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Graphic Breakdown: Rorschach Revealed! ‘The Terrifics’ is Terrific! ‘Metal’ Ends Slightly Tarnished & More!

Welcome back to Graphic Breakdown!

Two big releases help finish off the month! Let’s get started!


Doomsday Clock #4
Written by Geoff Johns
Illustrated by Gary Frank
Published by DC Comics

It’s going to be awhile before this series finishes up. They have switched this title to a bi-monthly schedule. I don’t mind as long as the quality of it is high. And it has been.

This issue is no different!

It’s hard to talk about this title and everything that happens in it without ruining it.

Suffice to say, it’s not just the Watchmen in a new story. It’s the entire DC universe. Johns writes the best story of his career. I just hope he knows how to end it.

The art by Frank is tops. I love what he is doing here. He knows this is special and he pours his heart into it.

Pick this up. It’s another good issue.



Dark Knights: Metal #6
Written by Scott Snyder
Illustrated by Greg Capullo and Various

This final issue of Metal ends on more of a whimper for me than a bang. I think Scott Snyder is an excellent writer but this comic got away from him. He just went too large. Hey, it happens.

The final confrontation between the Dark Knights and the DC Universe happens here. It’s bonkers. Since there is no rhyme or reason, tons of forgotten characters are thrown in! It leads to a conclusion that may make you roll your eyes.

Oh, and Plastic Man finally does something.

Capullo gamely draws Snyder’s script. That’s the best part. It just gets confusing sometimes because the thing is packed. Pick it up so you can say you read it and hope the next thing these two work on together is better.



The Flash #43
Written by Joshua Williamson
Illustrated by Carmine di Giandomenico

Flash Wars is on its way!!

With every issue, Joshua Williamson writes an incredible tale that is just great. This is another superb book in his run! I’m loving it for sure!

It’s time for Barry to confront Gorilla Grodd! The Flash Family is on their way to have a good talk with Barry about how he is acting!

But can Barry defeat Grodd and also get his powers back?

Find out here!

The story is great as stated before. The art is as sharp as can be. You need to read this. Pick this up. Or you will regret it. Seriously. You will.



Suicide Squad #38
Written by Rob Williams
Illustrated by Jose Luis

Well, we are onto another new storyline for this title.

But sadly, it just feels like the same old same old here. It’s not as awful as some previous arcs, but it is a bit difficult to get through.

“Tear Down The Wall” starts here! This time, the future of the Suicide Squad may be at stake. The Wall program seems to be catching on.

Now, an epic battle happens and since you don’t care about anyone, it’s rather boring.

The art is rather basic here too. This could be so much better. The whole book seems to be running on fumes. Maybe it’ll turn around. This is just boring.



The Ruff and Reddy Show #6
Written by Howard Chaykin
llustrated by Mac Rey

This has been a delightful series!

And it’s written by Howard Chaykin of all people!

Seriously, Chaykin does a stellar job here and he makes one of the more interesting books of the year. I liked it.

This book was very funny.

Ruff and Reddy have hit financial success . But it’s turns their lives into a living hell. It’s ruins their lives in fact!

Read it and laugh at the result of their actions.

Mac Rey is an awesome talent. His art here is great and works well to Chaykin’s story.

It was a great limited series that you should read if you haven’t!



Imaginary Friends #5
Written by Tim Seeley
Illustrated by Stephen Molnar

I wish this book was a tad stronger. It actually had a decent enough concept that got lost in muck.

Seeley doesn’t do too much for me as a writer so that adds to it for sure.

Polly is trying to save Melba’s life! This will also let her live as well. The cult of murderous children will not let them go.

All of this and we learn how Fraidy Cat came to be. This feels like it should be more fun. It’s not.

The art is the best part here. Molnar will find another book hopefully after this and excel.

This series was not very good and I was bored. Next!



Detective Comics #977
Written by James Tynion IV
Illustrated by Javier Fernandez

I’ve almost given up on this title. Thankfully, we are getting a new writer in the next few issues. Tynion’s has his day but it’s time to move on.

This issue just feels a bit like filler.

This is part two of the “Batman: Eternal” storyline.

Batwoman has a reunion with her father. Then, she is offered leadership of the Colony. She might take it too.

But if she does, she has to deal with Batman. What a choice.

