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Sequential Snark: Family Matters and Comfortable Comics

This time around it’s about families again!

Grayson’s son (in the possible future) faces down death in his last issue, Zod’s son is reintroduced – twice (it’s comics, it happens), and Diana’s brother… continues to exist (I blow my tiniest party horn).


Action Comics #996
Words – Dan Jurgens
Pictures – Will Conrad, Ivan Nunes

Supes, Booster Gold and Skeets run into the (adult) son of Zod (Lor-Zod) in the near future on planet Jekuul they landed in.

Yes, this was a reveal on the last page and technically a ~spoiler~, but the issue spoils it for you on the cover.

If I don’t bring it up I can’t mention how bad a position his left arm is in. Try it (don’t try it!) it locks your arm above and behind you, and even without holding weight in that hand it’ll hurt!

Let’s get past that (Lor-Zod also has a Popeye right forearm) Lois was able to sneak into Logamban, and her son was able to shadow her without any big alarms being set off. Back on Jekuul (it was renamed New Krypton by Zod), after a fight Supes wants to smash everything, but Booster explains to him AGAIN how time travel adventuring works.

They “get captured” and Skeets gets to puppet master the robot that tried to kill them and cosplay as a security bot.

Potentially the worst plan yes, but it’s the only way to scrounge the spare parts to get them home.


Batgirl #19
Words – Hope Larson
Pictures – Chris Wildgoose, Jose Marzan Jr., Mat Lopes

It’s a cute straightforward crimefighting comic, and sometimes that’s refreshing. The pages are clearly drawn and easy to follow, the dialogue solid.

An issue like this feels like catching an episode of a comfortable t.v. show.

During an unexpectedly cold night Barbara stops donut thugs, but pays for it with the lack of sleep and sugar crash the next day (heroes don’t take payment, but gratis crullers are a o.k.!).

But she must try to stay awake to congratulate her friend Quadir on his new – secret lab job?

No time for that now, the unexpected weather is getting worse and all the while satellites are saying is a nice normal day.

What’s happening?

Eco Terrorists?

Computer Bugs?


Two of those things are true, and maybe Quadir’s new job ties in because there are no extraneous details here.


Blue Beetle #17
Words – Christopher Sebela
Pictures – Scott Kolins, Romulo Fajardo Jr.

We end the Road to Nowhere story with more questions than answers.

Brenda Paco and Naomi run until cornered by the flying ships, but defend themselves from the advanced future tech with lengths of rusty pipe (it’s a lot more effective than you’d think).

Meanwhile, Blue Beetle’s being beaten up/lectured to by the crazy semi-dead scientist trying to be alive again. Jaime uses the moment his focus is occupied with running the time experiment (again) to smash the equipment and (somehow) yank the time machine pieces out of the scientist.

Jaime’s friends are crushed by debris, then uncrushed (time powers are weird) and Brenda realizes Jaime is Blue Beetle (and she was the last to know). She demonstrates her anger at his lack of honesty as soon as they are safe.

The scientist is psyched at being alive again but he and and all the bad guys get sent to a “Metaprison”.

At the very end of the story after everyone goes away, in the desert the scientist (still semi-dead somehow?) meets up with his somehow free gang of age shifting criminals – and I am very confused.


Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #37
Words – Robert Venditti
Pictures – Rafa Sandoval, Jordi Tarragona, Tomeu Morley

John’s troubled with the Guardian’s new hands on approach. He’s tempted to quit but his need to do good wins out.

An emergency call comes from the planet Jekuul (why does that name sound familiar?), there are reports of unauthorized resource exploitation.

Unfortunately it’s Zod and family building up their power on an especially nice (yellow) sunny day. Kyle and Hal get their buns kicked and captured.

This artist team really puts so much effort into making eyes wet and shiny, it’s almost a shame they’re on a book where the character’s eyes are so often shadowed or whited out with a mask.



Justice League of America #23
Words – Steve Orlando
Pictures – Neil Edwards, Daniel Henriques, Andy Owens, Hi-Fi

When your villain pulls an Athena-like escape out of the noggin of your team mate, things are only getting stranger.

I appreciate that Tsaritsa seems both honest and mad in a way that feels genuine. She does not care what anyone but her sister substitute (Frost) thinks of her, and she’s more than willing to explain the exacts of her plan if only asked the right questions.

Frost is regretting wishing her power/curse away, but is still convinced that a future where her ice kills everyone is a worse threat than the fear-eating Tsaritsa who has her giant “Woodsmen” building them a device for travel out of this world.

Ray comes back after realizing he’s needed and Vixen pulls a “Wolverine” to get back in the game. The team rallies just in time to see Tsaritsa at the device open a dimensional door but she’s met with forceful resistance from the other side!

I’m an easy mark for this, I can not wait to read next issue!


Looney Tunes #241
Words – Sholly Fisch, Frank Strom
Pictures – Robert Pope, Scott McRae, Rock Candy, Howard Simpson, Mike DeCarlo, Dave Tanguay, Digital Chameleon, David Alvarez

Three stories in this issue. It’s just as described on the tin, no more no less.

