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Sequential Snark: Super Ladies, Talking Dogs, Return To Krypton, & More!

It’s Twinsie Day here!

2 Scoobys and 2 Super Ladies all for the same price!

Trust me there are no boring books on this list, hold on and dive in.

Action Comics #993
Words – Dan Jurgens
Pictures – Dan Jurgens, Joe Prado, Cam Smith, Hi-Fi

Minutes(?), seconds(?) after Superman shoots himself back in time to find answers, Booster Gold and Skeets appears to stop the fabric of time unraveling as a result of that. They investigate Flash’s Cosmic Treadmill for clues and get pummeled by it’s owner for their troubles. (It almost never pays to be Booster Gold)

Skeets gets him out of that, and then posts the pics on Facebook and Twitter to help his social presence… sigh. (I know we’ve all agreed not to talk about elements no longer in continuity, but I miss when the “do anything for fame or a buck” Booster persona was a put-on so no one would suspect he was seriously helping the timeline, and I miss it as a character deepening element)

Superman currently witnesses the last moments of Krypton – or does he?

Strange Chronal energy strikes and he’s not sure where/when he’s found himself in. There’s few certainties except – Krypton is whole, his people are alive, he’s on the ground and being attacked (and completely powerless!), and his only help is Booster!


Batgirl and the Birds of Prey #17
Words – Julie Benson, Shawna Benson
Pictures – Roge Antonio, Marcelo Maiolo

Enough slights can leave a person blind and callous to the offending party, even if that’s half the fricking world!

Our cure-seeking crimefighters (Batgirl, Batwoman, and Harley Quinn) have been captured, it’s the perfect time to learn their foe’s extensive backstory. (Hey Harley, pay attention! These spiels are great for readers, but only give the good guys time to regroup.)

Our mastermind Patient Zero was born a reverse Typhoid Mary, she not only never got sick but her chemistry could be used for cures.

If only it hadn’t been 1918 and science was incredibly barbarically simple back then. She even went into science herself and turned to her own cells to help humanity.

But Patient Zero was so disappointed when the gift of well-being wasn’t enough to stop people from harming each other. It was such a short leap to – restore peace and order by killing all men.

It’s the conclusion to an event story that brings out all the known ladies both heroic and felonious to save the day, some I’ve never met but now I’m intrigued to keep an eye out for (Gotham Girl what IS your story?).

After this they’ll go back to their familiar sides, but in fighting a villain blind with rage and singular of purpose (Patient Zero is sure she’s bettering the world on her way out), it’s nice to see all other parties involved left with a better understanding of their fellow costumed ladies.


Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #34
Words – Robert Venditti
Pictures – Tom Derenick, Jack Herbert, Jason Wright

Somar-Le’s questioned by Hal and Guy who want to rush off and save the the Guardians, it’s only Kyle who remembers she’s a little girl and you have to have some patience and tact (this pays off immediately).

Meanwhile, Controllers are draining the Guardians like batteries, and monologuing… sooo much (these are villains who abuse the flashback button).

After research and beating up rough types the four Green Lanterns (Hal, Kyle, Guy and John) have a clue, but is it enough to be in time to save the little eternal blue dudes?




Justice League of America #20
Words – Steve Orlando
Pictures – Hugo Petrus, Hi-Fi

Prometheus is being his “everyone else is wrong and I am the HERO!” self as the explosion he set with his compatriot Afterthought goes off. The difficult choice is re-stated to Vixen and – it’s answered with a random woman’s taser to the ear.

Apparently he misread the audience and they don’t accept his sanctimonious show, giving Vixen the opening she needed and the rest of the team a good pause to leap on into this battle (you didn’t think they died in an all ages book did ya?).

The normal person’s heroism is cheered, friendship is appreciated and the bad guys go to jail. The rest of the book is the fallout from the tears in their team their battlefield decisions have wrought.

Hugo Petrus takes his time with the faces in this book, and it’s appreciated but especially the non-photorealistic ones. “Beat to hell” Lobo’s face has more life and heart to it than ones that appear more reference reliant and I hope to see more of these character filled mugs as the story goes along.


Scooby Apocalypse #20
Words – Keith Giffen, J.M. DeMatteis, Ron Wagner
Pictures – Andy Owens, Hi-Fi
Back-Up Story:  Secret Squirrel in “Deadly Reunion”
Words – Keith Giffen, J.M. DeMatteis
Pictures – Howard Chaykin

The main story is titled “A Scooby Doo Christmas” as the gang pulls up in a Mystery Machine that could take incoming fire, (this is a post apocalyptical take) and they break into nondescript facility #453 (It says paper mill but I’m making a point through humor). Dr. Velma and a very Green Arrow looking Shaggy hope the key to cure a nanite plague lies inside.