The story drags. The art isn’t bad though, and Fernandez does a capable job. The cover of this book is also very good. Still, there are better stories to be told. Let’s hope the next writer accomplishes that.



Batman Beyond #18
Written by Dan Jurgens
Illustrated by Phil Hester

The addition of Phil Hester as artist on this title is a strange one but one I am truly enjoying. He adds such a different element to the book that it’s quite enjoyable.

The story isn’t too bad either!

This issue is part five of “The Long Payback!”

Payback and Batman are about to face off! Payback wants his revenge! Batman has help arrive! But Payback may end up killing them all.

The story by Jurgens is fueled with excitement!

He and Hester really make a dynamic team. This book seems to be getting better and better.

Pick it up. It’s a good story with some excellent art.



Gotham City Garage #12
Written by Jackson Lanzing and Collin Kelley
llustrated by Brian Ching

Well, all good things must come to an end.

Such is the case of this fine title. It was an excellent take on the DC Universe that I just loved.

In this issue, we focus on Lex Luthor.

He recovers from all of his setbacks in the series and sets forth. And the issue is thrilling right up to the very end. I credit the writers for making a compelling last issue here.

The art by Ching though is great too. It’s good to see them going out on a high note.

Pick this up. It will be missed.



Teen Titans #18
Written by Benjamin Percy
Illustrated by Alisson Borges

This book is another one that has been running on fumes.

Benjamin Percy is a capable writer, but it is just boring. This is the weaker of the Titans titles.

Robin is on a murder investigation!

It leads to Beast Boy’s new employer, Nevrland.

So this leaves Beast Boy to try to defend Nevrland. It leads him down a path he wasn’t expecting.

The whole thing is just predictable. The art isn’t half bad.

Still, this could be better. And maybe it will be! I hope so. There’s a lot of potential here that isn’t being mined.

Hopefully the upcoming reboot will steer it in a new direction.



Raven: Daughter of Darkness #3
Written by Marv Wolfman
Illustrated by Pop Mhan

It’s great to see Marv Wolfman still writing comics. Not only that, he’s writing comic books that are compelling. His work on Raven has been exceptional. This continues on that trend.

Raven fights against Baron Winters in this issue. She struggles against his powers.

Finally, she falls victim to him. She then finds herself in 1906 San Francisco in the middle of the great earthquake. What’s a girl to do?

Find out here!

The art by Mhan is perfect. This whole book is pretty darn good. Pick this up. It’s good old fashioned fun for sure!



Motherlands #3
Written by Simon Spurrier
Illustrated by Rachael Stott

Vertigo Comics isn’t what it used to be.

Still, this title isn’t half bad. Simon Spurrier is a decent enough writer. This story about a dysfunctional mother and daughter had some good things about it for sure.

Tabitha and Selena have to learn to set aside their differences in this issue.

They have bounty hunters after them! They have mafia people from a angry multiverse after them! Life isn’t too fun at the moment!

The story has an undeniable charm. The art isn’t half bad either.

I’m interested to see where it goes from here.



The Terrifics #2
Written by Jeff Lemire
Illustrated by Ivan Reis

Man, Jeff Lemire can do no wrong it seems.

This book is, for lack of a better work, terrific. Lemire takes some second tier DC characters and spins them into gold. The writing and characterizations are great and vivid.

Tom Strong has disappeared and The Terrifics are on the hunt for him.

They find his emergency beacon. But what does it mean?

Before they can deal with that, they have to escape the dark multiverse they are presently in. That, and escape a giant monster that they are standing on!

The art by Reis is superb. He is really one of the industry’s best. Pick this up. It’s a new series that seems like it’s going to have legs. Just like anything Lemire touches these days.



Mystik U #3
Written by Alisa Kwitney
Illustrated by Michael Norton

This extra sized comic comes out this week with Alisa Kwitney writing it.

This has to do with a campus full of mystik and magic people in the DC universe.

It’s finals week!

The finals though, may in fact kill everyone. Zatanna and her pals have to fight against some of the craziest evil spirits out there!

It’s all very fun and involving.

The art is the weak part for me. I have never been a big fan of Norton. He’s okay at best. With a better artist this would have been an “A”.

Still, it’s a decent book which I would recommend.


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