First is a night out at the movies for Granny, Tweety and Sylvester. Granny must have left her hearing aids at home, between the ruckus of Sylvester trying to eat Tweety and Tweety trying to get Sylvester kicked out, how else do you remain so blissfully unaware?

Next is Sylvester and son going after a mouse into a library. For the second time this week the issue revolves around Sylvester trying his best to catch his lunch while staying quiet enough not to get in trouble.

But the third story changes that up, Sylvester is being used as unpaid labor on Porky’s archaeological expedition.

It’s exactly as you remember such routines going in the cartoons, Porky doesn’t see the danger until the end and belittles the cat saving his life until then.


Nightwing: The New Order #6
Words – Kyle Higgins
Pictures – Trevor McCarthy, Dean White

Last issue folks!

Jake takes a break and watches some old footage of his dad as Robin. Kory tries grab a moment with her son but he’s not up to that yet.

Lex was able to unlock Freeze’s dampening of Flash’s powers and you feel a warm fuzzy with the familiar relationship Clark and Lex have built.

Dick grabs Jake and meets Kate at the entrance, as mentioned last issue he traded their freedom for this group’s plans. Jake wakes up mid-car ride and apologizes that he could not be as good a Robin to Dick as Dick was to Batman. That it could have made a difference, could have shown Dick that he could trust the best in people.

There’s fighting, and explosions, and robots, and bigger fighting, and unlikely last minute alliances and betrayals.

It’s fun, a good ending (no need to continue) and I’d be glad to watch it animated.


Scooby-Doo! Team Up #34
Words – Sholly Fisch
Pictures – Dario Brizuela, Franco Riesco

In this mostly ladies-only issue of Scooby-Doo, Daphne, Velma and Scooby are called to assist the Birds of Prey (Huntress, Batgirl and the Black Canary).

Mythological birds are terrorizing Gotham and after a lighthearted discussion on code-names for all (Velma might have to explain that her’s is a Poe reference if they ever meet the Teen Titans) they get to work investigating the clues.

Giant birds robbing diamonds? Was it an animal related criminal, a bird one, Mr. Freeze (diamonds are known as ice). They’ll need to figure this out before the town gets robbed and roasted!

In the meantime Fred and Shaggy meet the nicest mannequin fellow.

How nice? Shaggy doesn’t freak out that he’s talking to a living doll, that is a nice change of pace. (and if interested reader look up his history, the story inside and outside the comic page for Brother Power the Geek is intriguing)


The Demon Hell Is Earth #3
Words – Andrew Constant

Pictures – Brad Walker, Andrew Hennessy, Chris Sotomayor

Remember where we left off last time?

Little girl suddenly burned to a crisp down to her bones, yeah that happened. But it was okay because she was dead already and Merlin (Etrigan’s half brother) was using her as a disguise?

Merlin’s perturbed the fire hurt/he got outed. I was in full agreement with Blood when he looks away (but smirks) half heartedly saying “No Etrigan. You Shouldn’t. Bad.” as Etrigan wallops the wizard far enough for a field goal.

They will have to work with Merlin though, the Demon behind this whole “Hell on Earth” plan is none other than Merlin and Etrigan’s papa, Belial.

He literally caged Lucifer (who’s doing his best glowing-eyed brooding attractive guy impression) and is going to take both realms.

An approaching army of demons lead by a fiery-headed red brute (Etrigan’s uncle actually) on a half smoke horse with bone legs interrupts their squabble. Who doesn’t love sudden overwhelming odds?


The Hellblazer #18
Words – Richard Kadrey
Pictures – Davide Fabbri, José Marzán Jr., Carrie Strachan

John’s in a place you go when you die, so it’s a good thing he’s not dead cuz’ he’s gonna have to convince the flaming guy with three eyes standing behind him of that.

The isolationist putz who plugged John calls the cops to the the scene, then scoots with his partner.

Jackie the witch is hurt, but still alive (yay) and calls for help while avoiding the two killers who attacked them.

John does a good job of pulling info out of the scary deity.

Partially just to get rid of him the deity knocks John back into his body and he has minutes to get out of the crime scene before the police arrive.

The witch coven is demanding he solve this, the killers want him dead, the police are chasing him and John is just so done with it all.


Wonder Woman #39
Words – James Robinson
Pictures – Emanuela Lupacchino, Carmen Carnero, Ray McCarthy, Romulo Fajardo Jr,

In the house of the Darlings, the family lies sliced and bleeding on the floor and Vanessa (Silver Swan) is anger monologuing at Wonder Woman as she cuts at her with her sharp feathered wings.

Wondy won’t fight her at full power (even though Vanessa just killed innocents) out of their brief history and feelings of responsibility.

I am confused by Vanessa’s gimmick here, she was a dancer but she’s using sonic “singing” powers. Why not make the power dance-related or have had her have been a singer?

Some pages of Darkseid and Grail having a father/daughter talk in the Amazon.

The Furies are sent to grab needed equipment.

I’m sure this is setting up something, but it seems Grail’s only use is exposition and being a cute young version of Darkseid.

Meanwhile, Jason sees Wondy’s fight on the news and decides to be a hero.

With him added into the mix, one of the two whiny people in this fight don’t look like they’re making it out alive. We’ll learn the outcome next time.



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