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Giant-Size Graphic Breakdown: Best of The Week in Rebirth: ‘Catwoman: Election Night #1’; “A nice surprise in this cold election season!”

Welcome back to Graphic Breakdown!

Let’s talk comics!!

aqm_cv10_ds Aquaman #10

Written by Dan Abnett
Illustrated by Brad Walker
Published by DC Comics

Man, I love Brad Walker. I loved him on Action Comics and I love him on this. He is by far the best artist currently working on Aquaman. He has a passion for the series and it shows on every page.

Following that great cover, the story focuses on Mera. Basically Before Mera can marry Aquaman and become the Queen of Atlantis, she must undergo numerous trials to appease the ancient traditions of her adopted homeland. But not everyone in the court of Atlantis is keen to see an outsider ascend to the throne.

Abnett writes a decent tale. The art really elevates it though. I really liked this issue. A good book through and through. Abnett got off to a rocky start on this book but its definitely the most improved book in the Rebirth line.


ctwen_cv1_dsCatwoman: Election Night #1

Written by Meredith Finch
Illustrated by Shane Davis
Published by DC Comics

How cool is this? A Catwoman comic coming out just before the election? AND it has art by Shane Davis? I’m in.

Davis is one of those artists that, for some reason, no matter what he does? I just love. I can’t really put my finger on it. But whatever it is? If he’s drawing I’m buying.

So the art for me is the initial reason to pick this up.

Yet, the story by Finch is pretty solid as well. It’s mayoral election time in Gotham City, and while the city is up in arms, Catwoman couldn’t care less!

But when the candidates get personal, the Feline Fatale decides to get involved—much to the detriment of…well, everyone!

It’s a well done issue both in writing and art. There’s also a great backup that serves as the conclusion to the Prez series by Mark Russell and Ben Caldwell.

I had no idea this was even coming out so imagine my surprise when I saw it. I loved this. A nice surprise in this cold election season!


bm_cv10_dsBatman #10

Written by Tom King
Illustrated by Mikel Janin
Published by DC Comics

I really liked and enjoyed this issue.

Right until the damned last line. I don’t know why but the last line turned me off so much. This would have been an A or A-. Instead, it’s going to be a B+

Batman travels to the land of Bane to get the Psycho Pirate and bring him back. And I’ll be darned if it isn’t a good adventure tale. It’s dark, funny even. And it’s a well told story.

Janin is my artist of choice with King. Get rid of David Finch. Put him elsewhere. I feel like King and Janin work as a great team let Janin loose. He can more than handle this title, and he should be the regular artist.

I liked the action and the set up. The last line makes Batman look like a thug. It took me right out of it.

Still, this was a good read. A marked improvement from the first issues of this title for sure.


stcg_cv2_dsShade the Changing Girl #2

Written by Cecil Castellucci
Illustrated by Marley Zarcone

Published by DC Comics

The Young Animal line is quite a blast of fun. From Doom Patrol to this title, you can’t help but smile at the way these books flow. Shade is probably the strangest title in the line…and maybe one of its best.

Shade has settled into her adopted human body, but the rest of her high school isn’t sure how to deal with this strange new behavior from the girl they once knew.

The more Shade learns about Megan’s former life, the more she realizes everyone hates her.

It’s one of many fresh sensations Shade is getting to know.

Being a human is galaxies different than being from Meta, and it’s not going to be easy balancing all of that with the madness that brought her here.

The art and story work in great harmony to create a hell of a good time. I hope this quality keeps up. It may be a book you have to be in the mood for. But once you are? It’s divine.


shrfbab_cv12The Sheriff of Babylon #12

Written by Tom King
Illustrated by Mitch Gerads
Published by DC Comics

This is the end of “Season One” of the book. Tom King writes one of the best books on the stands. The art by Gerads is amazing. This book is just plain awesome.

Chris, Sofia and Nassir have pursued Abu Rahim, navigated complicated red tape, run afoul of some very bad men and so far have managed to make it to the other side. So far.

The thing that is done so right here is the characters feel so authentic,you can help but be amazed. It’s also multi-layed in a very good way. I love this book and love how this issue tied everything together thus far.

And so “Season One” comes to a close.

A hell of a time. Congrats to King and Gerads on making a great book, and maybe even a classic.


justl_cv8_dsJustice League #8

Written by Bryan Hitch
Illustrated by Neil Edwards
Published by DC Comics

Well this book has passed over to the bottom of the pile.

And why? It just doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. Maybe it is.

Or maybe it’s just because it’s boring.

I think Bryan Hitch is an amazing talent. Top of the line, even.

But these issues are painfully dull for me. This is no exception.

I had to put it down after a few pages in. I lost complete interest. It seems like Hitch is just doing the same thing over and over of it.

Same feeling every month. Not anyone’s fault.

I just wish it had more in it for me.

RATING: D for dull


sm_cv10Superman #10

Written by Peter J. Tomasi and Patrick Gleason
Illustrated by Patrick Gleason
Published by DC Comics

After the last two issues being great, we settle into a not so great read.

It’s not terrible. But it’s so cluttered that there is not much room for Much else. This is part one of a story with Batman and Robin guest starring. Somehow they managed to make it not very exciting…in fact it’s the antithesis of exciting.

For the first time, the Man of Tomorrow and the Boy of Steel team up with the Caped Crusader and the Boy Wonder in a father-son adventure you won’t want to miss!

Damian Wayne has been hearing a lot about this mysterious new Superboy, and now’s his chance to find out who he is…

I just wasn’t interested. The team does their best in earnest.

However, there is not enough to hold onto. And it all gets jumbled because of it.



Nightwing #8
Written by Tim Seeley
Illustrated by Javier Fernandez
Published by DC Comics
Nightwing’s battle against Raptor continues. It’s surprisingly tense and keeps you on your toes. Good issue.

Death of Hawkman #2
Written by Marc Andreyko
Illustrated by Aaron Lopresti
Published by DC Comics
This issue whimpers along at a weird pace. This book is also strange, as nobody cared when Hawkman was alive…so it’s hard to care about anyone in this title.

Everafter #3
Written by Dave Justus and Matthew Sturges
Illustrated by Travis Moore
Published by DC Comics
A good decent book with a lot of action. I actually enjoy this book more than I ever like Fables.

Unfollow #13
Written by Rob Williams
Illustrated by Simon Gane
Published by DC Comics
I picked up this book late so I’m having some trouble following Unfollow. Still it’s pretty good and sometimes totally wacky.

Harley Quinn #7
Written by Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Connor
Illustrated by John Timms.
What else? Harley causes some mischief. and it’s a totally fun book. Enjoyable.

The Flinstones #5
Written by Mark Russell
Illustrated by Steve Pugh
Published by DC Comics
Hot garbage! Oh, who am I kidding? It wasn’t THAT good.

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