Daphne and Fred work on their respective anger and feelings of helplessness. The children Cliffy and Daisy deal with their sense of loss with Scooby, and Fred tries to tie it all together by Jerry-rigging a Christmas tree together just in time to hear Velma’s results at chapter’s end.

Then, there is Secret Squirrel in “Deadly Reunion.”

This has two of the three writers from the first story, and it feels tighter and funnier for it. When Agent Bea takes the incapacitated Squirrel by the tail to their meeting and all they do is fight over how ungrateful the rodent is for her, it put a smile on my face. It was good dialogue that felt fitting in a discussion between close colleagues. But for what it gains in storytelling it… (sigh) there are some times when it looks like the artist was having a bad time.

I’ve seen much better work come from Chaykin. Pencils were darkened/recolored and used as inks, panels (especially ones involving Morocco Mole) look unfinished, the last splash page throws all anatomy to the wind. I hold hope for a better next issue, those involved can do so much better.


Scooby Doo! Where Are You? #88
Words – Derek Friddlfs
Pictures – Randy Elliott, Silvana Brys
Back-Up story: Fright Ride
Words – John Rozum
Pictures – Fabio Laguna, Heroic Age

This comic book is a really good representation of the cartoon. If you like the cartoon you’ll like this comic book – end of review

Just kidding (that would have been true but unfair), it also has the most frightening object to not get it’s own horror franchise – the wiggly waving car dealership balloon guy!! Even when they don’t talk or have fangs I don’t trust em’.

After racking up decades of miles on their van, they look into trading it in. The first place is big clean shiny and waaaaay too expensive.

The second seems scammy (scamish?) but they’re chased into the dealer’s trailer by said wiggle monster.

Our best bait (Shaggy and Scooby) get chased around the lot and the trap springs as the dealer makes peace with the truth that there’s no sale to be found here.

The Mystery Machine will stay their main means of locomotion for at least decades to come.

The second story follows a reporter looking for an exciting story to jumpstart his career. A ride-along with Mystery Inc., how could that go wrong? But the quietest week in news remains unbroken even in a van full of monster prone kids. What’s there for a desperate reporter to do?


Supergirl #316
Words – Jody Houser, Steve Orlando
Pictures – Robson Rocha, Daniel Henriques, Michael Atiyeh

Supergirl’s got so many problems.

She wants to help people, but the D.E.O. is ready to jump on her as soon as they spot her blonde tresses. And now, a former friend (Sharon Vance) comes back from the dead ripping off her cousin’s style from 98′ (don’t worry, no one will ask for it back).

Sharon’s smashing up the place demanding Supergirl pays for bringing her back to life – badly.

Kara’s family wants her to remain safe, but when a former criminal she turned around goes to face the threat in her stead, can she justify sitting on her hands?

How is the D.E.O. involved?

They’re on the scene too damn fast, for regular humans or just coincidence.

But maybe I’m wrong to distrust the skull headed shadow commander named Mister Bones – yeah I’m sure I’m being unfair.


Superwoman #17
Words – K. Perkins
Pictures – Federico Dallocchio, Hi-Fi

Superwoman (Lana Lang) fights the robot Midnight created by Lena Luthor. (I will never, never describe a Superman story with just character’s initials, it’d be cruel.)

Lana’s been offered the return of everything it’s stolen in return for Lana.

At this time Lana’s completely spent, and before she can respond her friends (Natasha and Maxima) save her.

She can’t appreciate their heroic efforts, having swooned into hallucination. She talks to Clark in that unconscious vision, and is solidly sure of her decision at waking.

For a story with such high stakes and physically powerful characters, this is the unexpectedly surprisingly well made quiet and thoughtful interlude.

It’s the story of one person being willing to die for larger reasons, and one doing anything necessary for the chance to live. It’s delightfully more frightening for it.


Wonder Woman #36
Words – James Robinson
Pictures – Carlo Pagulayan, Jason Paz, Romulo Fajardo Jr.

Sara 11/22: “I’m so glad her brother didn’t turn out to be a creep.”

That was my quote, from reading the last issue, how did we get here?

Jason went from a little too reliant on his money and looks but an honest hard working young man to such a tool!

Jason’s leans on lifting all his answers from Grail so much, you wonder why she’s not taking point.

Wondy takes it for longer than I could have before breaking her restraints and bringing the fight to the two of them.

Giganta is interviewed in prison by Waller and Steve Trevor, learning the name of her employer at the same time Wonder Woman does (helpful there!).

It was young adult Darkseid! Jason isn’t the most helpful (I know he’s confused, questioning character but still!).

Darkseid’s tapping her life essence like a juice box, Jason objects – finally (find patience for character arc baby steps) and at the last minute, coming to the rescue is Mr. Hooper, Jason’s lawyer!

It’s a strange issue, you won’t be bored and I swear I read #35 last month but it still feels like I missed an issue. Hopefully the next one rebalances us.

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