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COMIC BOOK NEWS: DC Comics, Image, Dark Horse, BOOM!, Dynamite, and More!

There’s something for everyone in the coming months from the various comic book publishers, whether a Wednesday Warrior, a casual fan, or a new reader. For a comic book store near you visit



DC’s comics are as vast, varied, and fantastic as the incredible and weird locations found across DC’s cosmos, and DC’s Eisner and Ringo award-winning Pride comic book anthology returns on May 28 as a universe-spanning travelogue like you’ve never seen! With over 100 pages of original stories and content, DC Pride 2024 will immerse readers into the magical places surrounding DC’s Super Heroes.

DC Pride 2024 includes an excerpt from DC’s upcoming The Strange Case of Harleen and Harley graphic novel (by Melissa Marr, Jenn St-Onge, Jeremy Lawson and Lucas Gattoni); pinups by artists Robin “Zombie” Higginbottom, Chloe Brailsford, Ego Rodriguez, Helen Mask, Valentine Smith and Bailie Rosenlund; an unmissable autobiographical story written by industry legend Phil Jimenez about the fantastical worlds that shaped him, brought to life by Giulio Macaione and Frank Cvetkovic; pages highlighting the LGBTQIA+ resources partners that DC and Warner Bros. Discovery work with, and more.

DC Pride 2024 #1, DC’s annual anthology containing all-new stories spotlighting LGBTQIA+ fan favorites, will publish on May 28. The 104-page Prestige format comic will feature a main cover by Kevin Wada, an open-to-order wraparound variant cover by David Talaski, foil and card stock variants by Babs Tarr, and Wada’s main cover offered as a 1:25 card stock variant.



No one who was invited to the House by the Sea knew Max—but she knew each and every one of them. Masters of their fields, titans of industry and knowledge, they all represented the best and brightest of humanity. The cast of DC’s The Nice House by the Sea, a second 12-issue comic book season launching on Wednesday July 24 by acclaimed The Nice House on the Lake creators James Tynion IV, Álvaro Martínez Bueno, Jordie Bellaire and Andworld Design, includes the Doctor, the Writer, the Historian, the Actor, the Artist, the Priest, the Scientist, the Singer, the Politician, and the Mathematician. This time, they’re all strangers. And they’re at the House by the Sea by choice.

“The people in this house do not like each other,” shared Tynion. “They don’t want to spend time with each other. There have been some weak bonds that have formed over time, but none of them are particularly affectionate toward each other. This is a house of strangers and tension much more than a house of friendship, and we’re going to see the way that guilt, boredom, and loneliness has twisted each of them.”

When Max whispered to each of them the truth of what they deserved—to be saved from disaster, to carry on the flame of civilization in a paradise built just for them—they all leaped at the chance. Why not? Why shouldn’t they be the ones to live forever? Isn’t it their destiny to survive the culling of the lesser herd? Wouldn’t being named the future of humanity be…nice?

“Unlike our lake house, everyone in The Nice House By The Sea accepted the deaths of all their friends, family, and loved ones,” continued Tynion. “They accepted the eradication of the human race and their selection as the last humans that will ever exist. It’s a truth some of them think they can live with, but the way they are living with it is by never, ever looking at it.”

With the Eisner Award-winning The Nice House on the Lake, honored as Best New Series by the prestigious Angoulême International Comics Festival, James Tynion IV and Álvaro Martínez Bueno shocked the comics industry and unleashed a classic of contemporary horror by focusing on the overriding anxieties of the 21st century…and no matter what you might think is coming next, you aren’t ready for their second act!

“I’m working with one of the best creative teams in comics right now,” added Martínez Bueno. “We’re doubling the stakes we placed three years ago and we’re pushing The Nice House on the Lake in new directions while holding together the core of what makes the project so exciting. The challenge of creating the new cast, the new locations, and reimagining the entire iconography of the series for The Nice House by the Sea has been the most exciting of my career so far.”

Beginning on July 23, The Nice House by the Sea launches a new cycle of DC Black Label comic book horror that will grip you by the throat and force you to look hard at yourself. Are you bored? Are you bored with the same boring people? Are you looking for an escape? What would you change about yourself in your new, utopian life?

The Nice House on the Lake and The Nice House by the Sea carry DC’s Ages 17+ content descriptor (for mature readers). Pick up the complete first cycle, DC’s The Nice House on the Lake: The Deluxe Edition, wherever books are sold, and preorder your issues of The Nice House by the Sea with your local comic book shop before cycle two launches this summer. The Nice House by the Sea #1, in stores on Wednesday July 24, will have a main cover by Álvaro Martínez Bueno along with variant covers by Nick Robles and Hayden Sherman, plus a 1:25 variant cover by Dani.



DC’s 2024 Superman Superstars initiative within their Superman line of comics will continue from July to September with the all-star pairing of Gail Simone and Eddy Barrows announced as the next creative team on Action Comics, telling a new Superman story taking place at the beginning of the Man of Steel’s action-packed career. Simone and Barrows’s story, “Superman and the Challenge from the Stars,” follows arcs from Jason Aaron and John Timms (“I, Bizarro”) and Joshua Williamson and Rafa Sandoval (“House of Brainiac”).

“I love the classic Superman cast, and this story is deliberately meant to echo my all-time favorite Superman time period,” said Simone. “We didn’t want to tell a quiet story of Superman in a diner; we wanted to have a massive threat, a war taking place all over the world, and only Superman could possibly protect his adopted planet. It is unapologetically huge in scope and fun as hell, with one of the best art teams I’ve ever worked with…Eddy Barrows, Danny Miki, and Rex Lokus on colors!”

The first of Simone and Barrows’s three issues kicks off when a massively powerful alien race makes Earth their arena. Superman, DC’s Man of Steel, must stand alone against impossible challenges that threaten locations all around the world and the lives of those he loves. Action Comics #1067 begins a not-to-be missed epic tale of Superman’s strength, wit, and resourcefulness in an early stage of his public career!

“For me talking about Action Comics is something that goes beyond the title itself,” shared Barrows. “I remember when I was 7 years old, I was playing on the sidewalk, and suddenly I was run over by a truck, right there. I spent 3 days fighting for my life, and during that whole year that followed I remained in bed, doing lots of physiotherapy, lots of meds and exams. Going to the doctors was a very regular thing. And it was during that time that Superman came to my life, reading Action Comics. Kal-El became a good friend of mine, making my days better. His adventures and his behavior were things that stuck with me! Reading his stories were the highlight of my days, for a 7-year-old recovering from an accident like I was. Back then I wouldn’t have imagined that one day I would be helping to build his legacy: illustrating his stories. The stories of my all-time favorite superhero… SUPERMAN!”

Action Comics #1067, #1068, and #1069 (July, August, and September) will be written by Gail Simone with art by Eddy Barrows, Danny Miki, Rex Lokus and Dave Sharpe.



Dynamite Entertainment has announced a new licensing partnership to bring The Terminator to comics for the franchise’s 40th anniversary. This partnership with STUDIOCANAL S.A.S. is for new stories in the rich world of The Terminator universe, as well as to bring classic stories back into print for fans.

The Terminator released in 1984 across theaters to great acclaim and success. The big breakout project of legendary filmmaker James Cameron (Titanic, Avatar), it heralded a major shift in the burgeoning idea of modern “blockbuster” films. It was stuffed with A-list stars like Arnold Schwarzenegger, wall to wall with action, thought-provoking science fiction ideas, and a robust franchise of merchandising and licensing. Since then the franchise has spawned six core films, a television series, and countless other media tie-ins.Central to the experience for Terminator fans away from the cinema has been the range of comic books. The 1990s were full of action-packed Terminator comics that expanded the mythos, showed fans moments of characters and whole new stories that they could never catch on the screen. Some of the most critical pieces of the lore can only be found in comic books, akin to many other beloved franchises of the era.
“We couldn’t be prouder of this partnership done in collaboration with our agent Creative Licensing, the amazing storyline and wonderful artworks by Dynamite are the perfect way to kickstart the franchise´s upcoming anniversary,” said Valérie Rolandez-Barrios, STUDIOCANAL’s Senior VP IP Licensing and Partnerships.

“It’s incredibly thrilling to be working with one of the biggest classic action franchises,” said Nick Barrucci, Dynamite CEO and Publisher. “We’re excited to treat fans to a great celebration for the groundbreaking 40th anniversary of this beloved mythos bringing both new stories and collecting the library of existing comics.”

With 2024 serving as the big 40th anniversary of the original film’s release, Dynamite is planning a big celebration to bring many of these fan-favorite stories back in print in multiple ways, including premium options.



Dynamite and Warner Bros. Discovery Global Consumer Products are excited to announce sugar, spice, and everything nice! Three of the most powerful superheroes are back together for new comic stories starting this summer from a team of superstar creators in Kelly Thompson and Paulina Ganucheau!

Professor Utonium added a little extra to that famous recipe, when some Chemical X was thrown into the concoction. And lo, The Powerpuff Girls were born! Since that day, Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup have dedicated their lives to fighting evil in all its forms. Their awesome powers and teamwork tirelessly defend their idyllic city from the likes of petty criminals, marauding monsters, and diabolical super-villains alike.

They’re sweet, they’re petite, and they can’t be beat! Eisner Award-winner Kelly Thompson is one of the biggest names in comics and she’s the perfect match for this trio of fearless heroes. She is known for DC’s critically acclaimed Birds of Prey, acclaimed runs on Captain Marvel, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Deadpool, and contributions to both Spider-Man and X-Men. Thompson has also knocked it out of the park on other franchises from television and animation like Jem and the Holograms and Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

Taking the reins on artwork, Paulina Ganucheau is acclaimed for her brilliant “Adventures of Young Diana” feature in issues of DC’s Wonder Woman. She’s also contributed to titles like My Little Pony, Zodiac Starforce, and Rainbow Brite. The duo’s shared grasp on superheroics and balancing their storytelling for diverse ages fits the Powerpuff Girls to a tee — topped off only by their passions for the franchise!

POWERPUFF GIRLS #1 is slated for release in July 2024.



Oni Press, the multiple Harvey and Eisner award-winning publisher of groundbreaking comic books and graphics novels since 1997, revealed that writer Norm Harper (Rikki, The Sequels) and artist Louie Joyce’s (A Fistful of Pain, Past the Last Mountain) fantastical graphic novel adventure into superstition and folklore will return to stores this June with the newly remastered and expanded HAPHAVEN DELUXE EDITION. One part fantasy, one part coming-of-age adventure, the HAPHAVEN DELUXE EDITION takes readers through the rainbow on a quest to right unlucky wrongs in a new deluxe hardcover edition, packed with never-before-seen bonus content and arriving in stores everywhere June 4th.

Ever-superstitious Alex Mills will do anything to avoid a jinx. Picking up pennies, knocking on wood, collecting rabbit’s feet . . . you name it. That is, until she steps on a crack and it actually does break her mother’s back. To save her mom, Alex must follow Hubbub Caskside, a trusty leprechaun, on a journey through the end of a rainbow to Haphaven, the world where all of Earth’s superstitions draw their power. All she needs is a rabbit’s foot to save her mom, but she soon discovers the lucky article won’t be so easy to retrieve. Not only is the rabbit’s foot guarded by Haphaven’s most formidable creature, the Jinx, there’s also a forest full of trees that knock back if you don’t knock on wood, people named Penny who do not like to be picked up, and a particularly vindictive black cat who will not be crossed. As Alex finds herself desperately searching for a way to save her mom, she learns of a mysterious connection between her family’s fate and the rulers of Haphaven. With her mother’s life on the line and her own fate at stake, Alex must find the strength within herself to unlock the mystery and take back control of the superstitions that have controlled her life . . . even if it means crossing the Black Cat once and for all.

“At its heart, HAPHAVEN is the story of a person torn between what her dogma is telling her to do and what she knows in her heart is right,” said writer Norm Harper. “In a lot of ways, that struggle feels more relevant today than it did just a few years ago, during our first release. My hope is that Alex’s quest to forge her own destiny can help young readers to not lose hope in the face of all the real-world Black Cats out there, and remind them that any system, no matter how dear, can be challenged.”

