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Sequential Snark: Revenge As The Status Quo


So much revenge in the pages of this week.

Whether it’s the almost realistic machinations of the Calculator and his Oracle-bruised ego, to the “let’s destroy reality!” insanity of Chronos vs. every Atom they just can’t let anything go. The Controllers want it against the Green Lanterns for stopping them and Wonder Woman wants it against Darkseid because she couldn’t stop him.

One can only hope next week we find ourselves in a state of mind a bit more zen.


Batgirl and the Birds of Prey #21
Words – Julie Benson, Shawna Benson
Pictures – Roge Antonio

Huntress’ mother is still kidnapped, friend’s feelings are still hurt and that fire-spewing monstrosity just won’t die.

Oh no!

Fenice is out of Arkham but in the clutches of the Calculator who demands to know Oracle’s identity.

If he didn’t employ someone with brainwashing on tap (Blackbird) it could have been a fair struggle of wills between the two of them.

Burnrate’s torching anything (or anyone) that might lead Calculator to his revenge. Explosive arrows, blowing up the apartment she’s standing in, nothing stops this truly metal chick.

Dinah faces her fear in this month’s issue as we lead to what promises to be a dramatic end of this arc next month.


Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #42
Words – Robert Venditti
Pictures – Ethan Van Sciver

The Controllers are angrily licking their wounds and ready for- Revenge!

Their plan seems perfect, an army of soldiers both enhanced and subjugated by the Darkstar power suits the Controllers are sending out. But, a suit smart enough to find it’s own candidate is smart enough to rebel (too bad they’re fully equipped with weapons). The face of the Controllers when they realized they have thoroughly boned themselves is priceless enough to be on Christmas cards.

Meanwhile little Somar-Le visits the former wearer of the ring Tomar-Tu at his Sciencell. She still has so much admiration for his works and his (former) position before he took the law into his own hands, her little kid mind is having trouble consolidating both parts. (She is just 11, that would still be a lot for an adult).

Gee, it would be horrible if both storylines intersected in some way, though it would be an exciting start to an arc.


Justice League of America #28
Words – Steve Orlando
Pictures – Hugo Petrus

We get some clarity in this issue, Ahl did not just inspire the idea of superheroes, he is the pure concept of superheroism.

Though it still does not explain how Chronos doesn’t expect himself not to be altered beyond recognition if he offs Ahl.

Does he think by being a time traveler it will protect him as an anachronism or is he so focused on one-upping the Atom that he just doesn’t care?

Chronos won’t tell us and the current Atom is too focused on rescuing and protecting Ahl that he doesn’t think to ask.

The Justice League pulls together against Chronos’ desperate army who fight under threat of a return to the moment of their deaths (too harsh dude, not cool).

Can they outthink a man who can take weeks to craft a plan in the span of seconds (time manipulation can be a cruel tool).


Scooby Apocalypse #24
Words – Keith Giffen, J. M. DeMatteis
Pictures – Patrick Olliffe, Tom Nguyen, Andy Owens

Secret Squirrel
Words – Keith Giffen, J. M. DeMatteis
Pictures – Kelsey Shannon

The gang continues to hunker down in the mall as they wait for the two teams of monsters to whittle each other away, but as the bodies pile (though not decompose, this is PG movie scary but not past that) the crowds seem no thinner.

Plans are proposed, argued, and come to physical fights. That last part is questioned, it’s just not acceptable. The forcing of honest talk changes the relationship between two of them maybe forever.

Though how long is forever in a monster apocalypse?

It feels like the team is really enjoying this mall arc, and I wouldn’t be surprised if we stayed here for quite a while (if they don’t in fact let them have this as their base, as the gang is ultimately trying to pull off).

Secret Squirrel is always jarring. This issue’s artist Kelsey Shannon has a Grrrl Scouts/Tank Girl vibe to their visual sensibility. It’s fun but you want to see what they could do without so many restraints.


Scooby-Doo! Where Are You? #92
Words – Ivan Cohen, Scott Peterson, Frank Strom
Pictures – Walter Carzon, Horacio Ottolini, Tim Levins, Dan Davis, Scott Neely

Three stories in this one.

