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Looking for the hot stuff team-up and sidekick action this week? We’ve got just the thing for your collection. Summer of Valiant continues with Quantum and Woody #1, Batman’s savior Michael Uslan puts The Shadow and Green Hornet in harms way, and by golly, Gotham itself is in trouble again as the Riddler and Catwoman takes us back in time to Batman ’66 #1 & #2.

WRITER: James Asmus
ART: Tom Fowler
Publication Date: July 10, 2013
Price: $3.99
Publisher: Valiant Comics
UPC: 85899200310900111
Buy it HERE

“The World’s Worst Superhero Team”

Bros! Just your typical white kid adopted by a black dad and raising his son along with the new kid.

Eric and Woody Henderson grew up together and hey, even stood up for each other on occasion. The boys got into some serious trouble of course, but were close.

Derek Henderson aka Dad was an energy researcher at Quantum Labs.

On his last day of work, he steals away his secret research files and heads for the door—only to be stopped by a large Russian with a hammer and sickle scar on his face! Not good, Dad met his maker and the boys must get together after years of growing apart. Eric joined the military to make his Dad proud, but Woody…became a grifter, stealing what he can to get by. While investigating their late father’s research, they’re caught in a nuclear accident, leaving them glowing and naked on Quantum Labs lawn!

And now, they are prime suspects in their own father’s murder.

Really great start to the series here, Tom Fowler’s art is amazing and fun, matching the quick and funny dialogue. This is really about the relationship between the brothers by way of adoption, and it is an interesting dynamic. I appreciate that, even by the current Valiant Universe canon, with Harbingers and nanite infected soldiers running around, a casual observer from the street calls these guys “the worst” as they fall from a building and it is caught on the news!

You could use the word silly to describe the book, but don’t think of this as a Deadpool type action story, breaking the third wall and dropping pop culture references.

This is more of a funny buddy cop story like Lethal Weapon or Cop Out. The second Summer of Valiant continues on, hilariously, with Quantum and Woody!

WRITER: Michel Uslan
ART: Keith Burns
Publication Date: July 10, 2013
Price: $3.99
Publisher: Dynamite Entertainment
Covers by Alex Ross and John Cassaday
UPC: 72513020622000121
Buy it HERE

Michael Uslan, writer and film producer (all of the Batman films from Tim Burton through Christopher Nolan, the National Treasure series, Swamp Thing, The Spitit, etc.) delves deep into the pulpy hero world in his latest comic book work teaming up two classic characters, The Shadow and Green Hornet!

And what fun it is!

We get a history lesson as we find out the real reason Hitler rose to power—it is all related to the supernatural properties of the mysterious Girasol.

FDR calls a meeting with his cabinet of trusted advisors including Lamont Cranston and Britt Reid as he makes the call to set up the nation for war. Does the President know their nightly secrets? If he knows, he toys with them a bit!

Across the sea, Hitler looks to recruit the Green Hornet, by force if he needs to, to join his cause. Meanwhile, both sides are looking at Nikola Tesla’s new Death Ray as a weapon of choice!

More to be revealed next time, but man alive, Uslan can write one heck of a comic book. The iconic figures of the past, and even references to The Lone Ranger serve up a meaty, fun and pulpy comic book.

BATMAN ’66 #1 and #2
WRITER: Jeff Parker
ART: Jonathan Case
Publication Date: July 3, 2013, July 10, 2013
Price: $.99 per weekly issue
Publisher: DC Comics
Covers by Mike and Laura Allred
Buy it HERE (Digital Only)

The Riddler’s Ruse #1 ‘Mirth From Above’

This comic has gotten a lot of attention, rightfully so. Some prefer this version of The Batman having grown up with the sugary sweet ‘60s pop Batusi dynamic duo.

With Mike and Laura Allred on covers, you can almost hear the trumpets and the Batman logo spinning at you. This book is on ComiXology (likely the first format, to be printed later), and relies on tricks of the digital comic medium, revealing layers and pseudo animation.

Dick and Bruce are at an awards ceremony downtown when The Riddler gasses everyone out from a biplane! Batman and Robin come to the rescue, downing the plane. The Riddler escapes from the plane wreckage, but leaves a riddle for the two to figure out.

So far with part one, we’re getting reintroduced to the TV show look, and Case’s artwork is great, but I found his ‘fake zipatone/color halftone’ work a bit much. What happens next week…

The Riddler’s Ruse #2

Chapter 2 opens on stately Wayne Manor, with Alfred and the Batcave, complete with sliding poles! The Bat Computer and leads a trail of audible deductions about the riddle that leads Batman and Robin to a new dance club, the Meow Wow Wow. While climbing their way into the club they have a hilarious run-in with Dracula, and end up fighting Catwoman and goons! Of course the Riddler has duped not only Batman and Robin but Catwoman too! Will there be anything left after the melee of this new dance club or will Catwoman need a new job? Find out next week!

OK! The second installment gave us more to hold on to, and by introducing Catwoman, we may see more than just one regular villain in the coming weeks. The humor of the show is carried on through the voices here, a bit more than in the first episode. Plus 100 points for the Julie Newmar Catwoman here…Eartha Kitt expected later in the series. The zip/halftone work here was not as prominent, maybe with a darker palette, it was not as noticeable.

Just like the show, I think I’m hooked in now, Jeff Parker seems to have the voices down, so let’s see how this Bright Knight can give us a different version of Batman! I’ll tune in each week for just $.99!

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