justus and Matthew Sturges
Illustrated by Travis Moore
Published by DC Comics

From the pages of Fables comes this fine book! But is it fine?

Well, if you’re a Fables fan, you are bound to like it.

For me it is just okay at best.

The story takes place after the Fables series ended.

It is more in the vein of a spy thriller. I liked it enough, but it’s very slight to me. Still, the writers pack a lot in there.

The art is pretty decent too. I wasn’t huge into Fables like a lot of people were, it was only just okay. And this to me is only just okay. Though it had a HELL of a last page.

If you are a fan, this is for you. If not well, pick up Deathstroke. Or The Flash.



ga_cv6_dsGreen Arrow #6

Written by Benjamin Percy
Illustrated by Stephen Byrne
Published by DC Comics.

This is a story that started off pretty decently and now I am just lost. It fizzled.

Percy is a decent writer but my god is it slight. I wish it wasn’t.

This issue is just overloaded with words too. There are so many words I just stopped caring. It didn’t work very well in conjunction with the art, wherein previous issues it did.

The art isn’t bad, but it’s getting to be a little too much of a cartoon for me.

I enjoy Oliver. But the grit feels gone here. Jeff Lemire really had Green Arrow down when he was writing the title. Maybe it’s time to give him a call?



justl_cv4_dsJustice League # 4

Written by Bryan Hitch
Illustrated by Jesus Merino
Published by DC Comics

I honestly have nothing for this title. I wish I did. It feels like it’s coasting on fumes at this point.

Which makes sense that Steve Orlando will be writing the  upcoming relaunch. It makes sense.

Hitch gave it a shot, it didn’t work, that’s all there is. I admire him for it. He’s a talent beyond belief so it makes sense.

This issue just continues the big bombastic action of the previous issues.

Merino does a good job on the art but the whole thing is hollow.

This will be over soon. Then maybe we can get some real stories going.



ntw_cv4_dsNightwing #4

Written by Tim Seeley
Illustrated by Javier Fernandez
Published by DC Comics

Part four of the “Better than Batman” storyline continues as Nightwing and Raptor have teamed up and man it feels so “by the numbers” I’m just bored.

Seeley is a decent writer, but Nightwing can be so much more interesting than this. Their team-up feels as DOA as can be…like I’ve read it 100 times before.

And what is DC’s obsession with new generic characters? Are they trying to make a “DC Generic Toy line?” It sure feels that way!

The art however is pretty cool and makes up for some of the more boring parts. Beyond that, great for Nightwing fans but nothing new to see here.



sg-cv1_dsSupergirl #1  

Written by Steve Orlando
Illustrated by Brian Ching
Published by DC Comics

Okay, so maybe Steve Orlando is the writer DC Comics has been waiting for. This book was super good!

It’s funny, sweet, and actually tells a story that is both enjoyable and well done.

Kara is back, and she is her in the DEO to defend National City! She is her on Earth to be a high school student as well. And it’s fun!

It also includes characters from the TV show but not to an obnoxious degree so fans of the show will like it too.

It’s a nice blend.

The art is great and suits the book perfectly. This is a great starting point so pick it up and enjoy!

And put that Orlando boy on some more titles, DC. Please, from me.



sm_cv6_dsSuperman # 6  

Written by Peter J. Tomasi and Patrick Gleason
Illustrated by Patrick Gleason
Published by DC Comics

This was the issue where you realize that there is no continuity in the DC Universe anymore and that the promise of Rebirth has been thrown out the window. It was a nice thought at least.

This issue concludes the “Son Of Superman” story. It was a fairly big yawn despite some talented people being on the book.

The writing and art is decent enough but I was bored by the other issues and the same holds true here. The surprise ending seems like it could have been done in the second issue and saved us all the pain.

It’s not the worst ever. It’s about a C. Pick it up if you can’t read the other books on this list that are B- or more.

Again it’s not the worst thing ever.

That one is coming up next though…



flint_cv3_dsThe Flintstones #3  

Written by Mark Russell
Illustrated by Steve Pugh
Published by DC Comics

Just no.


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