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Giant-Size Graphic Breakdown: ‘Dark Knight III’ #6 Rules The Week

Welcome back to Graphic Breakdown!!

It’s Wednesday! The best day of the week. Let’s review some comics!!

aqm_cv9_dsAquaman #9   

Written by Dan Abnett
Illustrated by Scot Eaton
Published by DC Comics

Dan Abnett  has been doing a serviceable job on Aquaman. He’s been writing very decent stories that have been getting better as he goes along.

This is part two of the “Unstoppable” storyline and it’s enjoyable. I was happy that it was consistent with the previous issue. I still feel like Aquaman is a second stringer in recent times. I feel he can be a first stringer. It’s totally possible.

And I think Abnett could be the writer to make it happen. He’s just not there yet.

Eaton is doing some top quality work. I’ll take him over a different artist every issue.

The advertised “shocking moments” are anything but that.  Still it’s a solid comic book now in an, at times, rocky relaunch.



dk3The Dark Knight III: The Master Race #6

Written by Frank Miller and Brian Azzarello
Illustrated by Andy Kubert and Klaus Janson
Published by DC Comics

I love this book. It’s bananas in all the right ways. Miller’s craziness is actually tempered by Azzarello in this and it forms a nice cohesive narrative thus far.

What I like about this book most of all is that it actually feels like a comic book I haven’t read before.

It’ll have to be finished before I can judge for sure but this is starting to look like a masterpiece. The writing is very unique.

Kubert and Janson are killing it on the art.  Killing it. They are so passionate in what they do, the art flows off the page. A nice book all around. Worth the price of admission and then some. I don’t even mind waiting if the story is this good. And that ending.

Man, it’s something. Keep it up guys.



ga_cv9_dsGreen Arrow # 9   

Written by Ben Percy
Illustrated by Stephen Byrne
Published by DC Comics

I’ve grown tired of this book. Green Arrow can be well done. And it started off promising. Now it’s just dull to me. It doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.

Or maybe I’m missing it.

Part of the problem may be Byrne on the art. It’s so cartoony that it’s hard to get past it. The grit is gone. And maybe then so has our interest.

All of Mike Grell’s work is undone. Heck, all of Jeff Lemire’s work is undone. It’s just a sad state of affairs.

I see what they are trying to do with this Green Arrow. But it’s not my Green Arrow.

And that’s where the shame for me is.



astro_cv40Astro City #40

Written by Kurt Busiek
Illustrated by Carmen Carnero
Published by DC Comics

Man, this book used to be at the top of my reading list. How the mighty have fallen. Not to say the book is horrible by any means, but the book really lost its flavor.

Part of that may be because Brent Anderson didn’t do the art.

Carnero isn’t bad but you miss Anderson immediately. Busiek may have been the brains behind Astro City but Anderson was the heart.

The story for this goes as follows: Life on Shadow Hill gets a bit more complicated when Marta has to handle a contract matter between the Silver Adept and an extradimensional demigod! On the other hand, she gets to watch baseball with ghosts.

This was a fairly decent story. But again, I miss Anderson. It did make me nostalgic for the previous issues I read in the 90s. Still, not bad. Just not what I remember.



bm_cv9_dsBatman #9 

Written by Tom King
Illustrated by Mikel Janin
Published by DC Comics

Tom King has been mostly a big miss with me on Batman.

But I stuck with it as I know he is a good writer. My patience may have been rewarded with his latest storyline “I Am Suicide.”

King is writing a story about Bane.  It’s a good start. He is also writing a story about Batman gathering some criminals from Arkham Asylum for some ulterior purpose.

Could this be the beginnings of the Watchmen crossover we have been waiting for? Could be.

King has written the best story he has so far on this title.

Part of it may be because of Janin on the art. For some reason King and Janin click more on one page than King and David Finch ever did. They just meld.

The story again starts off very promising. I actually hope this team sticks together. This could be the real start of King’s run. Let’s hope so.



ntw_cv7_dsNightwing #7

Written by Tim Seeley
Illustrated by Javier Fernandez
Published by DC Comics

This book got interesting! The last few issues before the “Monster Men” crossover were putting me to sleep. But now it seems like Seeley has a great story he wants to tell with Raptor.