“Creating HAPHAVEN was such a special experience for me,” says artist Louie Joyce. “Sometimes I forget that it’s a comic book I illustrated and not an actual real adventure that I went on with my mates Alex, Penny and Hubbub! It was an absolute joy to revisit this world and these characters for the new Deluxe Edition cover and I’m so excited for everyone else to discover (or rediscover) the world of HAPHAVEN!”

HAPHAVEN is a thrilling story full of adventure and superstition. Alex is daring and brave as she learns to let go of the things that have been controlling her life, and I hope readers find her as inspiring as I do,” says Senior Editor Grace Scheipeter. “With the release of the new deluxe edition, it’s been a joy to reenter the world of HAPHAVEN with Norm and Louie and I can’t wait for fans to see all the behind-the-scenes extras in the book.”

Recipient of the Silver Ledger award, HAPHAVEN has been hailed as ““much more than a mere checklist of superstitions, Haphaven is sure to please fans of unique fantasies” by Foreword Reviews. Don’t miss the visionary return of Norm Harper and Louie Joyce’s HAPHAVEN: DELUXE EDITION June 4th.



Oni Press – the multiple Eisner and Harvey award-winning publisher of groundbreaking comic books and graphic novels since 1997 – is announcing the return of fan-favorite and YALSA-nominated graphic novel throwdown, Down, Set, Fight!, in a brand-new 10th Anniversary edition. The gut-busting, gut-punching tale of football mascots with a score to settle by co-writers Chad Bowers and Chris Sims (Deadpool: Bad Blood, X-Men ‘92) and artist Scott Kowalchuk (Lucha Liberty, Batman ‘66) is back, featuring a new deluxe hardcover edition with all-new cover art pummeling its way into stores June 25!

In Down, Set, Fight!, “Fearless” Chuck Fairlane was football’s fastest rising star, but his career came to a screeching halt when he was expelled from the league after goin’ HAM and causing the biggest brawl in the history of sports. Years later, Chuck has found peace as a high school football coach, until costumed mascots begin attacking him for seemingly no reason. Before long, Chuck’s going to discover that you can’t run away from the past – but you CAN punch it square in the face!

Down, Set, Fight! is a father and son story” said co-writer Chad Bowers. “That’s what connected with readers back then and still does today. Unless I’m completely out of touch, fighting with your folks is still more commonplace than a knock-down drag-out with a rage-fueled mascot. And not for nothing, but we were waaaay ahead of the ‘ridiculous things to bet on’ curve. Before Draft Kings, there was Down, Set, Fight!

“Chad and I have written a lot of comics, but very few of them are as personal and driven by an emotional core as this one, where we made Scott draw a man hitting a guy dressed like a bear with a frying pan and then setting him on fire,” said co-writer Chris Sims.

Ready? Break! The Down, Set, Fight! 10th Anniversary Deluxe Edition HC squares off in comic shops and bookstores everywhere on June 25th!



Oni Press, in partnership with global entertainment powerhouses Nacelle and Maximum Effort, is proud to reveal the next epic chapter of the Nacelleverse, beginning this July in BIKER MICE FROM MARS #1 – an all-new, adventure for the free-wheelin’, butt-kickin’ animation icons who ride the Red Planet’s hardest roads. Rocketing out of the pages of NACELLEVERSE #0, the ‘90s cartoon sensation is back in a brand-new comic book series from red-hot writer Melissa Flores (Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers, Spider-Gwen: Smash) and Eisner Award–nominated artist Frances Portela (Green Lantern)!

“We’re diving into the Nacelleverse!” said Flores, “The Biker Mice are a trio of Martian mice fighting to protect the home they love from being desecrated by an egoistic corporation. They are pushed to the limit and must decide how much of their lives they are willing to give up to save the world they love. Just three planets away, we’re going to show how complicated and nuanced these characters are, even if on the surface, they seem so different!”

Best friends Throttle, Modo, and Vinnie, just three anthropomorphic, motorcycle-riding mice who called Mars home . . . and were always bad to the bone. But when the ruthless Plutarkians stage a mass invasion to strip their planet of its precious resources, their antiauthoritarian streak is going to turn into a full-blown insurgency. Only the Biker Mice from Mars can prevent the mass destruction of Earth’s nearest planetary neighbor . . . and the freedom of our entire solar system may just hang in the balance.

“We hope you’re ready for alien mice, crime bosses that smell like cheese, and copious amounts of hot dogs!” said Nacelle Founder and CEO, Brian Volk-Weiss. “Let’s rock and ride!”

Nacelle is currently developing a new Biker Mice from Mars animated series directed by Brian Volk-Weiss, who also serves as Executive Producer alongside Cisco Henson, Matt Kravitsky, Michael Goodman, Gavin Hignight, and Matt Lawton for Nacelle. Ryan Reynolds, George Dewey, Kevin Hill and Ashley Fox, serve as Executive Producers for Maximum Effort, along with David Gandler and Pamela Duckworth on behalf of Fubo. The summer’s most anticipated return revs up the action as the never-before-told chapter of Biker Mice history stands revealed– featuring covers from outstanding artists Dustin Weaver (Avengers, Paklis.) Juan Gedeon (DC: The Jurassic League), Roger Cruz (X-Men: Age of Apocalypse), Ramon Villalobos (Nighthawk, America) and Francis Portela (Green Lantern), the summer’s hardest-hitting, full-throttle debut begin this July in BIKER MICE FROM MARS #1!



From the publisher that drove Tales from the Crypt, Vault of Horror, Haunt of Fear, and many more into the depraved hearts of an unsuspecting world, the immortal EC COMICS returns on July 24th with its first BOLD AND BLOODY NEW series in nearly 70 years! In partnership with William M. Gaines Agent, Inc., Oni Press is proud to reveal the complete line-up of “all-killer” writers, artists, and cover artists behind EPITAPHS FROM THE ABYSS #1 – a 40-page testament to terror ushering in the full-scale resurrection of comics’ most infamous and influential publishing house…

In our first extra-sized, 40-page dose of fear, witness shocking tales of torment and tension in the immortal EC tradition—as wrenched from the grave by the vile intentions of acclaimed writers Brian Azzarello (Batman: Damned, 100 Bullets), Chris Condon (That Texas Blood, Night People), J. Holtham (Night Thrasher, Hulu’s The Handmaid’s Tale), and Stephanie Phillips (Harley Quinn, Grim) and realized into bloody reality by “all-slaughter” artists Jorge Fornes (Rorschach, Danger Street), Phil Hester (Family Tree), Peter Krause (Irredeemable), and Vlad Legostaev (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles).

“Due to the nature of my stories, I’ve been asked about EC Comics since I started in this industry,” said multiple Eisner Award winner Brian Azzarello. “Frederick Wertham and his asinine comics code knee-capped us. Thank God — or my grandmother, who didn’t throw out my father’s comics -— that I was able to discover EC in an attic I was forbidden to go in. That subsequent downward spiral has led me to where I am now.”

“I can’t imagine a better time for EC Comics to come back into the world,” said writer J. Holtham. “They’ve always been great at skewering (literally) the worst people in the world. We have a lot of folks who could use a good skewering. And then some.”

“As a reader, I am thrilled EC Comics is returning because the present world is beyond ripe for their brand of subversive horror stories,” said writer Stephanie Phillips. “As a writer, I could not be more excited to carry the legacy of those subversive horror stories into this terrifying world.”

“Every short story that I write, I write with EC Comics in mind,” said writer Chris Condon, “It doesn’t matter what company it’s for or what the story is, it’s the stories of Jack Davis, Al Feldstein, Joe Orlando, and the entire EC lineup that I look back to for guidance. The stories that EC Comics published were revolutionary—violent, tragic, hilarious, and timely. They pushed boundaries like no one else dared to, revolutionizing the comics medium into a truly transgressive art form. EC Comics was born in the fraught post-war years of the 20th century and it’s only right that in our tense age of uncertainty that EC Comics returns with the same gleefully deranged energy of its early incarnation. It’s just what the doctor–the one in the blood-stained scrubs holding a rusty butcher knife precariously over his patient’s head–ordered.”

What the Comics Code Authority couldn’t kill has only made it stronger… EC Comics enters the 21st century with a jugular-pounding horror milestone that not only features four self-contained exercises in adrenaline from Brian Azzarello & Vlad Legostaev, Chris Condon & Peter Krause, J. Holtham & Jorge Fornes, and Stephanie Phillips & Phil Hester, and more — but also the first glimpse of EC’s new cast of horror hosts…and a razor-sharp gallery of covers inspired by the eternal artistry of the EC’s infernal legacy with talents including Lee Bermejo (Batman: Damned, A Vicious Circle), Andrea Sorrentino (Gideon Falls, Batman: The Imposter) with Dave Stewart (Hellboy), Jay Stephens (Dwellings), Rian Hughes (The Multiversity), and Dustin Weaver (Avengers, Paklis).

IN 2024, EC COMICS LIVE AGAIN! This summer, four-color fear infects a new generation in EPITAPHS FROM THE ABYSS #1 – coming to comic shops everywhere on July 24th! Then, in August: The next shocking chapter in EC’s long-awaiting resurrection continues in CRUEL UNIVERSE #1 – 40 all-new pages of cosmic oblivion, atomic entropy, and galactic annihilation featuring a star-spanning cast of talents soon to be revealed.



JUSTICE WARRIORS, the scathing satire of capitalism and police in a future of severe inequality from Matt Bors — the founder of The Nib and a political cartoonist who has twice been named a Pulitzer Prize finalist — and Ben Clarkson — an acclaimed filmmaker and illustrator whose art has been featured on Adult Swim and Vice Noisey — is returning to shelves as a brand-new graphic novel entitled JUSTICE WARRIORS: VOTE HARDER.

JUSTICE WARRIORS: VOTE HARDER takes the feel of paranoid political thrillers of the 70s and updates it for the online age of conspiracy, partisanship, and the desire to break out of the confines of the ballot box to do something far more radical,” said Matt Bors. “Unlikable candidates. An unfair media. And a system designed to prevent real change. It’s the most important election of everyone’s life—and possibly their last.”

The first JUSTICE WARRIORS series followed police officers Swamp Cop and Schitt as they patrolled the crime-free metropolis of Bubble City and its surrounding mutant-packed Uninhabited Zone. Now in VOTE HARDER, Bubble City’s first ever election for mayor pulls Officer Swamp into a violent mission that will put him on a collision course with his beloved partner Schitt. Co-written by Clarkson and Bors with art by Clarkson and backup illustrations by Bors, JUSTICE WARRIORS: VOTE HARDER features colors by Felipe Sobreiro and lettering by Bors.

JUSTICE WARRIORS: VOTE HARDER is an epic thrillride about the infiltration of civil society by law enforcement, the corrupt bickering of unaccountable elites, and unchecked military expansion which is, of course, unrelated to the regular healthy function of our corporate oligopoly — er, democracy,” said Ben Clarkson. “It’s bigger, badder and more justicier than the original with a thrilling dose of orbital space lasers, giraffe assassins and obscure parliamentary procedure.”

In crime-free utopia Bubble City’s first-ever election for mayor, feckless celebrity incumbent The Prince faces a challenge from within the Bubble’s elite: his half-cousin Stuffina Vippix IX, who promises austerity and competency. Finally a choice for the people! But out in the Uninhabited Zone, which is packed with millions of mutants, the radical and armed Flauf Tanko mounts a third-party run to inspire the masses who are fed up with the entire system. Rallying to protect the votes from the people, mutant cops Swamp and Schitt are called in on special duty. Schitt must act as bodyguard to the Prince, while his poll numbers drop and assassination attempts ramp up. Meanwhile, Swamp is sent on a clandestine mission inside the mutant opposition—to infiltrate, report, and maybe fall in love with a passionate activist triggering an identity crisis. Can the two partners survive being pitted against each other in a horserace?

