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Sequential Snark: The Justice League Does Not Fight Black Panther, Cave Carson Has a Podcast, Bat Rogues Bash Coney Island & More!

In the words of someone small and blue “Gotta go fast!”

We have books going to so many sites and doing so many things in the sparse 20-something pages given to them.

Whether it’s the globe trotting insanity of Deathbed, the smaller scale fights and rescues of Harley Quinn, or the everywhere all at once in Justice League there’s literally enough action to go around.


Batman Sins of the Father #2
Words – Christos Gage
Pictures – Raffaele Ienco, Guy Major, Josh Reed

We have a mid-story chapter here.

There’s a lot of chasing of people and leads.

The answers escape only all the characters in this book, and the readers who are unfamiliar with the Batman universe.

This comic funnily assumes though that the reader has played Telltale’s action visual novel and gives no explanation for parts that are game-only. (Like Regina, and how she’s so much of a raging hose beast with final say control over Wayne Enterprises.)

More Arkham related people become dead and Bruce is feeling the pressure on both sides of his identity.

To crack the case he might have to attempt something… crazy.


Batwoman #13
Words – Marguerite Bennett
Pictures – Fernando Blanco, John Rauch, Deron Bennett

Speaking of video games, this chapter felt like one.

It has the pacing and the creepy moodiness of a great horror level. But we’ve seen this team prove itself with excellence in setting a scene (the cover has a wonderful “Hammer Horror” feel to it).

Kate knows she’s been lied to, is being lied to and what’s most important to her (Beth) has been taken from her.

If there was something to punch it would be sooo much easier, but she flies as fast as possible to her only clue with held breath.

For someone who hates conspiracies, Kate sure seems to fall into them a lot.


Cave Carson Has an Interstellar Eye #1
Words – Jon Riverea
Pictures – Michael Avon Oeming, Nick Filardi, Clem Robins, Paul Maybury

What do you do once you’ve saved the world from a heavily meta secret organization’s conquest plans?

Take your daughter to meet a rock legend- in space!

“Star Adam” met Cave and Mazra (and an alternate version of Bartow – it’s complicated) and shared awesome drugs with him on the night Star realized he was extraterrestrial.

Now he’s called Cave to his home in a moment of personal need.

Chloe learns Star is more fabulous than she knew, but is also a fully real person. Star needs no introduction for her, he’s an avid watcher of their podcast.

What podcast you ask?

The backup story drawn by Paul Maybury: Cave Carson Has an Educational Podcast #001.

Both parts of this issue work, and work well together. They’re sweetly done (though the backup does have more smirk-able moments with fan questions read and I hope they’re real “Why would Wild Dog and I ship ourselves anywhere?”).

Nicely done people, please keep it up!


Deathbed #2
By – Joshua Williamson, Riley Rossmo
Colors – Ivan Plascencia
Letters – Deron Bennett

Luna and Valentine continue on their breakneck world-trekking chase to track down all the people who meant enough to Luna to end up dead.

Their stop in France lets Valentine know:

(A) Not all were Luna’s friends and

(B) Being here for these crazy events might put her in similar peril.

What is the price of an insanely interesting life?

Not all those costs come at the efforts of assassinating mummy ninjas. Antonio Luna’s ego put him where he is in life, making him more caricature than an actual person. (don’t go for obvious joke about his rampant nudity – darn it though, it is relative to the point)

Will Valentine survive to write this book?

Will the effort of staying beside this old be-muscled man-child make it not worth the effort?

You’ll find out right along side of me.


Green Lanterns #43
Words – Tim Seeley
Pictures – V. Ken Marion, Sandu Florea, Dinei Ribeiro, Dave Sharpe

Last chapter of the Superhuman Trafficking arc.

The devices the church put in their “steeds” heads looks like a teeny ship, which only makes it a bit confusing when it’s a story set in space and it’s the first shot of the chapter. (the more you know)

Continuing tangential story fragment that hints of the social/romantic compatibility of Jess and Simon continues.

It’s feeling very sitcom at this point and I wouldn’t be surprised if it was only resolved at their last issue or just before one of the character’s dramatic deaths.

This book is once again serviceable story, writing, and art-wise but that means it’s not going to surprise you much. (Though Jess does have the apartment of someone whose “just holding it all together” I’ll give you realism points for that).

Next arc prove me wrong and knock it out of the park!


Harley Quinn #40
Words – Frank Tieri
Pictures – John Timms, Moritat, Alex Sinclair, Jeremiah Skipper, Dave Sharpe

Coach was caught last issue and gets dumped in a room with the real Frank Frank!

False Face has been playing him for a bit, I guess it’s nice they didn’t kill him in the meantime?

And speaking of actions that carried over from last month – Croc and Freeze are still bashing Coney Island into oblivion but turn their efforts on each other.

Neither are inclined to share, but if they continue will there be anything left?

There’s too many amusing bits here to even mention (someone really had a soft spot for Egghead) and it’s obvious the arc will wrap soon, leaving only one mystery unsolved – where did everyone’s snoots go pages 17-20?

Only guest artist Moritat knows for sure.


Justice League #41
Words – Priest
Pictures – Philippe Briones, Jeromy Cox, Willie Schu

Remember folks, red-suited African kitty man who wants the Justice League out of his country is not a cypher for another cat-themed hero now in theaters; there’s only a tradition of this going back and forth for decades between the two big companies.

Page one in space with the Green Lanterns, two on a rooftop with Slade, three onto the fallout of the Watchtower falling into a hostile nation.

Each scene change comes with a title card and I’d thought that a style choice but I see it’s now a necessity to keep the audience abreast.

I wonder if the arc has gotten away from this creative team.

They’ve spread the threads so far that in addressing the points (and goodness help them, adding more) it’s feeling like a clip show. I hope that at some point they can pull it all back together – but we’ll see.


Nightwing #41
Words – Sam Humphries
Pictures – Bernard Chang, Jamal Campbell, Marcelo Maiolo, Carlos M. Mangual

How do you prove someone you despise wrong?

Even if you’re smart enough to figure it out (the Bat-family is known for their brain muscles) can you get out of your own way to pull it off?

First off dear readers, we get more Guppy, always a delight but I’m not sure if he gets to stay past this arc so let’s enjoy the time together we have.

Nightwing is at his most single-minded determined here, the pressure and guilt (and near regular murder attempts) have gotten to him and he just about yells “No one dies tonight!”

But Dick please remember that does include you too, and your blood pressure has got to be through the roof. Might be a good time to use your advantage that The Judge is severely lacking.


The Brave and the Bold: Batman and Wonder Woman #2
By  Liam Sharp
Colors – Romulo Fajardo Jr.
Letterer – Troy Peteri

The Irish Quarter of Gotham is still caught in a trance – including Batman!

But luckily Alfred’s in Bruce’s ear to help guide him out of the illusion like a most helpful (and un-annoying) Navi.

Compliments on the panel border design corresponding to Bruce’s frame of mind as he forces himself back to “reality” from scraped to jagged to straightening back out.

Patrick O’Schull is having none of that trouble and continues on a normal day of trying to open a gateway to the fair folk.

I wonder if he even knows what’s happening outside his encampment, would it have made a difference?

As for Wonder Woman, she’s where Patrick wants to be trying to solve a murder and keep the peace among a group of mythic folk suffering from centuries of cabin fever, she might need some help.



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