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Graphic Breakdown: ‘DC House of Horror’ Fails; ‘Detective’, ‘The Flash’, ‘Ruff and Reddy’ Soar

Welcome back to Graphic Breakdown!

It’s the ends of the month! It’s been a great month for comics! Here are a few more!


Batman: The Merciless #1
Written by Peter J. Tomasi
Illustrated by Francis Manapul

I have such a love for the Metal titles and tie ins.

Honest and truly, they are completely nuts. I love them because they allow creators to really shoot for the moon and use their imaginations.

Here, Tomasi writes a tale that isn’t as good as the other recent ones sadly. I expected more.

This is the Metal Batman version that reminds me of pro wrestler. What more do I have to say than that? It’s a hot mess of a character and may in fact be the deadliest of all the Metal variations. I just didn’t care as much as I have in comparison to the other titles.

The art is the best I’ve seen from Manapul. I’m not a big fan but it’s definitely better than his Trinity work.

Still, the other titles have been better in this line. Pick those up first for sure.



Detective Comics #967
Written by James Tynion IV
Illustrated by Eddy Barrows

This Tim Drake Robin storyline is just place awesomeness. This is part three of the storyline, A Lonely Place Of Living and it’s a doozy.

Tynion is a better Robin writer then he is a Batman writer and here is where he excels!

Red Robin is trying to escape Mr. Oz’s crazy fortress still. He’s got bigger problems still.

What problems does he have? Well, he’s got to get back to Earth!

How the hell does one do that? Find out here!

The writing is some of Tynion’s best work. The art by Barrows is top notch. He’s become one of the greats and I always love his work now.

Pick this up. It’s a very good chapter of this exhilarating storyline.



The Flash #33
Written by Joshua Williamson
Illustrated by Howard Porter

I love that this is a Metal tie-in issue. This takes place after the events of Metal #3.

The Justice League is spread across the world trying to find the artifacts that can fight against the denizens of the Dark Multiverse.

The League thinks they can defeats these Batmen from hell, but can they?

Not if the seven Dark Knights of the Dark Multiverse have anything to say about it! It’s a thrilling storyline and it just gets better and better.

Williamson has been impressing me with his writing. It’s deep, actions packed, and all around awesome. The art by Porter is top notch.

Pick this up. You have to read it to believe it.



Kamandi Challenge #10
Written by Greg Pak 
lllustrated by Joe Prado

This has been a great series. The issues just keep getting better and better. Each issue has a new creative team and they pick up where the last team left off.

Now, fate brings us Greg Pak and Joe Prado. And it’s damn awesome.

Kamandi has now found his way to the land of the Dead Worshippers where he must help his new allies, the Shark People, escape their current circumstances out of a crazy museum.

And this museum? It may hold the key to finding Kamandi’s parents. It’s an issue filled with suspense!

The writing is strong. Pak always delivers thrills and this is no different. The art is also good from Prado and has a lot of passion on it. Pick this up. Hell, pick up the entire series. It’s quality reading for sure!



Mother Panic #12
Written by Jody Houser
Illustrated by Shawn Crystal

Jody Houser has created one of the most peculiar series I have ever had the pleasure of reading.

Month in and month out, I never know what to expect from this title. This issue is no different. It’s bizarre and great from start to finish.

Mother Panic is in jeopardy of becoming a part of a terrifying art exhibit. It’s a thrilling, strange adventure as Mother Panic tries to escape her current circumstances and also deal with one of her old friends who has come back into her life.

The writing is always strong. I wish the art has a little more to it. I’m not the biggest Shawn Crystal fan and here he doesn’t do much to change my mind. Still, the story is worthwhile.

So give it a read. It’s worth looking at for sure.



Suicide Squad #28
Written by Rob Williams
Illustrated by Stjepan Sejic

Stjepan Sejic can do no wrong with me. His art is just energetic and beautiful to look at. Plus, he’s got some great storytelling abilities. He turns this issue, which could have been just a standard story, and makes it something special.

This is part two of the storyline “The Secret History of Task Force X.” The entire Suicide Squad is strapped to a rocket and they are sent into orbit!

They land in an abandoned satellite. There they encounter a nutty alien monster. There are also some long lost characters that are residing in the satellite itself.

The art is great. The story is amplified because of it. It makes the issue kinetic and fun. I can recommend this totals finally. So far, Williams and Sejic are creating solid entertainment. Worth looking into.



Batman Beyond #13
Written by Steve Orlando
Illustrated by Siya Oum

Steve Orlando takes over writing duties here and it’s a good choice! This takes place just after when Terry steps back into the Batman role. Orlando created a fast, action packed issue that never lets up!

The city of Gotham is trying to pick up the pieces after the last attack on it. But somebody has taken over the cities defense system! Terry meanwhile, cannot fly.

So he has to fight back. How? The best fighting way possible: Street level combat.

The writing is fast and furious. Oum is an artist to look at. The art is fast and frenetic and it’s new. Pick this up. It’s a great fun book and I liked it a lot.




DC House of Horror (One Shot)
Written and Illustrated by Various
Published by DC Comics

Some comic books defy logic in how they got made in the first place.

Usually a comic book comes from a creative place. Good or bad, a comic book should have something behind it.

This book just plain sucks.

I love a good holiday special. And they had such a great opportunity with this. Instead it made me feel weird and uncomfortable.

The Wonder Woman story made me ill especially.

The only good thing about it is the Michael Wm. Kaluta cover. But even that isn’t enough to save it from the following rating of doom:



The Ruff and Reddy Show #1
Written by Howard Chaykin 
Illustrated by Mac Rey

This is a wonderful, interesting surprise.

I heard nothing about this book but i quite enjoyed it once I started reading it. It’s the first book of a six issue series and I will be here for the duration.

In the golden age of television Ruff And Reddy were super popular. But years passed and then so did their appeal.

Ruff is now a washed up television actor. Reddy is a clerk in an upscale grocery store. A hungry young agent decides he’s going to get the two back together.

Will the world care?

Chaykin still is writing at the top of his game. This is no different. It’s awesome. The art works at a high level too. Pick this up. It’s truly a high quality book indeed.



Gotham City Garage #2
Written by Jackson Lanzing and Collin Kelly
Illustrated by Lynne Yoshii

This is a cool little title that many people may not be looking at. This look at a post apocalyptic Gotham is quite enjoyable and I can’t recommend enough that you give it a glance. It’s quite cool.

The person who runs the Gotham City Garage is determined not to let the new recruit, Kara, slow them all down. But they run into problems in Clayface Valley. Is Kara the only one who can save them? Find out here!

The writing is pretty damn good. The art is a little lackluster but it’s passable. Pick this up. It’s definitely worth taking a closer look at.






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