JUSTICE WARRIORS: VOTE HARDER is funny, it makes sharp points, and its artwork is so densely detailed I can only call it ‘amphetaminesque,’” said AHOY Comics Editor-in-Chief Tom Peyer. “It’s bound to cross your mind while you’re voting and it might even take some of the sting away.”

The irreverent, dark comedy JUSTICE WARRIORS was initially published by AHOY Comics as a trade paperback in 2023 and has received widespread attention from CHAPO TRAP HOUSE, IGN, POD DAMN AMERICA, CURRENT AFFAIRS, COMIC BOOK COUPLES COUNSELING, LEDGER, SUPER NICE CLUB, GRAPHIC POLICY, QANONANON, and STRUGGLE SESSION. The title went back to press for second and third printings in the wake of its popularity.

JUSTICE WARRIORS is published by AHOY Comics, the Syracuse-based independent publisher perhaps best known for SECOND COMING, a controversial satire by Mark Russell, Richard Pace and Leonard Kirk in which Jesus Christ resumes his holy mission. The company is the brainchild of journalist and satirist Hart Seely (publisher), an award-winning reporter whose humor and satire has appeared in The New York Times and on National Public Radio, comics writer Tom Peyer (editor-in-chief), and cartoonist Frank Cammuso (chief creative officer). AHOY Comics launched five years ago with four acclaimed comic book magazine titles featuring full length comic book stories, poetry, prose fiction, and cartoons.



For the first time in its history Gemstone Publishing, the publisher of The Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide, will publish graphic novels, beginning with Pulitzer Prize-Winning writer Anthony Del Col’s acclaimed series Kill Shakespeare. The publishing program begins on Free Comic Book Day, May 4, 2024 with the release of the first act of Romeo Vs. Juliet: A Kill Shakespeare Adventure. Del Col returns to the world of the Bard in this all-new story featuring the beloved star-crossed lovers which provides the ultimate twist. The story continues November 19, 2024 with the publication of the original graphic novel Romeo Vs. Juliet: A Kill Shakespeare Adventure written by Del Col, with art by Stefan Tosheff, letters by Becca Carey, and enveloped in a cover by acclaimed artist Richard Isanove. On September 24, 2024, Gemstone will publish Kill Shakespeare 1st Folio, a new compendium edition of the groundbreaking Kill Shakespeare series, collecting Volumes 1 and 2, by co-writers Del Col and Conor McCreery, artist Andy Belanger and colorist Ian Herring with Kill Shakespeare 2nd Folio to follow next spring.

Hamlet. Juliet. Othello. Lady Macbeth. These are some of the greatest characters ever created,” said Anthony Del Col. “I’m so excited to be back in the world of Kill Shakespeare where they—and many others—all co-exist (and sometimes battle, naturally) and to be working with Gemstone on this.” Del Col continued, “Our new story Romeo Vs. Juliet is a great entry point for everyone—a Shakespearean western in which Juliet Capulet has survived her ordeal with Romeo and has reinvented herself as an independent warrior-for-hire. In order to help protect a small nunnery and border town from her ex-lover, Juliet must reunite with old allies, including Hamlet, Othello, and Puck. And did I mention Juliet’s pregnant? And the father could be either Hamlet… or Romeo? What could be more Shakespearean than that?”

“As we enter into Gemstone’s 30th anniversary year, I’m grateful—and still a bit shocked—that we can launch our new publishing initiative with Kill Shakespeare,” says J.C. Vaughn, President of Gemstone Publishing. “This is an amazing series, one worthy of a wide audience.”

Kill Shakespeare originally launched as a series of award-winning comic books and has expanded to board games, an audio drama, and a live stage show. Launched by IDW Publishing in 2010, the comics were an immediate success, with the first issue receiving acclaim from NPR, The New York Times and CBC. Combining amazing action sequences with a sprawling, emotional, adventure, Kill Shakespeare was nominated for a Harvey Award for Best New Comic Series and Joe Shuster Award for Best Comic Writing.



Flash Gordon Adventures is an all-ages series by the award-winning creative team of Art Baltazar and Franco! Perfect for fans of Tiny Titans and Itty Bitty Hellboy!

Join Flash Gordon, Dale Arden, Dr. Zarkov and their allies from the planet Lexray as they battle the evil tyrant, Ming the Merciless. Readers will be thrilled by Flash Gordon and his friend’s zany adventures, while enjoying valuable, but humorous life lessons  about friendship, teamwork, how alien-world gravity affects the digestive system, why a lizard machine is important for making new lizards, and why Zarkov develops a way to make fake beards for Ming.

Creator Art Baltazar said, “When I was a kid, I watched the Flash Gordon serials every weekend with my dad. Then! I played with the action figures and watched the cartoons! The cartoon had all these cool aliens and colorful characters. Flash is cool space adventuring swashbuckling hero and he did it  first!  When Papercutz announced FLASH GORDON, I was like, dang i know that guy. I can make some cool comics with him. So they asked and I said YES!”

Co-creator Franco Aureliani said, “I am beyond thrilled to be working with Papercutz! I’ve heard such good things and am excited to get the chance to show them what I can do with Flash Gordon Adventures! I remember the comics, cartoon and movie from when I was a kid, but now I get the chance to put my own creative effort into telling some truly unique and funny stories that I don’t think have ever really been done with Flash, Dale and the rest of the cast of characters! It’s going to be a fun ride and I hope everyone comes along and gets their funny bone tickled!”

The book’s editor, Adam Wallenta, said, “Flash Gordon Adventures! is the perfect introduction to the legendary hero for a new generation of kids and young readers. Lifelong fans and older readers will also enjoy the humorous spin on Flash, Dale, Dr. Zarkov, Ming and the entire cast of colorful characters. When I first took the job as an editor at Papercutz, I knew I wanted to work with Art and Franco on a project because they are both brilliant cartoonists. When Mad Cave acquired the license to Flash Gordon, I immediately went to Art and Franco and proposed the idea of Flash Gordon Adventures! In no time at all, they were off and running, creating an incredible story that will have kids of all ages laughing, smiling and dreaming about faraway worlds and adventurous heroic deeds. This is a dream project to edit and I can’t wait to share it with the world. You’re going to love it!”



The first of the new GATCHAMAN is on the way! Mad Cave Studios is kicking things off this Free Comic Book Day with Gatchaman #0, featuring a cover by Chris Samnee (Thor), followed by Gatchaman #1 and the exciting one-shot Gatchaman—Ken: Deathmatch in June!

The Gatchaman ongoing Teen+ series features a masterful collaboration between writer Cullen Bunn (A Legacy of Violence) and comics artist Chris Batista (Justice League), with Cover A by Inaki Miranda (Godzilla: Here), colors by Carlos Lopez and letters by Buddy Beaudoin.

The triumphant return of Gatchaman, the iconic Japanese animated franchise of a five-member, bird-themed superhero team!

A mechanical terror has descended upon numerous cities and the world’s greatest scientists are disappearing. Our only hope: Science Ninja Team Gatchaman! As they battle these machinations from the international terrorist organization known as Galactor, their strength, willpower, and even vehicles are pushed to the absolute limit. If they fail…who’s waiting in the wings to take their place? The first exciting issue in an ongoing series that expands upon the original anime series!

Connecting B covers are provided by Eisner and Ringo Award-winning artist Sanford Greene (Bitter Root)! The issue also features Cover C by Chris Batista, Cover D Blank Sketch Cover edition, and two retailer incentive covers including Cover E by Francine Delgado (Batgirl) and Cover F by Mike Deodato (Wonder Woman).

“Was I born to write this series? I was certainly forged in the Phoenix-technique fires over the course of my life to be here now,” said Cullen Bunn​​. “Gatchaman is loved by so many, and it is humbling and exciting and a little scary to be telling new stories in that world now. I’m emboldened by the amazing people I’m working with—Chris Batista, Tommy Lee Edwards, Steve Orlando (who’s working on the upcoming Galactor miniseries), and the Mad Cave Studios team. Each and every one of us loves these characters and this world. And we’ve had such tremendous support from the Tatsunoko team. This isn’t just an adaptation. We’re not just painting by numbers. These are new, in-continuity tales with exciting, game-changing elements that enhance and expand this already rich storyline.”

“The cartoon that left the most lasting impact on me as an artist, is without any doubt, Gatchaman,” said Chris Batista. “It was like nothing else, so vibrant, dynamic and unique. As much as I loved the heroes of Marvel and DC, there was just something cooler about the Gatchaman team. I’ve been obsessed ever since. Gatchaman has always been at the very top of my creative bucket list…a dream project that could never happen….until now. I could never have imagined we would be doing this project in conjunction with Tatsunoko and the amazing team at Mad Cave Studios. I am truly honored to be a part of this incredible creative team that shares the same love for Gatchaman that I do. I hope fans get the same jolt of electricity I get whenever I read the new script from Cullen. I’m equally thrilled and terrified to be a part of the return of this unmatched and timeless property!”

“I’m so excited to be writing Mad Cave’s first Gatchaman special issue focusing on one specific member of the Science Ninja Team,” said Tommy Lee Edwards. “Deathmatch is my love letter to Ken the Eagle, a heroic and idealistic anime character that helped shape my childhood. We’ve crafted this comic as an adventure tale to satisfy a deeply familiar fanbase, while introducing unique stories and completely new characters. I honestly feel like I’ve been training for this challenge my whole life!”

“I’m having such a good time drawing Gatchaman! I’ve enjoyed Tommy’s script so much—it’s provided wonderful opportunities to work with the franchise’s iconic designs!” said Mindy Lee.

Gatchaman #1 and Gatchaman—Ken: Deathmatch hit shops June 26th.



In collaboration with Tribune Content Agency and New Wave Comics, Mad Cave Studios invites you to the thrilling cover art for DICK TRACY #1!

This all-new chapter in the Dick Tracy legacy kicks off with bestselling and acclaimed authors Alex Segura (Secret Identity) and Michael Moreci (Barbaric) crafting a fresh and modern take on the iconic detective, featuring art by Geraldo Borges (Nightwing). To celebrate, Mad Cave Studios is debuting the special connecting B covers by Brent Schoonover, which seamlessly weave together the visual narrative of this noir-infused arc, as well as two additional special limited Mad Cave Exclusive variant covers, featuring artists Thomas Pitilli (Wonder Woman) and Tula Lotay (All Star-Batman), only available on the Mad Cave website!

In the aftermath of World War II, the country stands frozen–waiting for the next shoe to drop. In The City, a brutal murder draws the attention of rising star detective Dick Tracy, who soon discovers the bloodshed is just the beginning of a complicated web that threatens to ensnare everything he cares about.

Blending the classic elements of the Dick Tracy world (including his iconic villains, supporting cast, and unforgettable watch radio) with a hardboiled and realistic take, DICK TRACY #1 kicks off a fresh and modern approach on the iconic detective that remains true to his rich history.

“Dick Tracy has always been a bucket list character to draw ever since I started reading the strip in my local paper as a kid,” said Brent Schoonover. “Being able to illustrate his bright yellow trench coat and assortment of his amazing rogues gallery that rivals that of any superhero, was a dream come true. Connecting the plot points of the story arc over five issues in my own composition and layout, while honoring the character’s amazing past and bright future, was fun challenge. I can’t wait for people to see this series.”

The #1 issue’s variant cover program also includes Cover A by Geraldo Borges, Cover C by Shawn Martinbrough, the Cover D blank sketch edition, and Retailer incentive covers by Francesco Francavilla and Dan Panosian.

This marks a new era for the iconic detective. The creative team is committed to preserving the essence of Chester Gould’s creation while offering a fresh and vibrant experience for readers. Colors by Mark Englert, and letters by Jim Campbell, with creative consultation by Chantelle Aimée Osman.

Dick Tracy #1 drops April 24th.



