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Graphic Breakdown: Moebius Library ‘World of Edena’, ‘Supernaut #1’, ‘Midnight of the Soul’, ‘The Longest Day Of The Future’ & ‘Briggs Land #4’,

Welcome back to Graphic Breakdown!

It’s the Friday edition and I would like to tell you about some excellent books you can currently buy!


30300Moebius Library: World of Edena HC  

Written and Illustrated by Moebius
Published by Dark Horse Comics 

This is one of the best releases of the year. You can’t beat something that Moebius touches. He’s a genius in our field. One of the best ever. There’s nothing like this that has come before…and there will never be anything like this again.

Stel and Atan are interstellar investigators trying to find a lost space station and its crew. When they discover the mythical paradise planet Edena, their lives are changed forever. The long out-of-print Edena Cycle from Moebius gets a deluxe hardcover treatment! Moebius’s World of Edena story arc is comprised of five chapters–Upon a Star, Gardens of Edena, The Goddess, Stel, and Sra–which are all collected here.

Folks, this is the real thing. Moebius has designs that blow your mind. The artwork will blow your mind. A book from Moebius isn’t just something you read…it’s something you experience. Here’s hoping that Dark Horse keeps these coming. I’d love to see them reissue Blueberry and Azrach.

There is so much good work in here. Every page, every panel is something to behold. If you are a comic fan, and you have always wondered what the fuss was all about, pick this up. It may be 50 bones but it’s totally worth every penny. You owe it to yourself.



cxaqfq0xuae80gfSupernaut #1

Written and Illustrated By Michael David Nelsen
Published by 215 Ink and 50 Foot Robot Studios

Well, this is interesting. Creator Nelsen has spent quite a lot of time and investment trying to get this comic book series off the ground. His efforts may actually be rewarded as the first issue is pretty darn interesting and deserves a heap of praise.

Reality-hopping thieves join the newly ascended consciousness of Astronaut Stephen Haddon – now known as the Supernaut – pulling trans-dimensional capers across the Macroverse! Strange artifacts on the Moon, meeting God and stealing a map to the land of the dead from a secret pyramid beneath the Pentagon.

Things can get a little confusing to be sure. But Nelsen is very creative and I appreciate that. He’s passionate about this book and it shows.

We need more creators like this.

The writing is interesting and the art is spectacular. This is a good debut issue. Where it goes from here, I’m not actually sure. But I will be reading. I want to see where this goes.



midnightofthesoul-tp_cvrMidnight of the Soul #1-5  

Written and Illustrated by Howard Chaykin
Published by Image Comics

Howard Chaykin is one of the only creators from the 1970s who is still around doing top flight stuff.

Here he is again at Image Comics doing an original series.

That’s pretty incredible if you stop and think about it.

The best part of this, is that maybe we haven’t seen Chaykin’s best work yet. And that is truly something, considering his incredible body of work.

It’s 1950, and Joel Breakstone, former GI and liberator of Auschwitz, is seriously damaged goods. He hasn’t exhaled a sober breath in five years—until the sheltered life he’s created for himself unravels and he begins the long night that will change his life forever.

What’s great about Chaykin is that he doesn’t hold back. If characters are dark, he goes there. He doesn’t go halfway….he makes them deplorable.  He just goes for it. It’s pretty impressive and he hasn’t lost his edge, even after all these years.

The art is awesome too. He still can draw along with a quality that keeps up with the youngsters, yet is classic Chaykin. The man works hard and doesn’t compromise. We need more like him. Pick up this book.

Worth the find and the cover price and more.



longest-dayThe Longest Day Of The Future   

Written and Illustrated by Lucas Varela
Published by Fantagraphics Books

This is a book with no dialogue. No words. Yet, Lucas Varela keeps things interesting throughout, and fascinating. It felt like Peter Kuper meets Moebius meets Jason in a way. And that’s not a bad thing.

In a futuristic city, two mega-companies engage in a battle to eliminate the other. Will the crash of an extraterrestrial flying saucer change that?

Under the guise of a science fiction fable, Varela has spun a searing indictment against consumerism and unfettered capitalism.

There is clearly something deeper going on here. Varela is an original and has a great way to create a unique world.

It feels like nothing else out there. Layer after layer is pulled away and the reader finds themselves fascinated by what they see in front of them. This is a new way of looking at comics. And it’s pretty darn cool.

There is humor to be had here too and it works. The whole thing works. Give this a shot and get immersed into Varela’s head. It’s a cool place to be.



29949Briggs Land # 4   

Written by Brian Wood
Illustrated by Mack Chater
Published by Dark Horse Comics

Brian Wood has a hit on his hand with this comic book. It’s smart, vibrant, original and well drawn. There’s nothing like it out there and it’s the best thing Wood may ever have done (and that’s saying A LOT…the man is a genius).

Caleb Briggs, Grace’s eldest son and a member of the white power movement, attempts to intimidate a local business owner into selling. When that fails, he calls in the troops.

Meanwhile, Grace continues to work to isolate her husband from the family business and the big fracking concern interested in Briggs Land.

Grace Briggs is one of the best developed characters in comics right now. Wood does so well with her that you are stunned. Nothing rings false.

And the art by Chater is great. I was not familiar with Chater’s art before this series…now I want to own everything he has drawn. Perfection really.

I say this every time I review this comic book: Pick it up before the AMC series comes on…so you can be on the ground floor of this book. It’s truly excellent and deserves all the praise it’s getting. Bravo.


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