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What Type of Gambler Would Your Favourite Superhero Be?

Image via Marvel

Superheroes are big business these days, but have you ever wondered what type of gambler your favourite superhero would be?

Well – you’re in luck! Superhero slot games are becoming increasingly popular so we have taken a look at five of our favourite superheroes to assess their possible gambling habits.

Read on to see what we make of Spider-Man, Black Panther, Wonder Woman, Superman and Batman’s gambling skills. We start with the Caped Crusader.



Bruce Wayne’s untold riches make it easy to see him at the poker table spending his fortune – but would he be a winner or a loser?

Cool and calculating but also prone to taking massive risks – even if they are always with the best intentions – it is certainly possible to imagine Batman as a professional gambler.

After all, Wayne Manor and all that amazing technology created by Lucius Fox to help protect Gotham from the bad guys is not going to pay for itself.

As a poker player, Batman would likely be a dominant force, winning hands early to collect pots before the flop.

But he would certainly be unafraid of bluffing – living a secret life as the caped crusader certainly allows Batman to practice his poker face on a regular basis.



Next up is Superman, who may be totally confused by the concept of betting, as do they even have gambling on his home planet of Krypton?

We get the feeling Superman would be amused and bemused by the gambling habits of us mere mortals here on Planet Earth.

So what would be his favourite game? Perhaps something like blackjack, where his analytical mind could be a weapon against the dealer. Superman could rapidly calculate the odds of winning and losing to help him make a decision over whether to stick or twist.

Dr Robert L Custer came up with six different types of gambler when he studied this area and the one that seems to fit Superman the best would be a relief and escape gambler.

Superman has so much going on in his life, not least having to keep his true self a secret from people every single day, that a bet or two may be some form of release for him.

At the end of the day, though, Superman is really just too busy to get too involved with gambling.


Wonder Woman

Another superhero not from our planet, Wonder Woman is an interesting case study here.

Princess Diana of Themyscira – or Diana Prince to her friends – normally has her hands full protecting her home planet, as well as the rest of the world.

Many men assume that women do not like to gamble but this is not necessarily the case. Indeed, that would be sexist as there is no reason why women cannot be successful gamblers.

Consider poker players such as the Briton, Victoria Coren, who made history when she became the first player to win two European Poker Tour Main Events.

Poker does not seem like it would be Wonder Woman’s choice of game, however. She seems more like she would be a casual social gambler, having a bet in an attempt to fit in.


Black Panther

The biggest film of 2018 so far is Black Panther, but how would T’Challa fare as a gambler?

King of the technologically-advanced African nation of Wakanda, it stands to reason that T’Challa – who was played by Chadwick Boseman in the $1 billion-grossing movie – would have more than a few tricks up his sleeve.

Perhaps on Wakanda they could have their own types of gambling that we would not recognise.

Unsurprisingly, as superhero comic books are generally aimed at children, Marvel has not really explored this angle in the Black Panther stories so far.

But it is certainly fun to think about. We’re imagining some sort of 3D slots game for Wakanda.

Have we whet your appetite? Visit this page if you want to try out top slot games featuring some of the best superheroes.



Last but not least is Spider-Man, who has always been a favourite of the younger audience. As a high-school student in the United States, Spider-Man is really too young to be gambling.

But anyone who has followed Peter Parker over the years knows very well that he just cannot help himself from breaking the rules from time to time.

The web-slinger has a strong moral code, though, so he would definitely not be the sort of gamblers who resorts to cheating in a desperate attempt to come out on top in the game. After all, with great power comes great responsibility and Spider-Man takes his responsibilities more seriously than perhaps any of the other big-name superheroes out there.

We think Spider-Man would have the potential to become a serious social gambler. This means that he spends a lot of his spare time – Spider-Man never seems to have a lot of friends, does he? – gambling online on games like poker, roulette and maybe even some online slots too.

Spider-Man does not have a lot of spare income however, so it is unlikely he would be able to spend too much money on his gambling habit.


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