After the TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES (TMNT) made their debut in a black-and-white comic by Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird in 1984, the Heroes in a Half Shell went on to become a global phenomenon. Over the next forty years, countless talented people across the entertainment industry worked passionately with the beloved franchise, allowing adventures with new iterations of TMNT to consistently reach new audiences. Now, brilliant TMNT creatives from different eras are joining forces to present something truly special to fans: the TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES: 40TH ANNIVERSARY COMICS CELEBRATION.

With several new stories and pinup art pieces inspired by different eras of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, this technodrome-sized issue with more than 70 pages will feature fan-favorite creatives returning to their respective eras for all-new tales. This special one-shot issue will feature new stories and pinup art from Jim Lawson, Ciro Nieli, Tristan Jones, Paul Harmon, Steve Lavigne, Andy Suriano, Ronda Pattison, Pablo Tunica, Freddie E. Williams II, Sophie Campbell, Tom Waltz, Lloyd Goldfine, Khary Randolph, Emilio Lopez, Dan Duncan, Erik Burnham, Sarah Myer, Luis Antonio Delgado, Chris Allan and more. Plus, the one and only Kevin Eastman will be contributing a story, too!

No TMNT anniversary celebration would be complete without the two people who created it all. This oversized issue will feature a primary cover with never-before-seen pencils from Laird that have been inked by Eastman, just for this special issue! Additional eye-catching covers will be provided by acclaimed artists Sophie Campbell, Isaac and Esau Escorza, Simon Bisley, Michael Dialynas, Vincenzo Federici, Khary Randolph, Emilio Lopez, Michael Cho, Dave Wachter, and an IDW Exclusive cover by Ben Bishop.

“Having a childhood dream – in my case to write and draw comics for a living, is one thing – to then actually spending every minute of the next 40 years doing it, is a whole other matter altogether – humbling is the first word that comes to mind,” stated Eastman. “My co-creation of TMNT with the amazing Peter Laird has been the driving force of living that dream, and working with a number of really talented writers and artists along the way has made, and still makes, the journey the greatest shared experience I never imaged and could not be more grateful for.” The iconic comic book creator added, “From the raw beginnings of a 40-page self-published black and white ‘origin of’ comic, to the 200-page full color ‘final tale’ of the original TMNT’s graphic novel, THE LAST RONIN, I want to thank the people directly responsible – our fans. Without them, I would not have had the chance to live that childhood dream.”

“What’s amazing about the TMNT comics is just looking back over the breadth of the stories, how many creators have tapped in, and all the energy and excitement that has gone into the last four decades,” added Editor-in-Chief Jamie S. Rich. “It proves how great the original concept by Eastman & Laird was that it endures across media, across time, and the characters consistently find a new audience. This book tries to tap into as much of that as possible and bring back fan favorite creators to celebrate their contributions to the lore.”

TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES: 40TH ANNIVERSARY COMICS CELEBRATION will leap into comic shops on July 10, 2024 for $11.99.



Thirty years after Mike Mignola created Hellboy, the legendary cartoonist is introducing readers to a brand new shared universe, created with frequent collaborator Ben Stenbeck, the writer/artist of the acclaimed series Our Bones Dust. In November, Dark Horse Comics will publish Bowling With Corpses and Other Strange Tales From Lands Unknown, an anthology of folklore-inspired fantasy stories written and illustrated by Mignola, colored by Dave Stewart, and lettered by Clem Robins. The book will be the first publication from Curious Objects, Mignola’s new imprint at Dark Horse and will set the stage for more weird, wicked, and whimsical stories in the “Lands Unknown” universe from Mignola and Stenbeck.

In Bowling With Corpses and Other Strange Tales From Lands Unknown, the stories are fantastical, odd and charming — from a search for the beating heart of a long-dead sorcerer, to a pirate girl who makes a deal with the devil, to the titular boy who wins a grim prize in a game with undead interlopers.

“It all started with an Italian Folktale about a boy who goes bowling with corpses,” said Mignola. “I fell in love with the story as soon as I discovered it but I wanted to play fast and loose when adapting it, so I created a whole new world. Not TOO different than our world a few centuries ago, but with a lot more gods and monsters. Once I created that world new characters and stories just started pouring out of it. There is a whole lot to play with here and I expect to be at it for a very long time.”

“For a few years now Mike has been emailing me designs and pages and ideas and maps and lists of place names for this world, and his enthusiasm for this project is indomitable and infectious,” said Stenbeck, who will be writing and drawing other, unannounced future Lands Unknown comics. “So often my reaction to these emails is ‘that’s great Mike! But I still have two books to draw before I can even move on to this work!’ and then I find myself taking three days off to write a new story. Luckily Mike likes my stories. My first project is set far off in a distant corner of this world. That way I can’t bump into anything Mike is doing and make a mess. Spoiler…it will have monsters in it.”

In addition to the Hellboy Universe he created three decades ago, Mignola has co-created the Outerverse Universe with New York Times bestselling novelist Christopher Golden, co-created a series of eerie and off-kilter tyle gothic mysteries with Warwick Johnson-Cadwell, starring Professor J.T. Meinhardt, Mr. Knox, and Ms. Mary Van Sloan, and recently co-created Radio Spaceman with Greg Hinkle and Leonide the Vampire with Rachele Aragno. In addition to his work on the Hellboy and Outerverse universes, Stenbeck’s writer-artist debut Our Bones Dust has generated widespread acclaim.

Bowling With Corpses and Other Strange Tales From Lands Unknown is a 112-page hardcover that will be released in bookstores on December 3, 2024.



Dark Horse Books and Bryan Talbot (The Adventures of Luther Arkwright, Heart of Empire) are proud to present The Legend of Luther Arkwright. Talbot returns to the science fiction world of Luther Arkwright for an all-new tale of legendary proportions.

Luther Arkwright, an evolved human with psychic power capable of traversing the swirling multiverse of infinite existences, is pursued by a far superior adversary across multiple historically divergent parallel worlds, both utopian and dystopian. Only Arkwright’s experience and force of will provide any hope to avert humanity’s annihilation.

The Legend of Luther Arkwright hardcover will be in stores November 12, 2024.



Emmy & Eisner Award-nominated comics artist and writer David Mack (Daredevil, Echo, Cover, Neil Gaiman’s American Gods) celebrates the 30th Anniversary of his original series, Kabuki, the story of a government agent operating in Japan in the near future. To honor the occasion, Dark Horse Books has compiled the complete story into one must-have volume: The Complete Kabuki: 30th Anniversary Edition. The entire comic run is presented in 1,280 pages in an oversized hardcover (9″ x 12″) volume with a new, gorgeous painted cover by Mack.

“Kabuki is the foundation of my work in comics,” said Mack. “Both as a writer & as an artist. Kabuki is what got me the offer to write Daredevil at Marvel, & to create Echo. All of my work in comics began from this story & this art.  It was my Senior Thesis in Literature”

Get the entire collection in one impressive volume when The Complete Kabuki: 30th Anniversary Edition arrives in stores on December 10, 2024.



Dark Horse Books presents The Guide to the Orville, an illustrated, full-color exploration of Seth MacFarlane’s beloved science fiction universe.

Written by The Orville co-executive producer and writer Andre Bormanis, this book contains everything a new crewmember needs to know about the Planetary Union’s most popular ship!  From the history of the Union to the lives of the senior officers to the incredible technologies that power the ECV-197 Orville, this indispensable guide has it all, and more.

Captain Ed Mercer and his shipmates will take readers on a detailed tour of the many sections and decks of the Orville, and into the reaches of deep space, recounting their extraordinary missions through personal log entries and commentaries on the fascinating and amazing worlds of our galaxy.

“This book was created for the fans, who have so enthusiastically supported our show since the very beginning,” said MacFarlane. “We want to invite them into the Orville universe at a new level, one that’s deeper and more personal—and with fascinating insights into the science and technology that could someday make a ship like the Orville possible.”

The Guide to the Orville will be available in two editions: a standard edition, and a deluxe edition which includes an exclusive silver and black cover treatment, decorative slipcase, a hyper-detailed 27” x 40” cutaway poster of The Orville by celebrated technical illustrator Matthew Cushman, and a collection of four Planetary Union department patches.

The Guide to the Orville (192 pages, 9”x12”) standard and deluxe editions fly into stores on September 24, 2024.



Dark Horse Books presents The Goon: A Bunch of Old Crap Omnibus Volume 1, now published under Eric Powell’s Albatross Funnybooks imprint. Written and illustrated by Powell (The Goon, Did You Hear What Eddie Gein Done?), this first omnibus volume of the award-winning crime pulp series combines horror, crime, and a twisted sense of humor and includes three short forewords by Powell and a sketchbook section. It will be available November 2024.

On Lonely Street, crime is cheap but justice comes at a price, so the Goon and his sidekick Franky defend the neighborhood against crime lords and supernatural ne’er-do-wells alike to keep the neighborhood safe.

The Nameless Man, the Zombie Priest, has come to town to build a gang from the undead. The Goon is the only man brave enough to stand up to him, and even the undead fear the Goon! The Goon: Bunch of Old Crap Volume 1 collects the first four books of The Goon, featuring his misadventures on Lonely Street and the

childhood story of how a boy born into a circus family became protector of the neighborhood. Collects The Goon: Rough Stuff, The Goon: Nothing But Misery, The Goon: My Murderous Childhood, and The Goon: Heaps of Ruination.

The Goon: A Bunch of Old Crap Omnibus Volume 1 (496 pages, 10.1875” x 6.625”) will be available on November 5, 2024



Fire and murder blaze across the deserts of Southern California in Blacking Out, coming soon from Dark Horse Books. Originally funded on Kickstarter, this noir crime adventure will be published for the first time as a hardcover graphic novel. From the minds of comics industry veteran and writer Chip Mosher (Left On Mission) and legendary artist Peter Krause (The Power of Shazam!, Irredeemable), with colors by Giulia Brusco (Scalped, Django Unchained), letters by Ed Dukeshire (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers) and logo by Tom Muller (Mazebook) comes this new dark thriller.

A disgraced ex-cop, Conrad, seeks redemption by unraveling an unsolved murder during Southern California’s fire season. Conrad follows a lone clue—a discarded crucifix—to unravel the death of Karen Littleton, whose body was found amid a blaze that scorched 10,000 acres. The search leads him to clash with the victim’s father and prime suspect, Robert Littleton, as well as hostile former colleagues on the local police force. All the while, Conrad combats his consuming alcoholism and fading faculties.

Will his “questionable” methods net him a murderer, or will the grizzled detective be brought to his knees by heartbreak and addiction? Find out in this all-new edition of Blacking Out, a scorching crime noir comic set in a small town in the dry California desert.

The Blacking Out hardcover will be available on October 1, 2024.



Geof Darrow’s highly praised Shaolin Cowboy: Cruel to Be Kin series will be presented in a new oversized edition perfect for admirers of Darrow’s incredibly detailed artwork. The Shaolin Cowboy: Cruel to Be Kin—Silent but Deadly Edition is set to arrive in Fall 2024. The Silent but Deadly Edition presents Darrow’s art and Dave Stewart’s coloring without lettering.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then more than 205 pages of the stupendous and technicolor art of Dave Stewart and the dubious letterless box drawings of Geof Darrow must be worth at least…well…you do the math. But that’s what you are going to get when Dark Horse presents the king-size SILENT BUT DEADLY edition of the The Shaolin Cowboy epic “CRUEL TO BE KIN.” No words to slow you down, no philosophy to burden your tic-tocked brain—just pure unadulterated and uncensored, pedal to the metal, full color, kung fu, six gun, barn-burning action as only Stewart and Darrow can deliver. No valium nor Xanax can help you with this pulse-pounding tome. If you think you know the whole story you don’t! So light a match and crack open the window of your imagination and take a deep breath of the CRUEL TO BE KIN SILENT BUT DEADLY edition!!! Geof Said Non-Believer!

Shaolin Cowboy: Cruel to Be Kin—Silent but Deadly Edition (240 pages, 8”x12”) collects Shaolin Cowboy: Cruel to Be Kin #1-7 without lettering and arrives in bookstores on September 17, 2024 and in comic shops September 18, 2024.



