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Check out what I checked out this week.

Whether the comics are inspiring or disappointing, I read them all.

Welcome to The Pull List.

And, as always…Spoilers ahead!

Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man #4 (Pick of the Week)
Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Art: Sara Pichelli
Colors: Justin Ponsor
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Price: $3.99

Miles Morales gets his first taste of what Uncle Ben’s famous phrase really means as he takes a weight onto his shoulders that most would not be able to hold.

Bendis marvelously captures the strength of this kid who just wants to see the right things happen in the world.

The story catches up with the death of Peter Parker and Miles is mourning the loss more than most even though he has never met him. Spider-Man was a hero to most; but to Miles, he was the only person he could truly relate to. We also get our first look at Morales in a Spider-Man costume which is the beginning of him starting to embrace the role that was forced upon him. While in costume, Miles experiences the spider sense for the first time and freaks out thinking the spider bite might have given him cancer. It was funny because we all know what it is but its new to him which in a way brought out the innocence of the character even more.

Bendis, Pichelli and Ponsor are the best creative trio in comics right now as their work on this series remarkably captivates my attention with every page. This new journey is off to four amazing issues and is expected this to be the status quo for quite sometime.

Grade: A+

Green Lantern #3
Writer: Geoff Johns
Art: Doug Mahnke & Christian Alamy
Colors: David Baron
Publisher: DC Comics
Price: $2.99

Sinestro coerces Hal Jordan into helping save his home world, Korugar from the onslaught of the Sinertro Corps by providing him the one thing he can’t live without, a green power ring.

Sinestro comes up with a plan to defeat his former stable mates but taking his own advice is a lot harder that giving it and the Guardians have decided on a new course of action that is sure to cause some serious drama.

Oh, can you say “holy cliffhanger” for the finish in this issue?

The artwork on Sinestro was a big improvement from the last issue, where his facial reactions were the same, while in this issue you see many emotions from our pink-skinned friend. Geoff Johns produced a clever and intriguing fail safe for Sinestro to stop the Corps that is going to produce much speculation. Things are getting interesting with the Emerald Knights and I will most assuredly return for issue number four.

Grade B+

Wolverine #18
Writer: Jason Aaron
Art: Ron Garney
Colors: Jason Keith
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Price: $3.99

I don’t think Ronald Regan would have declared the war on drugs if he knew Jade Claw had an underground drug route from San Francisco to China and had mutant assassins and three fire breathing dragons at her disposal.

Jade Claw’s problem is she stole Wolverine’s money and he will go through hell fire and brimstone to get it back.

Gorilla Man and Fat Cobra’s contribution to the story provides a humorous element to a dangerous situation. The art compliments the tone and pace set by Aaron which has moved a lot faster with these last two issues. There is one moment where Cobra is so hungry, you wonder if he is doing to kill or eat the dragon. The ending shows Logan’s idea of a “disguise” as the trio attempts to break into Jade Claw’s lair.

It’s a must see for sure.

Grade: B

Terminator/Robocop: Kill Human #4
Writer: Rob Williams
Art: PJ Holden
Publisher: Dynamite
Price: $3.99

I think James Cameron would be pissed if Robocop emerged from a time bubble on the set of T2 and changed the course of what was to be.  This is what we get when Robocop awakens from hibernation and kills the last human on earth in the post-Judgment Day future.

Robo, enraged by the horror Skynet has brought to the world, travels back in time during the events of Terminator 2 and throws the prime directives out the window to do whatever it takes to prevent Skynet from wiping out the human race. Each of the installments are written so you are not playing catch up if you missed previous issues. Robo’s emotions are more human than ever while his actions are more robotic as well. His unusual dialog of “Sucks to be you” and “Shut the Fuck up” are explained in a creative way that makes his new found attitude reasonable.

The art was just fine and I really enjoyed Holden’s depiction of a young Dick Jones from the first Robocop movie. Even though he is a good guy at this point in the time line, he has a smile on his face that makes you wish someone would fire him so Murphy can put a bullet in his head. Pay attention to the dialog because it will make you appreciate the ending a little more.

Grade: B

Penguin: Pain and Prejudice #2
Writer: Gregg Hurwitz
Art: Szymon Kudranski
Colors: John Kalisz
Publisher: DC Comics
Price: $2.99

Pain and Prejudice serves as a criminology examination of the Penguin.

We look into his childhood where, besides his mother, everyone that was supposed to care about him not only treated him like dirt but also turned a blind eye when he needed things that children require like food or medicine.

Being treated as a monstrosity 24 hours a day will do crazy things to a person’s mind. Penguin controls a vast crime empire where his image is just as important as the results from his criminal activity. Respect was never an option, so fear is the catalyst he rules with. In the past, Penguin is barking orders until Batman comes in and demands information and Penguin begrudgingly gives it to him. We learn Oswald has a lot more is going on in his head when the Dark Knight appears as he is disquieted and envious of him.

I was concerned this series wouldn’t have the juice to remain interesting over time and those fears can be put to rest.

Grade: B-

Avenging Spider-Man #1
Writer: Zeb Wells
Art: Joe Madureira
Colors: Ferran Daniel
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Price: $3.99

This is one good looking book.  

Marvel Team-Up is back!  This story arc has Spidey teaming up with Red Hulk to lay the smack down on some evil dudes terrorizing NYC.

The best way I can describe the writing is that of a Michael Bay film. Not much substance but full of action and excitement. This is one good looking book. The banter between the two main characters is reminiscent of Mike Lowery and Marcus Burnett from Bad Boys. My only gripe with this book is how short it is if you have already read the free sneak preview. Your paying $3.99 for seven extra pages and an eight page X-Sanction preview after that which has been displayed in every Marvel book for the last two weeks. They could have held it off for this one release.

Oh, did I mention this is one good looking book?

While the story is fun the art takes center stage in this one. The characters look larger than life and the beautiful fight scenes capture the gravity of the situation our heroes face. I was unfamiliar with Joe Madureira’s work but now, I believe the hype.

Grade: A-

Jurassic Park: Dangerous Games #3 (Shelf-Listed: Disappointment of the Week)
Writer: Erik Bear & Greg Bear
Art: Jorge Jimenez
Cover: Jeff Zornow
Colors: Studio c-10
Publisher: IDW Publishing
Price: $3.99

This comic book is a waste of time, money, paper, paint, pencils, magic marker and anything else that went into its creation.

There was no effort put into the script and artwork whatsoever. The dialog is mostly narrative boxes that consisted of five word thoughts such as “Got to keep moving” as Agent Espinoza is hiding from Cazares’ right hand man. The big fight this book was building up to was flat and produced no element of excitement or drama. Dr. White does not have a worry in the world when she gets trapped by a net hanging from a tree.

Everything is going down in a dark jungle and the artist used a lot of black to get the point across that it was dark instead of using any descriptive depiction. I would have more to type but there was nothing to this issue. I understand it’s had to make every book of an “event” worthwhile but this was ridiculous.

You would enjoy Jurassic Park 3 more than this weak, soulless excuse for a comic book.

Grade: F

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