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Top Tips to Make Money as a Gamer

Are you a gamer who needs money? Here are some ways you can earn without compromising your passion.


1. Writing Gaming Reviews.


There is a real demand for gaming reviews.  New games are released all the time, so coverage and reviews are needed in the media in order to get people buying the games. Our dependency on online reviews is growing in this digital age of retail. Publications can pay for this content quite well according to your level of experience.

Almost all major publications accept guest writers, the more in-depth knowledge you know about the game, the more likely you will be valued as a regular writer. Try sites like Moneypantry or Keengamer.


2. Post Gaming Content on YouTube.


It’s no easy feat to start a YouTube Channel, and it is not for everyone. However – there are several routes you can go down. You can try gameplay footage, game reviews, product unboxings, to name a few. It is a well-known fact that the top gamers on YouTube earn Millions every year.

However, there is always room for those who know about their game or have the personality to sell a game. Sponsors will be queuing up to pay you to endorse them if you get it right, on top of all the advertising money you will earn.


3. Try Your Luck at Online Cash Games.


The choice for cash games online is huge, via online casinos, slots sites, bingo sites, poker sites and betting sites where you can make a decent profit if you know how to do it responsibly and strategically. Firstly, do your research, some sites and games will offer more winnings than others. For example, high variance slots offer players the best chance of big wins whilst low variance slots offer regular small wins – with gambling you must set yourself up for the best possible chance of success.

A well-known way of earning is through matched betting, which is based on a simple principle of learning how to make the most out of offers and promotions. This is where the more time you invest in learning how to do it, the more money you can earn. If you have an addictive personality though – maybe re-evaluate your options before gambling.


4. Stream Your Gameplay on Twitch.


Twitch is a massive market for gamers looking to attract an audience. The thing with streaming is that it is live.

Unlike YouTube content, you cannot make edits and post at later dates, you will need to keep a regular schedule of when you come online and know how to engage with your audience, as your audience is your income. If you manage to get a loyal fanbase of people who watch you game regularly, then you can earn a decent living purely off streaming alone via donations, subscriptions and merchandise.


5. Become a Pro Gamer/ eSports.


Easier said than done, I know, but there is a lot of money in pro-gaming, such as eSports. A booming new industry sports has taken the world by storm. A multi-billion-dollar industry, nowadays more young people are aspiring to be pro-gamers than they are pro athletes.

The potential for you to make money is endless if you have the commitment and skills. Companies and even colleges are willing to offer sponsorships and paid partnerships with companies like Intel releasing official guides and advice from the pros to help you out.


6. Resell Your Old Vintage Games/Game Merchandise

This one is hard if you have not already got a collection to go through. But if you do, there is potential for you to earn a decent sum if you know when and what games to sell. Collectible vintage items are always worth the investment.

Rare Pokemon/Yu-Gi-Oh cards sell for a fortune if you started collecting them back in the day, along with vintage consoles, special release merch and video games (see here for a list of super rare games worth thousands). If you haven’t got anything to sell, start collecting. Games merch are always extremely collectible if you know what to keep… and make sure you don’t throw away the box!



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