Millarworld and Dark Horse Comics are proud to present the debut of a brand new arc in the bestselling thriller, Nemesis: Rogues’ Gallery. Artists Valerio Giangiordano and Lee Loughridge join comics legend Mark Millar, as Nemesis claws himself back from the brink. The five-issue series includes cover art from Giangiordano and issue #1 features a variant from Jae Lee with colors by June Chung.

“I’ve read Dark Horse Comics since I was a teenager and am both excited and a little bit proud to be launching this massive wave of books with the guys,” said Millar. “Kicking it all off with Nemesis just feels right as it’s been the most asked about character since our Big game crossover concluded at Christmas. This franchise was co-created with artist Steve McNiven and both he and Jorge Jimenez (Nemesis Reloaded) set a pretty damn high bar, but Valerio clears it with a double flip. The art on this book is INSANE and I think a superstar is born. I can’t wait for you all to see it and look forward to a long fruitful relationship with the company. Check our socials for lots of little previews in the weeks ahead.”

Immediately following the brutal events of Millar’s smash hit Big Game, Nemesis is all but dead; broken and destroyed. All that remains is the consuming focus, hell-bent on vengeance against every single person who wronged him. The bloody retribution begins here as he marshals together a plan for the ages.

The sequel to Big Game, Nemesis: Rogues’ Gallery #1 (of 5) arrives on July 24, 2024



Superstar comic book writer Scott Snyder and his son, Jack Snyder have collaborated on their first-ever comic book series, By A Thread, a post-apocalyptic adventure for the ages. By A Thread features incredible art by rising star Valeria Favoccia (Stranger Things, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Beatrix Rose) and colors by Whitney Cogar, with lettering by Tom Napolitano, and designs by Emma Price.

In By a Thread, ten years ago a deadly and mysterious infection spread across the Earth’s terrain, forcing humankind to live in communities precipitously built above the ground.

Growing up on Needle Three, Jo barely remembers a time before darkness enveloped the world. But when our hero’s community comes under attack by the despotic Charon and his forces, Jo and his friends must decide whether or not to venture across the wasteland in search of a safe haven as the world hangs by a thread.

By A Thread is available to read digitally from Comixology Originals and in trade paperback on December 17.



From the minds of Brockton McKinney (Jenny Zero) and Robert Venditti (Superman ’78, Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps) comes a comic miniseries inspired by classic 80’s horror-action flicks, now collected in one volume! The Savage Squad 6  paperback collects issues #1-4 of the series and contains additional bonus content including all the covers from the series and a sketchbook section. Writen by McKinney and Venditti, the book features interior and cover art by Dalts Dalton, colors by Geraldo Fiho, and letters by Micah Myers.

The year is 2037.

In the aftermath of a destructive world war, humanity clings to survival in the central colonies, hunted and eliminated by the murderous Scourge. Life is short and brutal.

Deep within the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone, an elite special ops squad, Savage Squad 6, searches for a weapon to bring hope back to hundreds of colonists.

But they’re not alone.

Something stirs within the irradiated wilderness. Something big. Something hungry. And if the Savages are going to survive the night, they’ll need to live up to their name…or die trying!

The Savage Squad 6 paperback will be available in bookstores September 17, 2024 and in comic shops September 18, 2024



Dark Horse Comics, in partnership with Third Person and Critical Role, can now reveal an exciting new collaboration: Midst is a new comic series spinning off from the popular space-Western podcast Midst. Midst comics will be perfect for new and continuing fans alike, as the series explores the cosmos and its characters. The first issue, Midst: Address Unknown, will be written by Colin Lorimer (Daisy, Blackout) with art by Alejandro Aragón (Death Orb, Resonant), colors by Chris O’Halloran, letters by Jim Campbell, and cover art by William Kirkby. Each oversized issue will tell a new story with a new creative team. The first issue will arrive in August 2024 and spans 56 pages.

Caught between the Un and the Fold sits the islet of Midst…

When their ramshackle postal ship crashes on a mysterious new landmass, siblings Rowan and Ogden Shearwater have to make the best of it. Adventurous Ogden convinces reluctant Rowan to make a fresh start in the strange new islet that sits between the bright Un and the dark Fold. But Midst holds dangers that will challenge Ogden and Rowan’s family bonds as well as their will to survive.

“Midst has always aspired to be more than just a podcast, so it is incredibly exciting to announce our collaboration with Dark Horse to tell more Midst stories in new ways,” said Third Person. “This collection introduces new aspects of the Midst storyverse, spanning the past, present, and future of the show’s timeline, revealing new heights and depths throughout the cosmos. This is a dream come true for us, and we can’t wait to share these new tales.”

Midst: Address Unknown (1 of 3) arrives in comic shops on August 14, 2024.



Set to arrive in Spring 2024, Dark Horse Books will present the Tear Us Apart series collected in one paperback volume. The exciting new action-adventure series is written by renowned actor and director Jay Baruchel (How to Train Your Dragon, Captain Cannuck) and acclaimed comic creator Van Jensen (The Flash, James Bond), illustrated by Alessandro Micelli (The Ballad of Sang), and letters by Taylor Esposito (Detective Comics). The collection will gather issues #1-4 of the original series and include bonus content such as a cover gallery and sketchbook material.

In a world of blood and cruelty, two teenagers find humanity in each other.

Deep in the Canadian wilderness, a vicious cult, dedicated to an ideology of pain, trains children to become deadly assassins. In the midst of this world of cruelty, two teenagers break the cardinal rule—by falling in love. The only thing standing between them and happily ever after is an army of murderers with a taste for blood.

Tear Us Apart shows just what lengths the human spirit will go to endure.

The Tear Us Apart paperback volume, will be available in bookstores May 7, 2024 and in comic shops May 8, 2024



Horror comes to a galaxy far, far away in Star Wars: Vader’s Castle–The Deluxe Library Collection coming soon from Dark Horse Books and Lucasfilm Publishing. This large format hardcover volume collects all the stories from the Sith Lord’s sinister lair, including the only reprinting of the one-shot, Shadow of Vader’s Castle. Featuring creepy new cover art by Francesco Francavilla, the deluxe book collects the following comics stories: Star Wars Adventures: Tales from Vader’s Castle, Star Wars Adventures: Return to Vader’s Castle, Star Wars Adventures: Shadow of Vader’s Castle, Star Wars Adventures: Ghosts of Vader’s Castle, and the Star Wars Adventures: Free Comic Book Day 2019 short story “Droid Hunters.”

These tales are written by Cavan Scott (Star Wars: Tales from the Death Star) and rendered in ghastly detail by acclaimed artists Francesco Francavilla (All-Star Batman), Derek Charm (Star Wars Adventures), Megan Levens (Star Wars: The High Republic Adventures), Kelley Jones (Dracula Book), Corin Howell (Calamity Kate), Robert Hack (The X Files), Nicoletta Baldari (Disney’s Frozen Adventures), Nick Brockenshire (Star Wars: The High Republic Adventures), and Charles Paul Wilson III (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles), colored by Charlie Kirchoff (Star Trek), Michelle Madsen (Criminal Macabre), Valentina Pinto (Calamity Kate), and Michael Devito (The Stuff of Legend), lettered by Robbie Robins (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles), Tom B. Long (Transformers), Andworld Design (Something is Killing the Children), Shawn Lee (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles), and Valeria Lopez (Wellington).

Exhumed from the lava mines of Mustafar comes the complete legends of Darth Vader’s castle: a shadowy tower haunted by the dark side. Join Rebel Commander Lina Graff, Lieutenant Hudd, and their friends as they sneak through the citadel’s dank corridors in search of escape. Along the way they trade terrifying tales of Obi-Wan, Han, Chewbacca, the Ewoks, and other galactic heroes facing off against interstellar creeps such as menacing Sith, soulless stormtroopers, possessed droids, alien witches, mutant monsters, and more! When Hudd falls into the clutches of Vaneé, the castle’s creepy caretaker, he is treated to further spine-chilling stories of the galaxy’s most vile villains, including Darth Maul, Asajj Ventress, Jabba the Hutt, and Vader himself! Even after the band of rebels flee the fortress, they are pursued by nightmares of rampaging were-Wookiees, Dagobah swamp monsters, and other ghouls!

And for the first time, the Shadow of Vader’s Castle one-shot is collected here, in which the Mustafarian locals share their own hair-raising legends about the villainous stronghold.

Are you brave enough to set foot in the Sith Lord’s fortress of fear?

The Star Wars: Vader’s Castle the Deluxe Library Collection hardcover volume will be available September 24, 2024 in bookstores and September 25, 2024 in comic shops.



From the acclaimed creators behind Starman and The Flash comes ‘Patra, a new supernatural series about slasher monsters, mad scientists, and cult movie-inspired horror. James Robinson (Starman) will write the series with art and covers by Scott Kolins (The Flash) and letters by Jim Campbell. Francesco Francavilla will provide the variant cover for the first issue, with Gabriel Hernandez Walta, Matt Wagner, and Kelley Jones illustrating variant covers for subsequent issues.

‘Patra is the first of several new creator-owned comic series helmed by Robinson, with more set to begin in Fall 2024 and into 2025, all to be published by Dark Horse. Stay tuned for more details to come!

“I’m so thrilled to begin my many new series at Dark Horse with ‘Patra and to

work with the incredible Scott Kolins,” said Robinson. “I love that we’re tipping our hats to the many slasher characters from the 1980s while also focusing on one young girl who must face this horror, growing in strength and confidence all the while, as she also solves the mystery of her own existence. I really wanted to do a horror book with some real heart and emotion to it, and I think with Scott, we’ve done just that.”

Kolins added, “I’ve been waiting over a dozen years to draw ‘Patra in a great comic book and to work with James on this slasher mystery! Best horror story I’ve worked on since Solomon Grundy! Our ideas meshed so well on this project – I hope it never ends!!”

In this new horror series, a young girl named ‘Patra wakes up with no memory of her past. All she knows is that a big knife and a horrific mask appear whenever she’s in danger. Oh, that, and a deranged killer, in the tradition of 1980s slasher films, who is slaughtering families in a small mid-western town, and wants to make Patra his victim too.

‘Patra #1 (of 4) arrives in comic shops on August 21, 2024.



Dark Horse Comics and Asmodee Entertainment present Arkham Horror: The Terror at the End of Time, the first comic-based addition to the Arkham Horror universe from Fantasy Flight Games. Eisner Award-nominated master of horror, Cullen Bunn (Harrow County, The Sixth Gun), will write the four-issue miniseries with art by Andrea Mutti (Parasomnia, The British Paranormal Society), colors by Valerio Alloro (Star Wars: Hyperspace Stories, Hotel REM), letters by Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou (The Witcher: Wild Animals, Drive Like Hell), and cover art by Rafael Alburquerque (Hailstone, Red Tag). Issue #1 arrives August 2024.

Between time and sanity, horror waits in Arkham Horror: The Terror at the End of Time.

Life is all just one big game to adventuring socialite Jenny Barnes. Or it was, until her sister Izzie was abducted by a dangerous cult. Although Jenny thwarted the cultists’ sacrificial endeavors and battled the eldritch monsters at their command, the high priestess Abigail Olmstead fled—and took Izzie with her. Private investigator Joe Diamond may not understand Jenny’s story, but he understands loss. Joe and Jenny must work together and follow the clues to find Izzie, but more horrors await them in Arkham, Massachusetts, and time appears to be running out.

Starting now, the clock is counting down to Arkham Horror: The Terror at the End of Time #1 (of 4), available in comic shops on August 7, 2024.



Millarworld continues at Dark Horse Comics with the continuation of two popular series from creative legend Mark Millar. Night Club 2 brings artists Juanan Ramirez (Darkhawk) and Fabiana Mascolo (Yasmeen) back to the world of vampire superheroes for a six-issue series. Prodigy: Slaves of Mars sees artists Stefano Landini (Hellblazer) and Millarworld alumna, Michele Assaraskorn (The Ambassadors) join Millar in the return of the problem solving genius turned superhero, Edison Crane.

