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First Date: 10 Dos and Don’ts for Men

online-dating-header2The modern life is fast and busy. Buried in our work, studying, or daily routine, we usually don’t have much time for handling our private life. As technologies rapidly develop, more and more men go to online dating services to meet beautiful ladies online. After you’ve been communicating with someone special remotely, it is pretty okay to arrange an offline meeting to test your compatibility on practice. Now, the question comes: what exactly should you do to impress her? Today, we would like to give you some tips on how to improve your chances for a second date.

Let’s start with the dos.

1. Do be open to new ideas

We all are familiar with the regular date scenario, when you pick her up, go to café, take a walk in a local park, and then drive her home. Don’t you find it somewhat tedious? If you really wish to awaken your lady’s enthusiasm, think of more creative options. This may be visiting a workshop or museum, renting a boat, or even playing video games. Just think what she would like.

2. Do look good

It doesn’t mean you have to put on a dinner jacket. Just a fresh and well-chosen outfit will be perfect. Take care to make a neat hairstyle and clean your shoes. You know, even the kindest girl on Earth may go mad from dirty boots. Pick the right perfume – it must attract your date and not make her sneeze.

3. Do be a gentleman

Whatever popular feminist magazines say, chivalry is not dead. Women still fall for polite and generous guys. Show your good manners through simple acts like helping her go downstairs, holding doors, and picking up the tab. If you go to a restaurant or some crowded place, remember to be nice to people around you – this also matters.

4. Do ask questions and listen

Communication creates your relationship. The main goal of the first date is to get closer, so be ready to talk and listen. Pick topics accordingly to your partner`s tastes: let her tell you more about what she is keen on. Ask her opinions and take everything you hear into account.

5. Do show your interest

You can’t respond to her words with simple “okay”, “I understand” and so on. Let her know you are excited about what she says. Tell your own stories; describe things you are interested in. Promote the dialogue, since your task is to build a connection.

Now, let’s get to the don’ts.

1. Don’t expect too much

If this is your very first live meeting, put your pink glasses off. Modern people often fall in love with just a photo in a social network and get frustrated when it comes to a real date. Before asking her out, try to get more information. Have video chats, talk by phone – e-mails and pictures aren’t always reliable.

2. Don’t drink

Buzz has never been a first date solution. Of course, it helps you loosen up and have fun. However, it is barely acceptable if you hope for a romantic evening. One or two glasses of wine are pretty enough to lead conversations and enjoy the atmosphere.

3. Don’t be a drama king

A date must be relaxing and pleasant, so this is definitely not a time for discussing your problems. Put all the troubles aside for a couple of hours. No matter how dull your day was or how depressed you feel after a breakup. Girls like positivity and self-confidence in men.

4. Don’t talk about intimate things

There are some topics inappropriate to discuss at the first time together. Avoid asking your lady about sexual preferences, past relationships, or family problems. Respect her personal space.

5. Don’t be assertive

If you feel the date was excellent, you may kiss her without hesitations. In fact, many women complain their partners are too timid to do so. But don’t ask her for a second date right after the first one is ended. Give your mate a day or two to rest

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