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Top 10 STAR WARS TV Homages… May The Fourth Be With You

In some circles May the Fourth is a sacred day. A day to reflect on what the Force means to us and how much the prequels hurt our soul (maybe that last part is just me). A day to troll the internet and start a Rebellion-like war. A day to…well, to call in sick to work and watch all six movies in your pajamas, accomplishing nothing worthwhile.

For myself, I will be spending the day in quiet contemplation, focusing on the feelings that the Star Wars universe brings up inside me, hoping that somehow, J.J. Abrams’ directing ability will not rape my childhood when Episode VII hits theaters in December.

That, or I’ll just cruise the internet looking for Star Wars stuff until my eyeballs bleed.

Either way, it’ll be a blast…’er. Ha! Star Wars pun!

Anyway after the break are my favorite picks for Star Wars-related TV appearances…it’ll get you started on a day filled with nothing but references on your Twitter/Facebook/Instagram feeds.


Let’s get things off on the right note, the introduction to a universe that would mark a generation forever…the Star Wars trailer!

A trailer that not only managed to get a population hyper interested in seeing a Sci-Fi flick, it also proved that in the 70s, movie trailers sucked Wookiee balls so hard that it’s a wonder that anyone wanted to go to the movies after seeing them.

10. Star Wars on The Muppet Show 

If you weren’t lucky enough to be born during a time when a TV program like The Muppet Show was on prime time, I feel bad for you, mostly because you didn’t get to see stuff like this during your formative years.

If you ever wondered why people in their 40s act like lunatics about Star Wars, this appearance is pretty much why:

9. Star Wars on the That ’70s Show 

Eric, Hyde, Fes and Kelso go see Star Wars and do what any kid did after witnessing it’s awesomeness…evolve into a super geek.

This is how it all began folks.

8. Star Wars on The Muppet Babies

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t get a glazed look in their eye anytime someone mentions The Muppet Babies and in an homage to The Muppet Show, Kermit and the gang decide to make their very own version of Star Wars and it’s predictably adorable.

God I miss this show.

7. Star Wars on Mythbusters 

In what has been dubbed “Sithbusters” Jamie and Adam take one scene from each of the Original Trilogy and test it for accuracy (the grappling hook scene from Star Wars, using the body of a Tauntaun for warmth in The Empire Strikes Back and the Ewoks’ obliteration of a AT-ST by tree pummeling in Return of the Jedi).

This is the episode that made science geeks who have a nerd-on for Star Wars ejaculate with happiness.

6. Star Wars on Friends

Ross tells Rachel about his Princess Leia gold bikini fantasy and the male populace of a certain age finally realizes that they are not alone.

5. Star Wars on Scrubs

JD’s fantasy life is often as thrilling as sitting through one of the Star Wars movies, so it seems only fitting that he would pit Dr. Cox (as Obi) and Dr. Kelso (as Vader) against each other.

4. Star Wars on Robot Chicken

The third episode of the Robot Chicken: Star Wars trilogy is clearly the best and proves that no matter how old you are, there’s still a part of you that wants to play with action figures.

3. Star Wars on The Simpsons

I must admit that of all the episodes that dealt with Star Wars (most notably Bart and Principal Skinner’s epic light saber-like battle in S18E3 Please Homer, Don’t Hammer ‘Em) this pièce de résistance from the I Married Marge episode in which Homer ruins The Empire Strikes Back for everyone is, and will always, be one of my favorites.

2. The Star Wars Bar on The Richard Pryor Show

Airing on September 13th, 1977 just months after Star Wars‘ release, the first episode of the short-lived The Richard Pryor Show featured a Star Wars sketch placing Richard in the role of bartender in the Mos Eisley Cantina.  What makes it even more impressive was that the sketch reused many of the alien masks from the actual film, including Hammerhead, Figrin D’an the Barquin, Ponda Baba and several others.

And finally, because no subjective list of Star Wars entertainment could do without it, may I present:  

1. The Star Wars Holiday Special

It damn-near ruined the entire original trilogy.

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