“We kicked this range of Dark Horse books off with Nemesis: Rogues Gallery and now we’re ramping up a gear with TWO big launches this month.” said Millar. “Prodigy is my favourite character I’ve ever created. A combo of Sherlock Holmes, Bruce Wayne and Indiana Jones just lets me tell a million different stories and we’re all really excited about this one. The first Night Club series went down great last year and I’m keen to see what people make of the sequel. The whole run of books from Dark Horse is something we think is really special and it’s off to a great start.”

Night Club 2
After the smash hit series of 2023, Night Club 1, the vampire superheroes are back. The only problem is they’ve all fallen out and things are looking dire for the budding team. Sam will never forgive Danny for dating the girl he loves. Issue #1 features main cover art from Ramirez with a black and white variant as well as a variant from the prolific team of artist Jae Lee and colorist June Chung.

Get a taste for blood when Night Club 2 #1 (of 6) finds its way to stores on August 21, 2024.

Prodigy: Slaves of Mars
The action-filled story of the smartest man in any room continues as Edison Crane faces down the murder of his father. Someone killed him after Edison stumbled across the world’s greatest secret, and now this mysterious force is out to destroy Edison’s life as well. More mysteries remain, like what is his father’s role in NASA’s secret space program, and what does it mean for all mankind? Edison Crane will need all his mental faculties to get to the bottom of this dangerous adventure. Cover art includes a main cover from Landini along with a black and white variant.

Let the secrets be revealed in Prodigy: Slaves of Mars #1 (of 5), in stores on August 7, 2024.



The critically acclaimed espionage/science-fiction thriller Desolation Jones—by New York Times bestselling, Eagle Award winning writer Warren Ellis (Netflix’s Castlevania, Transmetropolitan) and Eisner, Harvey, and Inkwell award winning artist J.H. Williams III (Echolands, The Sandman: Overture) with colorist José Villarrubia and letterer Todd Klein—will be collected into a hardcover in the upcoming, Desolation Jones: The Biohazard Edition. This deluxe edition will collect Desolation Jones issues #1-6—along with an extensive gallery showcasing select, raw artwork by Williams III—and be available this November from Image Comics.

In this new edition, the art and lettering placements will also feature minor retouches throughout by Williams III.

Desolation Jones visuals are a unique beast. The goal was to create a visceral seedy world of an ex-spy who has suffered from horrible experiments, but now lives as a detective trapped in L.A.,” said Williams III. “His interpretation of reality is sometimes skewed. I played with the idea of old newspaper strip style layouts in key scenes. There are scenes that push an acidic surreal perspective, while others manipulate a sense of time, and a pumped up color aspect that is unusual for a noir. Jones toys with quite a few visual influences and tropes put through a sharp blender, mixing into something potent and hopefully memorable.”

Desolation Jones follows one Michael Jones, a former agent for British intelligence before a procedure to make him a better operative left him mentally and physically shattered. Now he survives in Los Angeles as a private investigator, eking out a living within the city’s ghost community of damaged spooks. If he had any better future to look forward to, he probably wouldn’t be embarking on his newest job: locating the lost pornographic home movies of… Adolf Hitler.

Like film noir on a dark acid trip—and by turns riotous, tragic, and brutal—this Biohazard Edition is the perfect read for fans of Williams III’s eye-popping artwork, the mind-bending science-fiction worlds of Philip K. Dick, and the gritty characters of Michael Connelly’s Harry Bosch novels.

Desolation Jones: The Biohazard Edition (ISBN: 9781534350755) will be available at local comic book shops on November 27 and  bookstores on Tuesday, December 10.



The feast-for-the-eyes, bestselling comic book series Seven to Eternity—by fan-favorite and New York Times bestselling team of Rick Remender (Napalm Lullaby, Deadly Class, LOW), Jerome Opeña (The Avengers, The Punisher), James Harren (Ultramega, Rumble), and colorist Matt Hollingsworth (Love Everlasting, Wytches)—will be collected in its entirety into one complete compendium paperback edition this September and join the Giant Generator line at Image Comics.

The Seven to Eternity Compendium will include Seven to Eternity issues #1-17 of the series with a brand new cover by Opeña and Hollingsworth.

The God of Whispers has spread an omnipresent paranoia to every corner of the kingdom of Zhal; his spies hide in every hall spreading mistrust and fear. Adam Osidis, a dying knight from a disgraced house, must choose between joining a hopeless band of magic users in their desperate bid to free their world of the evil God, or accepting his promise to give Adam everything his heart desires.

“I couldn’t be prouder of a project than Seven to Eternity. The sum of my relationship with Jerome, which began 20 years ago at Image on Strange Girl, you’ll find no better comic with our names on it. We’re very excited to put the entire tale in one compendium to allow a whole new audience to enjoy the entire journey,” said Remender.

Opeña added: “Seven to Eternity represents seven years of my life and is one of the projects I’ve worked on that I am most proud of. I’m extremely thankful to everyone that has supported the book over the years and hopeful that new readers will be able to enjoy the book with this new Compendium Collection.”

Seven to Eternity Compendium paperback (ISBN: 9781534363861) will be available at comic book stores on September 11 and bookstores on September 24.



The bestselling creators behind the three-time Hugo Award nominated, two-time British Fantasy Award winning series Die—Kieron Gillen (The Wicked + The Divine, Immortal X-Men) and Stephanie Hans (Secret Wars 1602: Witch Hunter Angela, Black Bolt)—will reteam for their first ever original graphic novel collaboration to be titled, We Called Them Giants. This epic, post-apocalyptic story is scheduled to hit shelves in November from Image Comics.

Gillen and Hans first made waves with their breakout hit dark fantasy Die in 2018. Die quickly caught reader attention and the series skyrocketed to the top of the sales charts and launched Hans’ career into superstardom. It went on to appear on many Best of the Year lists, including that of, and snagged multiple award nominations and wins.

“After we finished Die, we knew we wanted to do something completely different. Rather than a sprawling ongoing, do something smaller, intimate, self-contained and really pure,” said Gillen. “So, in the middle of the covid lockdowns, I was left alone with my cats, staring at them, and them staring at me, and thinking about the miracle of relationships between beings of completely different kinds of intelligences, and the wonder of the jump across that gap. The image of the feral girl in the devastation and the giants came quickly after that, and we were away. People will fall in love and have their hearts broken—the full Hans/Gillen experience. Despite the post-apocalypse setting the story has an almost weird-fable kind of vibe, and ends up basically as a conversation between The Walking Dead and The Iron Giant. Basically, We Called Them Giants is the story of communication across a chasm at the end of the world. Folks have seen what Stephanie does on a month-by-month rush on an ongoing comic. Here, it’s a thrill to see her luxuriate—creating this single long story, and being able to shape the whole thing into a poignant, romantic, devastating single canvas.”

We Called Them Giants follows main character Lori, who wakes to find the streets empty. Everyone has gone. Or at least, nearly everyone. She’s thrown into a world where she has to scrape by in the ruins of civilization, nearly starving, hiding from gangs when… They arrive.

Hans added: “As an Artist, it is always a joy to work on new challenges, especially when it is with such a great Writer. Kieron wrote an emotional story in which he let me go wild on designs. It’s a new, beautiful end of the world tale, a little bit epic, a bit nostalgic and a bit contemplative. It’s nothing like we did before. In all the best ways.”

We Called Them Giants promises readers the poignant, romantic, and devastating story of a young girl who wakes up to find her world has turned upside down.

“This book is nothing short of incredible,” said Eric Stephenson, Publisher and Chief Creative Officer at Image Comics. “Kieron and Stephanie had already established themselves as one of comics’ premier creative teams, but they’re operating at a whole other level with We Called Them Giants.”

We Called Them Giants hardcover (ISBN: 978-1534387072) will be available at local comic book shops on October 30 and bookstores on November 12.



The bestselling, contemporary classic comic book series Fatale—by multiple Eisner Award winning duo Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips (Criminal, Night Fever, Reckless, Where the Body Was) with colorists Elizabeth Breitweiser (Outcast by Robert Kirkman and Paul Azaceta, The Fade Out) and Eisner Award winning Dave Stewart (The Bone Orchard Mythos: Tenement, Universal Monsters: Creature From The Black Lagoon Lives!)—will be collected in its entirety in the upcoming Fatale Compendium. This complete collected paperback will include all 24 issues of the Lovecraftian-infused mystery noir story and be available in July from Image Comics.

The Fatale series first launched from Image in 2012 to instant critical acclaim and was rushed back to print several times in order to keep up with demand and was nominated for numerous Eisner Awards that year. It remains one of the most popular, consistently reordered titles in the Brubaker and Phillips oeuvre.

Fatale was our first book at Image, and I always wished we had it in a single volume edition, because it really is meant to be read as one big epic story,” said Brubaker. “The puzzle pieces of this horror-noir tale are designed to resonate off each other and make earlier scenes have more impact, so this book is actually my ideal way for our readers to discover Fatale again.”

Fatale darkly blends American crime noir with unnamed Lovecraftian horrors. Readers jump from 1950s San Francisco—where crooked cops hide deeper evils—to mid-’70s Los Angeles—where burnt-out actors and ex-cult groupies are caught in a web around a Satanic snuff film—then back through the ages of time. At the center of it all is the mysterious Josephine—a curse woman with a hypnotic, supernatural power to die or kill for.

Brubaker and Phillips’ names have been stealing headlines left and right lately with The Hollywood Reporter’s buzzy scoop that Amazon has given a full series order to another of their backlist darlings, Criminal, with Brubaker co-showrunning and writing the pilot. The pair also has an upcoming graphic novel, Houses of the Unholy, set to his shelves this August.

Fatale Compendium paperback (ISBN: 9781534327658) will be available at local comic book shops on July 17 and bookstores on July 30.



Bestselling, Eisner Award winning writer Kurt Busiek (Astro City) teams up with self-proclaimed legendary and better-selling writer Fabian Nicieza (Deadpool) and fan-favorite artist Stephen Mooney (Half Past Danger) with colorist Triona Tree Farrell (Harley Quinn, Detective Comics), and letterer Tyler Smith of Comicraft for an all-new ongoing series in, Free Agents. This action-packed, giant-sized, bargain-priced debut will hit shelves from Image Comics in July.

Each issue will also feature a variant-cover character portrait by Kevin Maguire (Justice League), all well as variants by a host of comicdom’s greatest.

“It’s a superhero series with a twist,” said the devastatingly charming, modest and did-we-mention multiple Eisner and Harvey Award winning Busiek. “The Agents were done. They were retired, and had started building new lives, going to college, making themselves a place here on Earth. And then it all starts coming back.”

Free Agents introduces readers to a team of young veterans, survivors of a massive interdimensional war: Salvo, Pike, Katari, Shakti, Ridge, Maraud, and Chalice. They’ve fought every day of their existence and won a terrible victory. Now they’re stranded on Earth, free agents for the first time.

But when relics from their long war appear, threatening their chance at better lives, their greatest battle begins. They’ve fought for a million planets. Can they fight to save their own souls?

“This was an idea that just wouldn’t let itself be ignored,” added Busiek. “It first came up in plans for a crossover project Image Publisher Eric Stephenson and I talked about years ago. The crossover idea died, but the Free Agents wouldn’t. The thought of their series kept resurfacing, saying, ‘Hey, we don’t need any stupid crossover! That’s all backstory! Let us out! Let us exist!’ The thing was, the more I thought about them, the more they felt to me like a series that, much as I liked it, was a very Fabian Nicieza kind of book. So I figured ‘Why not?’ and gave him a call. Besides, this way I can get Fabian to do all the heavy lifting.”

“Whenever Kurt calls and says, ‘Wanna work on something together?’ my answer is always a really fast, ‘yes!’” said Nicieza. “Making Free Agents even more fun is that I’m really proud to produce creator-owned work under the Image banner for the first time.”

