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Graphic Breakdown: Superfriends, The Fall of Slade, & The White Knight Rule The Week

Welcome back to Graphic Breakdown!

I hope everyone had a nice holiday! We are back to review some comics! And here we go!


Batman #36
Written by Tom King
Illustrated by Clay Mann

The last three issues of this title were totally excellent. Tom King has found his stride and now he’s just rocking it l!

This issue is particularly great because it shows Batman and Superman teaming up for a tale called “Superfriends!”

Superman joins Batman trying to solve a crime.

Yet, in the hands of King, it’s anything but a standard story. King pushes the boundaries here to the limit and it shows the two heroes relationship from a different light. It feels new.

I loved King’s writing on this issue. He knows how to handle Batman and has now he proved he can handle Superman as well.

The art by Mann is superb. He is one of the best artists currently not on a monthly book.

Pick this up. It’s a great story that is also visually dynamic.



Deathstroke #26
Written by Christopher Priest
Illustrated by Carlo Pagulayan

This is an awesome start to the new storyline entitled “The Fall Of Slade.”

Priest always writes a good comic book. Here, he kicks it into overdrive to make for one awesome comic book!

Team Defiance is convinced that their leader, Slade Wilson, has gone missing. As they start digging deeper, they start to discover they may have bitten off more than they can chew.

Deathstroke, meanwhile, finds himself mixed up in a bunch of unwanted hijinks as well.

The writing is incredibly tight here. Priest rocks it every issue. The art is sharp.

The cover choices are from Shane Davis or Ryan Sook and both are fantastic. This is a superb book.

Keep them coming!



Bane: Conquest #8
Written by Chuck Dixon
Illustrated by Graham Nolan

This nutty, over the top comic book has been a bit of a guilty pleasure for me.

The plot doesn’t get very deep at all but man is it fun. Dixon writes a bombastic action tale and you can’t help but smile a bit.

Bane has made a big enemy! It’s the villain named Kobra!

Kobra won’t stop until Bane is dead! This leads to a global manhunt for Bane!

This issue focuses on Bane trying to find himself sanctuary and a way out of this mess.

The art by Nolan is good. He knows how to deliver a solid action book and doesn’t disappoint here.

Pick this book up if you want to turn your brain off for ten minutes and want to have a good time.



Batman: White Knight #3
Written and Illustrated by Sean Murphy
Published by DC Comics

A lot of people have been talking about this book.

They totally should! It deserves all of the hype it’s getting.

Murphy had spun the Batman mythos on it’s head and writes one hell of a unique tale.

In this issue, the Batman family is having a hard time.

The public is turning against them. The Joker is cured and hunting them down. Harley may throw a wrench in things as well.

There are twists and turns galore!

The art stands tall with the writing here. Murphy has a way with graphic storytelling that is just amazing. I am blown away with his work.

Pick this up. It’s a surefire classic.



Injustice 2 #15
Written by Tom Taylor
Illustrated by Mike S. Miller

I love this series unabashedly. It’s an awesome alternative take on the DC Universe and it works.

You should pick this up if you haven’t delved into it. It’s a total blast.

This issue is about trying to bust Wonder Woman out of a Themysciran prison!

What’s more fun than that?

Kara Zor-El has been charged with this task!

Can she accomplish it? Read it and find out!

Taylor is a fine writer. My only issue with this is that it’s rather short.

Still, the story is good and the art is decent. What more do you need than that?



Bombshells United #7
Written by Marguerite Bennett
Illustrated by Siya Oum

Siya Oum has been making the rounds lately.

I love her art. It’s something new in the landscape of comics. I love her work on Lola and I love her work here. It really energizes the book.

This issue focuses on a new threat from the fascist forces!

His name?

Black Adam!

The Bombshells have to save the planet from this dastardly villain. But he may prove to be too powerful.

Bennett keeps the writing fast and loose on this title.  There are twists and turns everywhere. It’s exciting to read. Give this book a chance.

You’ll be happy you did for sure.



Deadman #2
Written and Illustrated by Neal Adams

Well, this is a bit of a disappointment.

I wish Adams would leave this character alone and that somebody else came in and took the reins over on him. Adams decided to “add” onto the classic stories and comes up short here.

The book shows that Deadman was possibly killed for a bigger reason than we originally thought. It may have something to do with the League of Assassins!

What is the mystery?

What will Boston achieve if he figures it out?

Sadly, it’s not a compelling enough story.

The art by Adams is what makes it worth it.

He will never be the star he was during the 1970s, but who cares?

The man is still working and still trying. That’s at least to be commended. He should hire a writer at this point though. The strength is in his art.



Black Lightning: Cold Dead Hands #2
Written by Tony Isabella
Illustrated by Clayton Henry

Tony Isabella is back writing Black Lightning and all is good in the world once again.

This story is very captivating and I’ve been enjoying it immensely.

Black Lightning hasn’t been utilized well in years and it’s good to see him back.

Black Lightning has been accused of killing a gang of robbers. He now has to dodge the police while trying to be a do-gooder. There are high tech weapons on the street and he’s trying to get rid of them.

Problem is, the public may be turning against him.

Isabella is doing amazing writing on this series! And Henry may be the best artist for this title! His art here soars. They have found the potential in this character and are making some great comic books.

Pick this up for sure!



Batman/ Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II #1
Written by James Tynion IV
Illustrated by Freddie Williams III
Published by DC Comics and IDW Publishing

The first series was a pretty silly book and this follows suit.

Tynion writes a tale that isn’t too brainy. Maybe it doesn’t have to be but I wish it had more meat to it. Ah, well, the art is amazing at least.

Donatello is looking for new skills. He opens up a doorway that brings Bane to New York City.

What a dope.

Bane becomes the new gang boss. Donatello then has to bring Batman to New York to stop Bane. Chaos and fighting ensues.

The art in this book is the reason to buy it. Williams knocks it out of the park with his Illustrated work. He kicked butt on the previous series and he kicks butt here as well.

It’s super energized and just plain awesome. With a better story, it could be an A Plus book for sure.



DC Holiday Special 2017 #1
Written and Illustrated by Various

The DC Holiday special is a little better than most.

That’s because they actually have some real talent behind the book here. Creators like Tom King and Denny O’Neill.

That makes it go beyond the usual holiday special dreck we usually get.

There are a few instant classics. The Denny O’Neil Batman tale that teams him up with artist Steve Epting. It’s wonderful and works well.

The other one is the Tom King Sgt. Rock tale where he teams up with one of my favorite artists, Francisco Francavilla. It’s a great tale which I read twice. It was also good to see Phil Hester draw Green Arrow again.

So, in summary, I liked a lot of this issue. There is a lot of good in here and definitely worth the purchase.

Give it a shot!




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