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The Power Couples That Could Define ‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 7

ironthrone_2The world of Game Of Thrones appeared to shrink considerably toward the end of season six. Major combatants in the struggle for Westeros are effectively circling King’s Landing—and with only two, shortened seasons left we can probably expect to see the lines being drawn for the final showdowns. But in Game Of Thrones, very few characters ever actually accomplish anything.

To that point, there seems to be potential for a lot of the remaining action to consist of battles between power couples—not even necessarily romantic ones, but simply duos of powerful people working together to seize the Iron Throne. With that said, let’s take a look at five potential power couples that could define the remainder of HBO’s sensational drama.

Jon Snow & Daenerys Targaryen

We may as well begin with the one everyone is excited about. In case you haven’t heard, a platform known for occasionally revealing interesting news and leaks regarding major Hollywood projects revealed photos from the set of season seven that indicate that Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen will soon finally meet each other. The photos, though fuzzy, specifically show Jon and Daenerys meeting on what appears to be some kind of balcony overlooking the sea. Previously, we’d seen photos of Kit Harrington on a beach at a filming location expected to serve as Daenerys’s landing spot in Westeros. Many are hoping to see these two tied together, by marriage, alliance, or both, and naturally they fulfill the “Song of Ice and Fire” title of the book series rather well. It’s hard to imagine these two failing to seize control together.

Jon Snow & Sansa Stark

It could also be that even if Jon and Daenerys wind up in some kind of alliance, the true protagonists moving forward are the same ones we started with years ago: the Stark children (provided you still count Jon as one of the family). One news site points out that there’s actually a fairly popular theory that Jon and Sansa will marry, given that we learned in season six that they aren’t brother and sister. Either way, they certainly appear to be on the same page, as well as on the verge of uniting the North against King’s Landing, the White Walkers, or both.

Cersei & Jaime Lannister

This is the last “obvious” pair on the list, and probably represents the longest running alliance in the show. In fact, this site typically devoted to online lottery gaming and predictions wrote up a fascinating analysis of Game Of Thrones “odds” that approached the show as if characters were in the Hunger Games. It’s a silly idea but made for a pretty interesting take on the action. And Cersei and Jaime, even back when this was written, were among the strongest pairings. Whether that strength remains is questionable. Cersei holds the Iron Throne but appears to be about out of allies, and an uncomfortable glance from Jaime at the very end of season six has caused many to speculate whether he might be about ready to be rid of her. For now, however, they may still be the most powerful “couple” in the show.

Ellaria Sand & Olenna Tyrell

Unless George R.R. Martin and HBO really want to stun their audience, these two women—relatively minor characters compared to the others on this list—aren’t going to “win” the Game of Thrones. But it’s pretty fascinating that they’re together. Ellaria and Queen of Thorns have proven to be among the cleverest and most devious people in Westeros. Both are without their families, and yet both still control powerful houses. To forget about their budding alliance and the potential strength of Dorne and High Garden in the conflicts to come would probably be a mistake.

Tyrion Lannister & Jon Snow

Finally, there’s another unlikely pairing that nobody is talking about. Pretend for a moment that the Targaryen blood of Daenerys and somewhat dictatorial tendencies get the better of her and she goes power hungry. Let’s say Tyrion sees her dragons wreaking havoc on King’s Landing and burning civilians in their mother’s name. Would it be so surprising to see him on her and instead link up with one of the few other decent men in Westeros? This page noted that a line Tyrion spoke to Jon in season one is still one of the most popular quotes in six season’s worth of this show—that all sons are bastards in their fathers’ eyes—and it linked these two characters early on. Seeing them fighting together in the end, with their family rivalry having crumbled around them, would be a pretty thrilling twist.

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