“With Fabes suckered—er, recruited,” Busiek went on, “we needed an artist. Luckily, Eric Stephenson suggested Stephen, and his work on Half Past Danger, The Rocketeer, and more, was more than enough to make us delighted to welcome him aboard.”

Mooney added: “It took me all of five seconds to jump aboard Free Agents when Kurt got in touch and asked if I’d like to work on a creator-owned book with him. Learning that Fabian would also be involved was a massive bonus. I grew up (sorry guys) reading so many legendary superhero runs by these two; getting to create my own with them was an opportunity too tempting to pass up.”

Fear Agents #1 will be available at comic book shops on Wednesday, July 3.



Image Comics is pleased to announce the upcoming release of The Department of Truth: Wild Fictions. This deluxe hardcover will collect the in-world case file reports of the unexplained phenomena at the center of The Department of Truth, the bestselling series from multiple Eisner Award-winning writer James Tynion IV (W0RLDTR33, The Deviant) and artist Martin Simmonds (Universal Monsters: Dracula). This oversized collection will also include the breakout Bigfoot story arc of the original series, plus exclusive additional material. It hits shelves this October from Image Comics.

Exploring beings like Mothman, the Jersey Devil, the Flatwoods Monster, and other cryptids, myths, and urban legends, each entry in The Department of Truth: Wild Fictions features stunning art from some of the most renowned illustrators in comics. It includes contributions from such talents as: James Stokoe (Godzilla), Bill Sienkiewicz (Moon Knight), Yuko Shimuzu (The Unwritten), Erica Henderson (Dracula, Motherf**ker), series co-creator Simmonds, and many other major artists—all accompanied by detailed case files mixing real-world research and series lore.

Some fictions manifest in reality as dangerous, half-formed things. The Department of Truth relies on hunters to track down and contain these wild tulpas before they become too real. In these in-world entries from the Department of Truth Field Office, readers will discover the truths, hoaxes, and lore of some of the most dangerous cryptids the rangers have ever cataloged.

“One of the great thrills of the last few years was getting to bring together such phenomenal artists to illustrate this incredible roster of strange creatures. The Department of Truth: Wild Fictions is not just a gorgeous art-book, it shows the many ways all of my favorite cryptids and urban legends fit into the larger mythology of Department of Truth. I can’t think of a better way to celebrate the series return to comic shops this year,” said Tynion IV.

Hot on the heels of Tynion IV and Simmonds’ recent round of accolades for their definitive spin on Universal Monsters: Dracula at Skybound Entertainment, the entire creative team will reunite to lead readers back down The Department of Truth‘s rabbit hole of conspiracies. Fans will rejoin Cole, Ruby, Lee—and the rest of the cast of the smash-hit series—when issue #23 kicks off a new story arc this June and brings the series back into full force ahead of the milestone issue #25.

Simmonds added: “I’m so excited to be back painting the next story arc of The Department of Truth, and with big things planned in the run up to our 25th issue, it’s great to see Wild Fictions about to hit the shelves shortly thereafter.”

In The Department of Truth, readers meet Cole Turner, a man who has studied conspiracy theories all his life—but never prepared to discover that all of them are true. From the JFK Assassination to Flat Earth Theory and Reptilian Shapeshifters, one organization has been covering them up for generations. What is the deep, dark secret behind the Department of Truth? This is the perfect series for fans of The X-Files and Something is Killing the Children.

The Department of Truth: Wild Fictions hardcover (ISBN: 9781534388536) will be available at local comic book shops on September 25 and bookstores on October 8.



Image Comics is pleased to announce exciting new 6×9 trim size editions of the multiple award winning, bestselling series Saga by Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples slated to begin hitting shelves this September. This upcoming Saga, Vol. 1 in 6×9 trim size paperback format will feature new, never-before-seen cover art by Staples.

The series will remain available in single issue, standard trim size trade paperback, deluxe hardcover, and compendium trade paperback editions—as well as digital formats—offering readers a variety of options to suit any reader’s tastes.

“How cool is it to see Fiona revisiting our heroes at the beginning of their journey? While Fiona and I are hard at work on new chapters of Saga, we hope these lovely editions from Image will help introduce a whole new audience to the ongoing adventures of Hazel and her star-crossed family,” said Vaughan.

Saga has sold ten million copies to date across all formats and has been translated into 20 languages. The series also boasts multiple Eisner Awards, Harvey Awards, a Hugo Award, British Fantasy Award, Goodreads Choice Award, Shuster Award, Inkwell Award, Ringo Award, and more. It has been featured in such mainstream media outlets as TIME, Entertainment Weekly, The Atlantic, NPR, and more. The series has become a pop culture phenomenon and has been immortalized with references and easter eggs appearing in such popular TV shows as Supernatural, The Big Bang Theory, The Simpsons, and even a Taco Bell commercial featuring the characters dressed in cosplay. Saga is a critically acclaimed masterpiece and one of the most iconic, bestselling comic book series of its time.

Perhaps best described as Romeo & Juliet meets Star Wars, this genre-blending, sci-fi/fantasy space opera follows star-crossed lovers from enemy worlds. An epic for mature readers, Saga, Vol. 1 introduces readers to new parents Marko and Alana as they risk everything to raise their child amidst a never-ending galactic war.

The new 6×9 trim size Saga, Vol. 1 paperback edition (ISBN: 9781534370548) will be available at comic book shops on September 11 and bookstores on September 24.



Multiple Eisner, Shuster, and Harvey award winning writer/artist Chip Zdarsky (Batman, Newburn) will kick off a new story arc to the Eisner Award winning series Public Domain this July. This new chapter in the beloved comic book series will begin with issue #6 and hit shelves from Image Comics.

Public Domain is the most personal work of mine to date, so I’m incredibly happy to be putting more issues of it out into the world again,” said Zdarsky. “I’m writing, drawing, coloring, lettering and desigining every element of the book, so it’s as pure a form of ‘Chip Zdarsky’ as there can be! Is that a good thing? I’ll let history judge.”

Zdarsky will also be teaming with fan-favorite artist Rachael Stott (Fantastic Four, Dr. Who) and stellar colorist Eren Angiolini (Justice League: Last Ride) to bring fans the in-universe comic book at the center of the Public DomainThe Domain—this July as well for double the Public Domain impact.

In Public Domain #6, Dallas Comics is up and running! But can Syd put aside his feelings and make a Domain comic for a new generation before Jerry Jasper and Singular Comics beat him to it? And who is the mysterious British hunk, Carter Dusk? Nobody knows, but it’s his first appearance, so you better buy this issue and get it graded just in case!

Public Domain follows Syd Dallas, the legendary comic book artist responsible for pop culture’s greatest hero: The Domain! But his sons Miles and David have a complicated relationship with both the creation and their creator. Can they come together and create a comic worthy of Syd’s legacy?

This thought provoking series shines a light on the all-too-common battle between creators and corporations in a world where the billion-dollar creations dominate the cultural landscape.

Public Domain #6 will be available on July 3.  The Domain #1 will be available the following week, on July 10.



Artist extraordinaire and former Comics Laureate Charlie Adlard (The Walking Dead) teams up with award-winning crime novelist Robbie Morrison (Edge of the Grave) for the forthcoming graphic novel titled, Heretic. This standalone black-and-white story can perhaps best be described as Sherlock Holmes meets The Name of the Rose and is set to hit shelves this October from Image Comics.

Belgium, 1529: The city of Antwerp is ravaged by a macabre series of killings. Forced to investigate by the all-powerful Inquisition, knight, doctor, lawyer and reputed Occultist Cornelius Agrippa and his young pupil Johan Weyer are plunged into a maelstrom of murder, madness and magic.

Agrippa was a contradictory and controversial 16th century Renaissance polymath, a soldier and a scholar whose books of occult philosophy were widely influential and added impetus to the study of magic. The first man to successfully defend a woman accused of witchcraft, he was condemned as heretical by the Inquisition, and also features as an influence on Victor Frankenstein in Mary Shelley’s classic novel. Heretic weaves this real-life character into a tapestry of thriller intrigue to create a pulse-pounding historical fiction story perfect for fans of Elizabeth Kostova’s The Historian and The Alienist.

“It’s great to be working with my old writing friend Robbie again—like slipping into a warm bath of pure creativity! Surely that’s recommendation enough to read our wonderful book…” said Adlard.

Morrison added: “Heretic is a story I’ve wanted to tell for many years and Charlie is the perfect collaborator for this tale of murder, magic and madness. His art oozes atmosphere, beautifully conjuring up the Renaissance world, the larger-than-life Holmesian character of Cornelius Agrippa, the horrors of the Inquisition and a creeping sense of supernatural dread.”

“I’ve been fortunate enough to work with Charlie in one way or another for over 25 years now, and it’s been incredible to see how he’s developed into one of comics’ most incredible visual storytellers,” said Eric Stephenson, Publisher and Chief Creative Officer at Image Comics. “His collaboration with Robbie on Heretic is a true feast for the eyes, and one of the most unique books we’ve published yet.”

Heretic (ISBN: 9781534340466) will be available in comic book shops on October 16 and bookstores on October 29.



Top Cow is reimagining the hit supernatural thriller series Witchblade. The new series, coming July 2024, will be penned by NYT Best-Selling Marguerite Bennett (Animosity, Batwoman, DC Bombshells) and visualized by artist Giuseppe Cafaro (Suicide Squad, Power Rangers, Red Sonja). The creative duo is working with original co-creator Marc Silvestri, who is the CEO of Top Cow Productions Inc. and one of the founders of Image Comics. Together, they will reintroduce the series to Witchblade’s die-hard fans with a reimagined origin with contemporary takes on familiar characters and new story arcs that will hook new readers and rekindle the energy and excitement that fueled the 90’s Image Revolution that shaped generations of top creators.

Marguerite Bennett, who has been focused on writing for the upcoming Butterfly TV Series and Ark: The Animated Series, says, “The ability to tell a ferocious story full of monsters, sexuality, vision, and history was irresistible.” She adds, “Our saga is sleek, vicious, ferocious, and has a lot to say about power in the 21st century and will be the first time that we are stopping the roller coaster to let more people on. I’ve loved Witchblade since I was a child, and there is truly no other heroine like Sara with such an iconic legacy and such a rich, brutal relationship to her own body.”

In Witchblade #1, New York City Police Detective Sara Pezzini’s life was forever fractured by her father’s murder. Cold, cunning, and hellbent on revenge, Sara now stalks a vicious criminal cabal beneath the city, where an ancient power collides and transforms her into something wild, magnificent, and beyond her darkest imaginings. How will Sara use this ancient power, or will she be consumed by it?

Through last year’s Witchblade Complete Collection Kickstarter, the world received a glimpse of Marc Silvestri’s Witchblade Armor redesign. But, a whole new universe has been created by Giuseppe Cafaro, who states, “The Witchblade universe is being modernized to reflect how Marguerite beautifully explores the extreme sides of Sara through memories, her personal thoughts, like desire and hunger, in her solitude and when she is possessed by the Witchblade. So, I had to visually intersect a noir True Detective-like world with a supernatural, horror world that is a fantastic mix between Berserk and Zodiac!”

Marc Silvestri notes, “This is brand new mythology around Sara, and I can’t wait for you to fall in love with her and all the twists and turns. Discover Witchblade reimagined this summer, and join us as we bring all the fun of the 90s to the modern age and see how exciting comics can be. I can’t wait for you to read this new series.”

Witchblade#1 will be available at comic book shops on July 17th.



The classic three issue 1983 comic book adaptation of Jim Henson’s The Dark Crystal from writer David Anthony Kraft (The Savage She-Hulk) and artists Bret Blevins & Vince Colletta is lovingly restored and returned to print as part of the BOOM! Studios Archive Edition line!

A thousand years ago. The planet Thra. Two new races appeared when a Shard was shattered from the Crystal of Truth: the cruel Skeksis, who use continued corruption of the Crystal to extend their lives, and the gentle urRu, more commonly known as Mystics, who make their home in the Valley of Stones to await their destiny.