First up the team’s invited to a sleuth convention styled after Comic-Con.

Before they have time to enjoy the panels, guests or food a mystery needs to be solved.

The gang never gets a break as they look for the pilferer of their old case’s rubber masks!

Second, a retelling of Poe’s “The Raven” starring Shaggy in dual roles as the narrator and the one the bird focuses on.

Our third is a haunting on a beautiful tropical island. Ancient deities apparently don’t care for surfing competitions on their old stomping grounds.

I agree that gentrification can suck, (and you probably should have made your statement before the modern buildings went up) but the gang of the Mystery Machine might not be as sympathetic.


Sideways #3
Words – Dan DiDio, Justin Jordan
Pictures – Kenneth Rocafort

Sideways is such an odd book.

We start out with a full page shot past Killspeed’s rump and legs to our (supposedly) less clothed hero.

Sideways gets a more active and dramatic pose, leaving our “fearful killer” nothing more than an object to cut the panel and frame the two important characters in the background.

Sideways and Killspeed take the fight away from the hospital where there’s as much grousing on both sides as punches and super powers used.

With all the unnecessary tears in reality he makes one wonders if Sideways’ forgotten the big scary gold guy who warned him he was using his powers dangerously and threatened to kill him to stop it.

But apparently the writers still remember (or the story ran short) since the last four pages are an “If you missed the last two issues and before that”. But I ask the creative team back, if you think people will pick up issue three without background why didn’t you put it at the beginning of this issue where it would actually help?


Supergirl #20
Words – Steve Orlando, Jody Houser
Pictures – Robinson Rocha, Daniel Henriques

Ben’s picked a side.

He trusts Supergirl’s cause and what she’s trying to do.

Good timing too since they’ll need him to make public Bones’ and the D.E.O.’s dirty laundry (as soon as they can grab it!).

Everyone on Supergirl’s team is in position and ready to spring into action.

Bones is in play on his way to the Blade (local D.E.O. Headquarters), a perfect known environment for Supergirl keep him distracted while Chase and Lar-On set Insight, Shay and the truth free.

A plan like this does rely on timing and luck (what would they do if Ben took longer to decide?) and has many places it could go wrong.

Like say, a bloodthirsty Viking spirit of Justice seeking Bones’ head in revenge for his many MANY crimes.

Will Supergirl even be able to save Bones from an execution before he has a chance to see a trial?


Trinity #21
Words – James Robinson
Pictures – Patch Zircher, Tyler Kirkham

Once again I break my rule about not mentioning the cover because- there’s something just so darned fun on it.

In a drag-out fight scene between Supes, Wondy, and Bats against magic-manipulated people turned to monsters there is one random dude in the background just above the flavor text saying “hi!” to the reader.

I want to know the story there, is it a real life friend of the team?

We never will, but I appreciate the random goofy nonetheless.

In the book, the three of them fight past the soldiers turned ogres. Supes is having trouble with all the magic bleed coming from them, and the reader will have trouble with all the sudden flashbacks interspersed through the issue.

Here’s your only clue – torn capes means past, intact costumes means present.

And P.S., comic book transformation rules still apply, monsters wear enough of their old clothes (though now 20 sizes out of date) to remain modestly covered. Someone will have to explain the physics of that to me one day.


Wonder Woman #44
Words – James Robinson
Pictures – Emanuela Lupacchino, Ray McCarthy

Darkseid solved his problem in the most direct route possible.

If ARGUS, has the pieces he needs, transport the entire site to his base to complete the mission.

It does bring Wonder Woman, Jason, Steve, and his crew along with it, but you know the saying about eggs and omelets.

There’s been a lot of revenge seeking this week, this time it’s Diana and Jason seeking it.

Diana against Darkseid for the death of her father and countless half-siblings; Jason against Grail for his gullibility, wounded pride (and that thing about his family I guess).

Grail is surprisingly useful this issue, and the stakes are raised for the continuing story.

Fights are gonna be crazy next month.


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