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Graphic Breakdown: The Bat, The Bug!, The Bombshells, The Galaxy Trio & More!

Welcome back to Graphic Breakdown!

It’s almost Thanksgiving! Let’s talk about some great comics that came out this week!


Batman #35
Written by Tom King
Illustrated by Joelle Jones

I never would have thought to put Tom King and Joelle Jones together. They really are such a great creative team. The two of them work so well together. I honestly thought after reading this I would like the pair to tackle Superman. I think it’d be damn interesting. But onto the issue.

Batman may have finally crossed the line. King has made Batman almost completely lost here. It’s up to his friends to bring him back from the brink. But can they?

King keeps the audience on their toes. I turned each page with excitement. I wasn’t sure what Batman’s full intentions of this adventure were, and King keeps his story tight. It’s great.

The art just is fantastic. Jones is one of the best living comic book artists. This is a well done comic book. I recommended picking this up.

King and Jones are taking us places we have not been before.



Aquaman #30
Written by Dan Abnett 
Illustrated by Stjepan Sejic

Speaking of great creative teams, Dan Abnett and Stjepan Sejic are killing it over on Aquaman.

This recent storyline has been amazing and topical. I’ve been awaiting each issue with excitement and I’m never disappointed. This is some great comic book storytelling.

This is the finale of the “Underworld” storyline. Dolphin has shown Aquaman that Rath is indeed a creep. Aquaman has to gather himself together to take Rath down.

Abnett keeps the adrenaline high and the twists just keep on coming.

I profess a huge love for the work of Stjepan Sejic. He is a hell of an artist and I’m glad he’s over at DC. He has given Aquaman a visual identity that he’s been missing and I’ve enjoyed this very much. More please.



The Wild Storm #9
Written by Warren Ellis 
Illustrated by Jon Davis-Hunt

This has been a great ride thus far. Nobody writes comic books like Warren Ellis. This revamp of the old Wildstorm line has been nothing short of amazing. Every month has new ideas and new things to be discovered.

Angela Spica has been granted access to Jacob Marlowe’s secret lab! She finds that the lab has a whole bunch of wacky secrets! There is different technologies both alien and ancient and many more things there. She tries to fix herself there but then she discovers a dark secret.

Jon Davs-Hunt is a terrific artist as well. His work is wonderfully controlled and has amazing storytelling. It’s flashy (but not too flashy) and works for the story in a great way. You should be reading this series. It’s been a joy so far and I’m loving it.



The American Way: Those Above and Below #4
Written by John Ridley
Illustrated by Georges Jeanty

This sequel has been pretty damn great thus far. It’s been very relevant to current times and makes you think. It’s also action packed and has excellent characters.

What more can you ask for?

After a failed assassination attempts, Jason must go deep and try to find who the assassin was. What was their motivation?

His path to finding out is laced with surprises, double crosses, and betrayals. There’s a lot I wasn’t expecting and that’s a good thing.

Kudos to John Ridley. He has written yet another exemplary tale. The art by Jeanty is very good as well.

Pick this series up. It’s been quite excellent and looks to finish strong.



Batman Who Laughs #1
Written by James Tynion IV 
Illustrated by Riley Rossmo

I’m in love with the work of Riley Rossmo.

He can draw literally anything and I would read it. I have in fact!

He’s the perfect artist to bring this nutty Batman Metal universe lunatic to life! The story is pretty damn good too.

This issue shows a universe where the Joker has defeated Batman and has taken over Gotham City. He has also defeated friends and enemies alike!

This issue focuses on his bloody reign and it’s entertaining as hell.

The story is great too. Tynion cuts loose and it’s great to see. Working with the art, this is a damn good one shot. Pick it up. It’s damn enjoyable.



Injustice 2 #14
Written by Tom Taylor
Illustrated by Daniel Sampere

I just love this title. It’s been a hell of a ride thus far.

Tom Taylor is just amazing for taking this crazy concept and just writing engaging, powerful little stories. This issue is no different.

After a terrible attack on Washington DC, the heroes try to gather themselves together. Bruce Wayne then starts getting investigated by the government.

The best part of this is that Black Lightning has come to the forefront here to take on a new role.

Taylor keeps the story rolling well. This cracked out version of the DC universe is great. The art is pretty good too.

If you haven’t read this title? Do so. It’s much, much better than you think.



Bug! The Adventures of the Forager #5
Written by Lee Allred
Illustrated by Mike Allred

This is a great little title! But then again, anything Mike Allred touches I love.

Here, he is taking on an old Kirby character and breathing new life into him. It’s awesome and a heck of a lot of fun.

In this issue, Bug gets sent to the future! It’s a weird future showing the world that is coming.

It also involved OMAC!

OMAC IS BACK? And Allred is drawing him?

You need to pick up this book!

The writing is breezy and cool and the art is wonderful. This is a great book. You need to pick it up.

Your life will be better for having read it.



Bombshells United #6
Written by Marguerite Bennett
Illustrated by Sandy Jarrell

This is the climax of the current storyline.

Bennett has done a good job setting up to story and the characters and just running with it.

This was a comic I didn’t have too high of hopes for, but has managed to consistently surprise me.

Donna Troy and Cassie Sandsmark are are the only ones who can defend their hometown. They have their backs against the walls. So they have no choice.

They have to become the Wonder Girls!

I love Sandy Jarrell’s work. I loved it on Archie and I love it here.

Pick this up. It may get overlooked but it shouldn’t. It’s a damn fine issue.



Future Quest Presents #4
Written by Jeff Parker
Illustrated by Ron Randall

I must profess my love for the Future Quest comic books written by Jeff Parker.

Parker is a hell of a talent, and I love his take on the Hanna Barbera characters. This is another fine issue in the series.

The Galaxy Trio are the universe’s most wanted thieves. They have embraced the dark side and have obtained a whole new slew of powers.

Can Space Ghost convince them to come over to the side of good?

We shall see!

Parker has a nice feel for these characters. The art by the incredibly underrated Randall is great.

Pick this up. You need to read this.


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