A young orphaned Gelfling named Jen is sent on a quest to heal the Crystal…but enemies aren’t all he’ll find in the wild.

JIM HENSON’S THE DARK CRYSTAL ARCHIVE EDITION #1 will be available in comic shops July 3, 2024.



BOOM! Studios revealed a first look at CROCODILE BLACK #1, the premiere issue in the brand new series by Eisner-nominated writer Phillip Kennedy Johnson (Incredible Hulk), rising star artist SOM (Brigands), colorist Patricio Delpeche, and letterer Becca Carey. Discover the iconic new noir lead in the macabre new thriller CROCODILE BLACK in May 2024.

What makes someone turn to crime–especially in a modern, pandemic-riddled dystopia?

During the height of the 2020 COVID-19 Pandemic, Danny–a seemingly mundane young man lost in escapism with a spiraling lack of control over his life–sees something during a delivery job that will change him forever, turning his life as dark as the black, crocodile-skin boots he can’t take his eyes off of…



Jeff Lemire, the Eisner Award-winning and New York Times bestselling writer and artist behind critically and commercially acclaimed series such as Sweet Tooth, Essex County, Black Hammer, and Ascender, brings his storytelling prowess for the first time to BOOM! Studios this Fall with an as-of-yet unannounced new series.

“This series is literally a dream come true for me,” said Matt Gagnon, Editor-in-Chief of BOOM! Studios. “Jeff Lemire is one of my all-time favorite creators and it’s a career highlight to have him bring his newest original creation to our publishing house. This will be a true ongoing series in the grand tradition of Jeff’s masterpiece Sweet Tooth. The work Jeff is producing right now is astounding. We look forward to sharing this series with the world and adding it to Jeff’s pantheon of award-winning books.”

The series, both written and illustrated by Lemire himself, will launch Fall 2024 as an ongoing series for the Los Angeles-based publisher.

“For a while now I have felt like the “ongoing series” in comics is a dying breed,” said award-winning and bestselling author Jeff Lemire. “I’m guilty of this myself, having put out a lot of shorter projects over the last several years. But as both a comics fan, and a creator, I have been craving longer format stories again. Series like the classic Vertigo monthlies that would drive me to the comic shops every week when I was younger.

“All of this has led me to develop a new book that reflects this desire to get back to a true ongoing series. This project will be my longest self-drawn book since I finished Sweet Tooth ten years ago.  I’ll be writing and drawing the book myself, and I am very excited to make this my first project with BOOM! As a publisher, they are committed to telling this entire, long-form story that will allow me, readers, and retailers a chance to really invest in a new world, and new characters, knowing new chapters will be published every month with a real long-term plan in mind. I can’t wait to share more details in the coming months. But for now, back to the drawing board!”

“We are beyond thrilled to welcome Jeff Lemire to BOOM! Studios. Few creators can so consistently balance poignant, award-winning tales with exceptionally commercial bestsellers in their oeuvre and his library has become essential reading for fans of graphic fiction around the world,” said Filip Sablik, President of Publishing and Marketing for BOOM! Studios. “When we announce details of this must-read project, it will be evident Jeff has created something that checks all three of those boxes.”

“Jeff is a living legend and luminary of our medium, and someone whose work I have admired my entire career,” said Eric Harburn, editor. “This new project is a culmination of everything you love about his unparalleled body of work, and I’m thrilled for it to finally be revealed in the months to come.”



Comics legend Peter Milligan (Hellblazer, Enigma) and veteran artist Raül Fernandez (Detective Comics, Justice League Dark) pen a mind-bending murder mystery that treads the precarious razor’s edge between reality and fiction in PROFANE, coming from BOOM! Studios Summer 2024.

Will Profane is a seasoned private eye, and solving murders in the sunbaked streets of Los Angeles is his daily bread. But something is strange about his latest case. Every clue leads him back to a world famous crime novelist lying at the center of this mystery–and dangerous truths about Profane’s own life.

“I’m excited by Profane, exploring as it does the twisty, noir atmosphere that I like, and with the weirdness and existential angst I like even more.  A story like this needs the right artist and Raül Fernandez is not only a great artist but a truly perfect match,” said writer Peter Milligan

“I never could have imagined I’d have the opportunity to create a new series with completely original characters, and with an extraordinary writer like Peter, whom I’ve admired for years, let alone a book like Profane,” said artist Raül Fernandez. “So full of mystery, emotion, and twists you will never see coming!”

PROFANE #1 will be available in comic shops June 5, 2024.



Horror fans rejoice in cadaverous delight, because HELLO DARKNESS is a brand new ongoing anthology series featuring what BOOM! Studios is known for–the best in modern Horror, Fantasy, and Mystery, not to mention the darkest stories yet from a murderer’s row of world class creators including R.L. Stine, Francesco Francavilla, Garth Ennis, Becky Cloonan, James Tynion IV, Werther Dell’Edera, Brian Azzarello, Vanesa R. Del Rey, John Arcudi, Ryan Sook, Cullen Bunn, Sas Milledge, Sarah Gailey, Liana Kangas, Marguerite Bennett, Michael Conrad, Martín Morazzo, Andy Lanning, Trevor Hairsine, Steve Orlando, Genevieve Valentine, Jude Ellison S. Doyle, Letizia Cadonici, Sarah Andersen, and more! Everything from primal fears to modern political horrors will be explored, in the classic style of Creepy and Eerie and the contemporary chills of Black Mirror.

A deadly new Something Is Killing The Children story unfolds in the first 6 issues of HELLO DARKNESS, along with a bone-rattling new serialized tale by Garth Ennis and Becky Cloonan in the first 7!

Fans can also expect stunning main covers by Paolo Rivera, variant covers by Jenny Frison, and a rotating guest artist variant cover on every single issue, with issue #1’s guest artist being Peach Momoko!

“This brings me back to Tales from the Crypt and the other horror comics I devoured as a kid. I’m so excited to be part of this anthology series designed to make the world a scarier place!” said R.L. Stine

“I’ve been a fan of R.L. Stine and his work (Goosebumps, Fear Street, etc.) for some time and I’ve been a fan of all horror things my whole life. So I’m very excited to be joining creative forces with him for a brand new scary tale for BOOM!’s new anthology. Can’t wait for you all to embark on this spine-chilling journey with us!” said Francesco Francavilla.

“It’s always a pleasure having a story in an anthology title, seeing what the other creative teams have come up with, being just one part of a larger endeavor. This time out I have the added bonus of working with the always excellent Becky Cloonan, something I’ve wanted to do for some time–I’m looking forward to the readers seeing what we’ve come up with together. Brace yourself for The War.” said Garth Ennis.

“My whole career started writing comic shorts, so it’s very exciting to bring it all around full circle and tell a SIKTC story in that format. The story Werther and I are going to be telling here is one that’s been in the back of my mind for almost five years, and I’m thrilled we finally have the perfect platform to bring that story to readers.” said James Tynion IV.

“I love anthologies! So many talented writers and artists in a single book! It’s a truly amazing comics experience.” said Werther Dell’Edera

“Ryan Sook is a brilliant storyteller, so thank you Hello Darkness for giving us a chance to work together again!” said John Arcudi.

“25 years ago John Arcudi and I first collaborated in a horror anthology. Now we’ve returned from the grave with bleached pulp pages smeared and spattered black with ink and blood to share the endless nightmare that is Hello Darkness. Join us forever, won’t you?” said Ryan Sook.

“I’m excited to be part of this spooky team. Life is not fun without a good scare!” said Vanesa R. Del Rey.

“Getting to work with Liana Kangas again is like hopping into my favorite getaway car: everything feels just right and I know we’re about to burn rubber together. I am so excited to steer into horror for Hello Darkness alongside my truly evil co-creator.” said Sarah Gailey.

“Well, fans of BOOM! Studios and horror comics, Sarah Gailey and I are back back back again! If you thought Know Your Station was superb, chilling, or down right justifiably dreadful, I can’t wait for you to see what we’re cooking up next! See you all soon…” said Liana Kangas.

Hello Darkness has been an exquisite opportunity to tell the kind of story that every other publisher turned away for being too upsetting, too sexual, too angry. If you want horror without shame, look no further!” said Marguerite Bennett.

“After seeing the incredible talent I’ll be sharing credit with I’m completely sure Hello Darkness is going to be really special! And I cannot even begin to tell you what my story is about! Something very fun and twisted, exactly what I love!” said Martín Morrazzo.

“Let’s take a moment and rejoice! TRUE horror is back, and her name is Hello Darkness.” said Michael Conrad.

Hello Darkness was one hell of an offer–tell the horror short you’ve always wanted to tell…no! The one you couldn’t tell anywhere else! I self defenestrated at the chance–and the result is a strange short that’s part John Waters and part Nikolai Gogol, something never before put to the comics pages!” said Steve Orlando.

“Sometimes, the only way to meet horror is with horror. We’re living in frightening times, and in Hello Darkness I hope to stare back at some of the terrors staring at us.” said Genevieve Valentine.

“Working with BOOM! has always felt like being in a community of under-sung geniuses. I’m happy to be part of this anthology, but I’m even happier that I get to see what everyone else came up with.” said Jude Ellison S. Doyle.

“I’m having so much fun working on this book! Jude’s writing is always so brilliant and amazing. I’m so glad to be part of this project, this is gonna be a scary one.” said Letizia Cadonici.

“I’m a huge fan of horror stories and grew up reading classics like Eerie, Creepy, House of Mystery, and Tomb of Dracula. So when BOOM! gave me the opportunity to work on a new horror anthology along with my old mate, Trev Hairsine, I jumped at it. I’m really excited for people to see our story, especially Trev’s amazing artwork and I’m just as excited to read the other stories as well. Any fan of great horror stories would be!” said Andy Lanning.

HELLO DARKNESS #1 will be available in comic shops July 24, 2024.




Titan Comics is pleased to announce a fresh take on the iconic Blade Runner universe with BLADE RUNNER: TOKYO NEXUS. Set in the sprawling neon metropolis of Tokyo, the three-part, 12-issue saga will be scripted by break-out writer Kianna Shore and returning creator Mellow Brown (BLADE RUNNER: ORIGINS), with art by Rodolfo Taibo (S.H.I.E.L.D, Cable).

BLADE RUNNER: TOKYO NEXUS follows the sole survivors of an ill-fated Off-World military squad—Stix, a Replicant combat model, and Mead, a battle-hardened Marine—and their dogged search for an unknown traitor who left them to die on the battlefield. After escaping back to Tokyo, the unlikely pair’s quest for revenge leads to their formation of a clandestine private detective service.

Stix and Mead stray into an even more treacherous battlefield, a three-way “patent war” between the ruthless operatives from the Tyrell Corporation and a rival tech company known as Chesire, with its own version of synthetic humans, and powerful Yakuza clans wanting in on the action.

BLADE RUNNER: TOKYO NEXUS is a must-read for fans of both the Blade Runner films and the critically acclaimed Blade Runner titles from Titan Comics. A fast-paced story brimming with drama, intrigue and a unique vision of cyberpunk, creators Shore, Mellow, and Taibo offer a fresh and compelling perspective on one of the most iconic and groundbreaking sci-fi franchises of all time.

On BLADE RUNNER: TOKYO NEXUS, writer Kianna Shore comments: “Creating a new comic series for Blade Runner is beyond my wildest dreams! Inspired by media such as Your Name, Arcane, and Crier’s War, I’m thrilled to share my little piece of the Blade Runner universe, bringing Blade Runner all the way to Tokyo, Japan.”

Series editor, David Leach adds, “Blade Runner: Tokyo Nexus is a whole new chapter in the Blade Runner saga, and is going to be a worthy addition to the universe, with new characters, new drama and a whole new environment for storytelling. And it’s going to be a stunning-looking book!”

Blade Runner Tokyo Nexus #1 features a range of incredible covers, from artists including Christian Ward and Paul Pope. Issue #1 goes on sale July 31.


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