And it’s getting pretty dark in this corner of the Batman universe.

Raptor’s methods have crossed the line and Nightwing is on the path to bring him in. This issue unfolds with nice pacing, and Seeley seems to have it under control.

It was fast, taut, and a fairly good read.

The art by Fernandez is capable.

I just can’t stand when comic books get too cartoony. And this is one of those cases for sure. Still, the book is decent and a good read and any fan of Nightwing should pick it up.



sm_cv9_dsSuperman #9

Written by Peter J. Tomasi and Patrick Gleason
Illustrated by Doug Mahnke
Published by DC Comics

This is another book where the creative team actually turned their book around into something I quite like.

Superman and his son going to Dinosaur Island is so much fun.

Tomasi and Gleason take their story and run with it. It’s adventurous, exciting, and just the stuff of good comics. I hope they have more fun adventures in store for the rest of their run. They really are good when they hit it right.

Doug Manhke is always a boon to have doing the art. He is an excellent craftsman. When he is drawing book you’re always in for a treat. Here it’s no different.

This is some top quality comics here.

Pick up this issue and the one previous. A good read for this time of year.



harley-cv6_dsHarley Quinn #6

Written by Amanda Connor and Jimmy Palmiotti
Illustrated by Bruce Timms and Jill Thompson
Published by DC Comics

I said it before but I’ll say it again: I’m not the world’s biggest Harley Quinn fan.

Yet, I feel compelled to read it as Connor and Palmiotti really give her fans what they want. They know their audience and deliver.

And Timms is a decent artist for the wacky story the pair write. It’s a good time.

The best part of the issue is the art and segment by Jill Thompson. It’s so strange and cool to see her show up here. Her segment is beautifully illustrated and deserves much praise. It is certainly the best part of the issue.
The guest artists in the Harley Quinn universe are pretty killer…And I’m eagerly waiting to read the one with Simon Bisley.

Even so, if you’re a fan you’ll love it and if you’re not you’ll at least smile like I did.



justl_cv7_dsJustice League #9 

Written by Bryan Hitch
Illustrated by Jesus Merino
Published by DC Comics

This is the one DC book that, no matter what they do, looks and feels exactly the same as the previous month.

Like exactly.

Not much is going on in Hitch’s Justice League tales or at least not much I can discern. Which is a shame.

Part of that is that everything in Hitch’s book feels overwrought and EPIC.

But it also doesn’t feel earned so maybe that is why it feels hollow. I want something deeper and this book delivers action but not else.

The art by Merino isn’t bad but it feels like Tony Daniels.

It’s an okay book. I totally want something more though. Maybe we can get that in upcoming issues.



And the rest….


Green Lanterns #9
Written by Sam Humphries
Illustrated by Robson Rocha
Published by DC Comics
This book was super well drawn. It’s actually beautiful to look at with a great story. I wish the story was a tad stronger but not bad overall.

Lucifer #11 
Written by Holly Black
Illustrated by Lee Garbett
Published by DC Comics
This is part 5 of a story I hadn’t read the first four parts of. I literally had no idea what the story was about. But hey! The art was decent!

Raven #2 
Written by Marv Wolfman

Illustrated by Alisson Borges
Published by DC Comics
Reading this comic makes you realize how much comic books owe Marv Wolfman. The story is good and the art is good. A solid comic book through and through.

Suicide Squad Most Wanted: El Diablo and Killer Croc #3 
Written by Jai Nitz
Illustrated by Cliff Richards
Published by DC Comics
The art isn’t bad but the story lacks. Dull. Save your money for a better book.

Trinity #2   
Written and Illustrated by Francis Manapul.
Published by DC Comics
The art is actually very good but the story lacks (much like Suicide Squad above) Good to look at but ehhh.

Wacky Raceland  #5
Written by Ken Pontiac

Illustrated by Leonardo Manco
Published by DC Comics
Somebody give Manco a better art gig. Someone. ANYONE. This just doesn’t work.


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